Breast reduction at home

  • Decrease with diets
  • Decrease in volumes with folk recipes
  • Exercises to reduce bust volumes
  • Visual decrease in volumes
  • Surgical intervention

Many women dream of a large and beautiful breast, not even guessing what discomfort it sometimes causes. Often because of the large amount of bust begins to sag, the skin becomes flabby, ugly, and move with a significant amount of mammary glands is not easy. Therefore, how to reduce breasts, is of interest to many women. There are several ways.

Reduction with the help of diets

This is not an invention, but a long-established scientific fact. Breast reduction with the help of diets is possible! In this area, first of all, fatty layers are deposited, so the increase in body weight is associated with an increase in the volume of the bust. It is believed that each added kilogram adds 20 grams to the weight of the mammary glands. Consequently, when losing weight, these ill-fated 20 grams will go with every kilogram.

It is important to remember about such an important thing as physiology. If a woman is considered slim and her weight does not exceed 60 kg, but the bust still reaches the third or even the fourth size, diets for breast reduction are unlikely to be effective. To bring yourself to an extreme degree of exhaustion for the sake of a minimum reduction in volume is not worth it, if a woman by nature is rich in a large bust. Here it is more about weight loss in cases where it is really necessary.

It is possible to reduce the mammary glands by means of elementary weight loss by a couple of sizes, but remember that the skin in this area will become flabby, probably, stretch marks will appear. That's why a woman needs to apply for massage beforehand, and a professional must do it. Such a massage will help prevent the appearance of stretch marks, while retaining an attractive breast shape.

Lose weight should be under the tireless supervision of a specialist, as a love of diets can lead to disastrous consequences. Proportional figure - that's what the result should be guided by a lady.

Reduction of volumes with folk recipes

It is quite possible to reduce the breast at home using traditional medicine recipes, but this will have to do a lot to make various compresses. So, what recipes can help in this difficult matter?

  • Compress of poppies and petals perfectly helps in dealing with the problem.
  • A mixture of grape seed oil and jojoba oil helps to get rid of a few centimeters in volume quite quickly.
  • For this purpose, you can also use rose oil, which must be rubbed into the problem area.

The most effective means is an infusion of poppy heads. It is prepared very simply:

  1. It is necessary to take 50 grams of this ingredient and pour it with two glasses of water.
  2. Now the infusion should be boiled and cooled.
  3. After that, it will remain carefully filtered. With the resulting liquid, you can make light compresses. The effect of the procedures will manifest itself after a couple of weeks.

Specialists believe that the more often a woman will apply a compress to her breasts with infusion, the faster it will be possible to achieve an attractive result. Count on the great success is not worth it, but with such a simple procedure you can lose up to three to four centimeters in volume.

Oils - another effective option to deal with too large volumes. For example, for these purposes, a mixture of grape seed oil and jojoba oil is very often used:

  1. 5 ml of the first oil must be mixed with 25 ml of the second one.
  2. Next, it remains only gently rub the resulting liquid into the skin.
The great dignity of oils is that they not only help to fight with too large bust volumes, but also have a positive effect on the appearance of the breasts. In particular, with the help of such a mixture, you can get rid of stretch marks and pigment spots.

A similar effect is provided by the essential oil of the rose. It improves the elasticity of the skin, helps to reduce the volume and the disappearance of stretch marks. Of course, to get at least some result, the girl will have to use the listed compounds almost every day. Also, the funds can be used in combination to obtain the most attractive results, but it is worth remembering about the risk of individual intolerance.

Exercises to reduce the amount of bust

Exercises for breast reduction are a very popular practice, it is in demand among those ladies who do not want to resort to surgery, but they dream much less than those that nature awarded them. There are many such exercises, and here are the most effective of them:

  • push-ups from the floor or from the wall will help improve posture, and this will contribute to a visual decrease in volumes in the problem area;
  • dilution of hands with dumbbells is also an effective way to reduce volumes by a couple of centimeters;
  • the following exercise should be performed near the wall: the lady needs to rest against her hands, straining the muscles of the entire upper body in an attempt to "push" the wall;
  • elementary aerobics, aimed at the upper body, helps to significantly reduce the volume of the breast.

If a woman wants to reduce the bust without surgery, then she can not do without appropriate exercises. Such a complex of exercises helps not only visually make the volume of the breast less, but also the "centimeter" figure to change.

If the lady is constantly slouching, this can lead not only to the sagging of the breast, but also to a visual increase in her size. Therefore, with stoop it is worth fighting with push-ups. If it is difficult to press off the floor, the girl can perform this exercise on her knees or against the wall. It is worth remembering that the more the woman's hands are separated, the more effective this training will be.

Dilution of hands with dumbbells is carried out in a prone position:

  1. A woman should lie on her back, pick up dumbbells and lift them above herself.
  2. Now it remains only to breed them to the side, maximally holding in the extended position.
  3. Exercise should be repeated at least 20-30 times.

Of course, aerobics and gymnastics are unable to perform miracles, but usually they help at least reduce body volume, positively affecting the girl's self-esteem. If a woman suffers because of excess weight, without sports exercises, she definitely can not do. That's why to reduce the amount of bust and have to enter the hall, and at home to carry out the appropriate exercises.

Visual reduction of

volumes Despite the fact that it is possible to reduce the mammary glands at home, many ladies do not achieve the desired effect with diets and exercises. That's why they are turning to the right selection of clothes and bra, and this, in turn, helps at least temporarily hide the excessive size. So, what are the secrets of the correct selection of the wardrobe should take a note?

  1. When choosing a bra, you should pay attention to the models closed in the underarm area with wide straps.
  2. When choosing blouses, you should not resort to shortened ones, since long shirts look much more harmonious when the bust is large.
  3. A lady should avoid shoulder pads and wide sleeves, since any visual increase in the volume from above can cause the lady figure to lose proportionality.
  4. When choosing a jacket, it is worthwhile to dwell on a model with a deep cutout, which will not fit the figure too much.
  5. Dresses and blouses should be chosen with noticeable darts and a semi-skinny silhouette that emphasize all the merits of the figure, but do not make excessive emphasis on the chest.

Only at first glance it seems that all these tips are not able to benefit. In fact, even the right selected bra can reduce the breasts by one size! If the lady also correctly selects clothes, then her breasts will no longer seem so big and attract attention.

Many women suggest that to hide the excessive size of their breasts they need to choose voluminous, loose clothing, but this is a big mistake. Such clothing only visually turns the figure into a ball, depriving the lady of feminine outlines. Stitched, but not too tight things - that's an ideal option for those women who suffer from too much breast volume.

Surgical intervention

Breast reduction surgery is called reduction mammoplasty. Perhaps some ladies will be surprised, but such procedures are sometimes even more popular than breast augmentation operations. The thing is that reduction mammoplasty helps to reduce the volume to the size that the lady seems attractive.

With its help, you can remove a large bust in just one day, which for a long time was giving the lady great discomfort. Just before deciding on a procedure, it is worth remembering possible problems that may arise. Here are just a few of them:

  • if the doctor turns out to be dishonest, ugly scars may remain on the breast;
  • in the process of reducing the size of the mammary glands, surgeons have to move the nipple to a new place, and inaccurate work with it can deprive the breast of sensitivity;
  • healing after surgery usually lasts 3-4 months, and only after that the scars disappear completely;
  • a similar procedure costs more than a breast augmentation operation

In the process of working the surgeon makes neat cuts and removes part of the breast, as well as fatty layers. He can simultaneously change the shape of the female breast, if the lady herself wishes. Due to the fact that the volume of the bust will change, you will have to change the location of the nipple. Due to the movement of the nipples, many ladies complain of a decrease in their sensitivity, and with this effect they face almost half the time.

Of course, if the problem does not seem blatant, a woman should do without an operation. Reduction mammoplasty is a very serious and expensive intervention, and before deciding on it, a woman should consider all the consequences.

Not every woman is happy with the size of her own breast, and sometimes her large volumes cause considerable discomfort. That's why the lady should use all available methods to reduce the volume of the bust, because these exercises and compresses can change her life for the better!

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