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One of the common drawbacks that afflicts many girls is the small size of the eyes. However, with the help of properly performed make-up you can seriously change your appearance. It is very important to choose the right color range of cosmetics and follow the recommendations for its application. How to make makeup for small eyes is described in this article.

Basic principles for the implementation of

There is a universal rule: by applying light shadows on the eyelids, you can visually enlarge your eyes. However, in reality this does not always work. If you simply paint the eyelids with white shadows, your eyes will appear even narrower. If you use the combination of light tones with dark ones correctly, you can draw attention to the eyes and make them more attractive.

Make-up for small eyes requires the following rules:

  1. First of all, you need to provide eyebrows with complete care. All hairs should be parallel to each other. In addition, makeup artists have another important secret: they make the eyebrows as thin as possible. Due to this simple feature, you can visually enlarge your eyes. In addition, it is very important to pay attention to the coloration of the zone under the eyebrows.
  2. Makeup for deep-set small eyes requires the use of light shadows with a mother-of-pearl texture. They are used as a basis. The owners of the impending age should further darken this area with the help of natural shades - brown or chocolate. If you plan to create a brighter image, you can use black, blue, violet tones.
  3. Girls with wide or slanted eyes should use a technique called a "loop".Thanks to this, it will be possible to darken the outer edge of the eye and give a look of mystery.
  4. To accent the outer edge, use dark color solutions. This rule must necessarily be performed by girls with small eyes or impending eyelids. In addition, this technique is excellent for owners of almond-shaped and oval face.
  5. Important is the selection of the eyelash line. They need to be made as thick and bright as possible. Many Asian girls are faced with such a problem, as too rare and short eyelashes. In such situations it is recommended to use false hair.
  6. Inside the eye( on the eyelid mucosa) it is recommended to perform the line with a white pencil. However, it should not be too noticeable.
    To get the desired effect, it is enough to apply a few strokes. Thanks to this it will be possible to make the look sensual and expressive.
  7. Another wonderful method of eye selection is applying a liquid marker in the area of ​​the cheekbones. Thanks to this, the whole face will seem more expressive. In most cases it is recommended to use a pale pink tint. However, owners of swarthy skin are still recommended to choose honey or brownish tones.

It is important to consider that owners of a square face or short hair are not allowed to apply blush directly under the eye line. It is best to retreat in the direction of the temples.

Features of the choice of color solutions

To make the makeup look impressive, it is very important to choose the right color solutions for its execution. The easiest way to choose shades for small brown eyes. Such girls fit beige, golden, white tones. To create a beautiful make-up for small green eyes, you should pay attention to pink, lilac, white color solutions.

In any case, the palette is based on light shades of natural shades. To visually open your eyes, it is recommended to use pearlescent textures.

For padding it is better to choose soft tones - blue, gray, brown. The exact shade depends on the color of the eyes and the chosen outfit. Narrow eyes will seem more if you use a pearl light pencil. To do this, you must draw a line in the inner part of the eye.

Also when choosing the color solutions, the following features should be considered:

  1. Holders of the impending age should use shadows of medium saturation. In this case, you should adhere to a special application technology.
  2. The everyday image should look extremely natural. Many girls try to use the game light and shadow when executing makeup. However, in fact, it is better to refuse such methods, because there is a risk of creating a too puppet image. To get a light daytime make-up in the style of nude, which perfectly suits both brunettes and blondes, it is worth using light beige or porcelain as the basis. The average shade can be beige, honey, vanilla. The main tone is brown or golden.
  3. It is not recommended to wear round eyes for eyelids throughout the eyelid area. In this case, it will be much more interesting to look for a solution in the retro style, which involves expanding the tail arrows.
  4. Do not immediately apply dark shadows to your eyelids. At least one line should be performed in a light palette or apply a few strokes in the outer and inner parts of the eye.
  5. To get an original and rich makeup, you should get shadows of contrasting shades. The combination of beige with purple or pink with blue looks great.
  6. To visually enlarge the eyes, the pencil must be applied after the shadows. It always makes the look more expressive.
  7. For blondes, dark gray, silvery, porcelain tones are ideal. Violet, gray, beige shades will look no less spectacular.
    Holders of dark hair should use yellow, green, golden, chocolate color solutions.

Makeup Technique

To create a beautiful make-up, you need to follow a certain sequence of actions and stock up everything you need. For applying cosmetics you will need the following:

  • dark eyeliner;
  • light shadows;
  • white pencil;
  • black mascara;
  • dark shadows;
  • forceps for tweezing eyelashes.

To get a harmonious make-up, you need to do the following:

  1. Pull out your eyebrows to give them the appropriate shape. If you can not solve this task yourself, you should contact a professional.
  2. Apply a foundation to the skin, and cover the eyelids with a shade under the base.
  3. Hold the arrow in the direction of the eyelash growth with a pencil. The line should be thoroughly shaded, it should not be too strict and direct. With the help of a white pencil it is necessary to paint the inner part of the lower eyelid. This is recommended in the direction of eyelash growth.
  4. Highlight the upper eyelid and the outer parts of the eyes. This should be light shadows with a pearly texture. Dark shadows need to make up the outer parts of the eyes. Also with their help it is necessary to raise the fold of the eyelid, this will make the eyes bigger.
  5. As for the carcass, it is not recommended to use a tool with an extension effect. The fact that fluffy cilia leave a shadow. Mascara is recommended to be applied in 2-3 layers. Lower eyelashes are colored in one layer. To get a more spectacular image, you should first twist the cilia curl or forceps.
  6. Lipstick is of no small importance. The most successful option will be a peach or caramel. They perfectly match with different types of appearance, hair and eyes. Also a universal option will be shine.
  7. If there is a desire, cheekbones should be covered with blush. However, you can do without them.

Makeup for small eyes - video

It's important to know

When performing makeup, many girls make various mistakes that make the eyes even smaller.

  • First of all, you need to abandon the black podvodki. This color makes the eyes smaller. If you put the arrows around your eyes, they will become very small.
  • Many makeup artists do not advise using pearlescent shades.
  • Also they do not recommend using shades of saturated colors.
It is very important to remove dark circles under the eyes, which can ruin any image. For this purpose it is necessary to use a proofreader.

Make the right make-up for small eyes is not so difficult. The main thing - to choose the right cosmetic means and clearly follow the recommendations for their application. In this case, you should not use too dark shades, they will make the eyes even smaller.

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