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What effect is the gelatinous hair mask? Unparalleled brilliance and smoothness! With gelatin, you can do homemade lamination, significantly saving on the procedure, which in the hairdresser is expensive. Provided that you beautifully style your hair, you get a salon effect.

About gelatin mask

Many girls appreciated the advantages of a mask made of gelatin, which is easy to make by hand.

  • If you make it liquid, put on your hair and wash it off, you get a gelatin shampoo.
Set a little thicker and hold longer - here's an effective mask. It is easy to apply( like any other), and the advantages are that it is cheap, nourishes the hair, gives them strength and positively affects the appearance.

Cooking mask is best before each application. But, if you did more, put the leftovers in the refrigerator, the shelf life is 5-7 days. Before application, the composition can be heated in a water bath.

Home lamination is available to every girl

Lamination of hair is an innovative procedure that helps to restore their structure, preserves the color of colored strands for a long time, provides them with extra volume and smoothness, gives more shine to the natural shade.

There are several ways of lamination, the essence of which is to apply special compositions with bioactive substances on the hair, creating a light microfilm, giving silkiness and shine. The substances contained in the applied composition nourish and strengthen the hair, contribute to the preservation of their natural moisture. Lamination can be done on strands of any type and length.

The procedure for biolamination consists in applying to the hair a mixture consisting of natural ingredients, for example, juices or gelatin, as in our case. For the procedure at home, you need a little free time and a few packs of gelatin, its cost is cheap.

How to cook

There are many recipes for gelatin masks, we will consider a few tried and tested in practice.

Recipe 1

You will need these ingredients:

  • decoction of herbs( you can take nettles, burdock, chamomile or others that you have);
  • 2 tbsp.l.gelatin;
  • 50 ml of organic shampoo without SLE, but you can use the one you wash your head on regularly;
  • 1 tbsp.l.honey;
  • essential oils suitable for your hair type( eg rosemary or lavender);
  • base oils( castor, olive, burdock);
  • aloe juice( preferably);
  • several drops of vitamin A and E.

Phased cooking:

  1. You need to start with herbal decoction or infusion. The mask is prepared on the basis of a single plant or mixture. Pour the right amount of herbs with boiling water, let it brew in a glass container. When the infusion becomes comfortable warm temperature, it can be used.
  2. Now add the gelatin and allow it to swell. This is easy to do if you put the mixture in a water bath. Before use, you must wait until it cools.
  3. Gelatin is ready, you can add shampoo and mix. Then we put the honey, we stir until it dissolves completely.
  4. We add oil. The main thing here is to choose the right base. The oils for the gelatin mask are mixed like this: a few drops of ether are added to the teaspoon of the base oil, then the mixture is poured into the dishes with a future mask.
    • For example, if you have oily hair, choose jojoba oil, avocado as base oils.
    • If intensively drop out, give preference to burdock oil.
    • For the growth of hair use wheat germ oil or castor oil.
  5. Aloe vera juice can be added to the gelatin mask if desired. If there is no possibility to add freshly squeezed juice, use pre-prepared leaves, they perfectly lie in the refrigerator for ten days.

Note! Aloe leaves are sold in the pharmacy, and in the wild markets you can buy a whole aloe tree, but the benefits come from leaves older than three years.

Preparation of a gelatin mask for hair - video

How to store

You learned how to prepare a gel mask at home. Store it in a refrigerator, in a glass or plastic dish with a wide neck and a tightly closed lid. Ideal for this purpose is the bank from the used shop mask. From the jar mask easy to get: scoop the right amount with a spoon or scrape with a knife.

How to apply

  1. Before applying to a wet washed hair, the mask from the refrigerator should be gently warmed. If you just made it, apply with a brush for coloring - it's convenient.
  2. Hair needs to be divided into strands and applied as if you are painting them.
  3. Then wrap the head with food film, and top with a towel. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water, in no case hot, so as not to cause hair and skin damage in the form of excessive dryness.
  5. To enhance the positive effect of the mask, hold it for 10 minutes under a film and towel, blow dry, leave for another 40 minutes. It turns out the effect of lamination: the hair is obedient, beautifully shiny, alive.
Important! Do not apply the mask on the roots, retreat three or four centimeters! This will help to avoid dryness of the scalp and, as a result, dandruff.

No additional balm application is necessary. This is optional. But if you still applied it after the shampoo, rinse the strands, blot with a towel and only then apply a gelatin mask.

Recipe 2

Gelatin is very easy to use. If you are too lazy to prepare a mask according to the above recipe, just add a few spoons of melted gelatin to your favorite hair-washing product. If hair with it seems heavy, try using gelatin in a lower concentration with baby shampoo.

A good effect is obtained if we take the proportions 2: 1.That is, mix 1 tbsp.l.shampoo with 1 tsp.gelatin, wait 20 minutes, until it swells, and then apply on hair, comb and abundantly rinse with water. This is enough to clean not very dirty hair, but if they are too greasy and dirty, first rinse with normal shampoo.

This is a light mask with gelatin and shampoo. To make your hair softer, the effect can be fixed with your usual mask with the addition of a few drops of oil or vitamin E.

If you have prepared a mask with gelatin and balm, applied it after the shampoo, no additional means should be used, just to dry and style your hair.

Interesting facts about gelatin mask

How does gelatin work? He envelops hair with the finest film and gives them volume, a dazzling brilliance.

Previously gelatinous lamination was performed only with water and gelatin. But, as practice shows, the proteins contained in the production masks( especially professional masks) enhance the effect. Therefore, gelatin masks are now made on the basis of "store" caregivers.

Apply the gelatin mask first to the root zone, but not to the roots themselves. Massaging, stretching it for the entire length, hold and wash it off.

If you do not really like the quality of your hair or they seem unusual, use light air conditioning. After such washing it is better not to dry the strand immediately with a hair dryer, enough to get wet with a towel and let it dry naturally. Only then to start packing.

Gelatin mask for hair - video

Tips and advice

Despite the useful properties of gelatin, hairdressers are not advised to use it constantly. It is better to alternate these masks with usual care, using monthly hair loss regimens or as a curative procedure with a break of 4-5 weeks.

Shampoo with gelatin is a preventive and firming remedy, but it is recommended to apply it not more often than once a week, it can be alternated with usual shampoo.

To prolong the effect, apply a gelatine mask every two weeks. For a while, discard the oil masks, because they wash the protective film. If it's hard for you to do this, use this mask first.

Gelatin lamination recommended for girls with damaged and weakened hair. With the help of this procedure, the volume increases visually, because the hair, additionally covered with the thinnest film, seems more dense.
  • The effect is not immediate, but cumulative. To the result was noticeable from the first time, do 4-5 procedures once a week, not more often, so as not to dry your hair.
  • If you want to enrich hair with vitamins, milk, lemon juice, henna, sea salt, mustard powder are added to the mask.

Important! To wash gelatinous mask it is necessary carefully, under running water, differently hair will be stuck together and untidy.


Before you make a mask for hair made of gelatin, note that it can harm badly marked tips and too thin hair. Gelatine dries the hair, so experts recommend adding softening ingredients to the mask: egg yolk, cream, butter. This does not always help, much depends on the type, structure and quality of the hair. To find out how the mask will work in your case, make it on one strand and watch the reaction.

Gelatin is very useful, like a lamination, it envelops the hair and makes it shining. So from time to time, pamper your hair with a gelatin mask.

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