Makeup for deep-set eyes

  • Secrets of choosing and applying shadows
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  • Secrets of applying eyeliner and mascara
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  • Choice of shades depending on color-type appearance
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  • Common mistakes

Deep-set eyes are found in many women. To mask such a lack of appearance is simple, it's enough to make a make-up correctly. Thanks to the competent application of cosmetics, it will be possible to visually expand the eyes, make them expressive, and give the look openness. Makeup for deep-set eyes involves the use of light shadows, with the best use of pearlescent. Also important is the shape of the eyebrows and other features.

Secrets of selecting and applying shadows

To correctly make a make-up, you should choose shades of 3-4 shades that blend well with each other. At the same time, dark solutions - black, charcoal or blue - are contraindicated.

In this case, it is important to follow the rule of three tones. It consists in the fact that one shade should be light, the second - to have an average saturation, and the third - the maximum. To choose a color scheme, you should consider the color-type of your own appearance. Of no little importance is the appointment of meykapa - evening or daily.

So, in order to emphasize the eyes, it is necessary to perform such actions:

  1. All the eyelids are covered with the basic means. Moving is recommended from the bottom upwards and from the angle in the region of the nose bridge towards the outer part.
  2. The inner part and the crease should also be carefully covered with the base tool. For this purpose, an even lighter tone is suitable. Pearl shadows are an excellent option, especially if the skin is in good condition. In the presence of wrinkles or other drawbacks, it is still better to use matte textures.
  3. The moving region of the eyelid from the middle towards the outer edge is treated with shades of saturated shade. In this case, all transitions should be well-shaded. This will result in a more natural result.
  4. The outer area is highlighted with shadows of the most saturated color. Also this tool can be used to accent the line of the eyelashes. They also should allocate the lower eyelid.

Make-up for deep-set eyes - video

Secrets of applying eyeliner and mascara

To make the eyes more expressive, you need to carefully draw a thin line near the roots of the eyelashes. It should be directed from the inside of the eye to the outside, slightly rising to the eyebrows.

It is advisable to discard black liner in this case. Also, blue or green tones are not suitable - they look too bright and saturated. Much better will look coal-gray, chocolate, brown scale.

To determine the sequence of applying cosmetics, remember the appointment of the makeup:

  • When creating a daily image, the roots of the eyelashes are first accentuated, after which the shadows are applied. This makes the lines almost invisible.
  • If you apply eyeliner after the shadows, the look will become more expressive. This technique is often used to create evening compositions.

In the end, it is recommended to make up eyelashes with mascara. For owners of deep-set eyes, it is better to use a thickener that has a creamy texture and helps to give volume. Thanks to this, eyelashes will appear more dense, and the eyes - open.

As for the color scheme, the ink must have a darker shade - black or brown. Color options in this situation will look inappropriate.

To make a make-up for the eyes with an impending eyelid, do not use the shadows. Make-up artists advise to carefully apply the outline with a pencil or a pencil. In this situation, gray or brown variants are perfect.

Features of the make-up of eyebrows

When implementing any version of make-up, you need to pay attention to the eyebrows. With deep-seated eyes, this is especially important. In this case, you need to properly choose the shape of the eyebrows and provide them with quality care.

  • With these eyes look not too wide eyebrows, having a smooth bend. In this case, a sharp break in this case is contraindicated. Such eyebrows should be subject to correction.
  • When the eyes are deeply located, the effect of an overhanging eyebrows is created. To get rid of this feeling, you should lift them a little higher. To do this, pluck the bottom.
  • To visually open your eyes, you should make a small stroke with the help of the eyebrows under the outer part of the eyebrow. Their shade should contrast with the eyebrows. So, brown or red eyebrows should be highlighted in blue, ashy - pink, and black - white.
It is recommended to do correction in the salon. After the professional master selects the correct form, it will be enough only to support it.

Choice of shades depending on the color type of the exterior

Of course, the choice of colors is of particular importance for performing a harmonious make-up. Conditionally all girls can be divided into several types: autumn, winter, spring, summer. However, in reality, these species are much larger, because there are also mixed varieties. In any case, there are key rules that must be respected when choosing shades:

  • spring - suitable for light gray, peach and natural shades;
  • summer - it's best to choose cool colors such as blue, purple, black;
  • autumn - the ideal option for green eyes will be pink, brown, purple solutions, brown eyes look great with blue shades;
  • winter - it is recommended to give preference to cold and bright tones, such as red, blue, black.

Spectacular types of make-up

Whatever type of make-up you choose, before you start it, you must wash and degrease the skin. This will ensure the most uniform application of cosmetics. To make a beautiful daytime make-up, you should perform the following actions:

  1. Apply a moisturizing and foundation cream, and apply a powder on top.
  2. Close the eyes and apply a thin line along the eyelashes. It should be directed from one corner to the second. If necessary, the eyeliner can be shaded.
  3. Apply mascara, focusing on the corner of the nose bridge.

If you want, you can bring the line to the very nose. In this case, you will get a saturated east meicap. This technique of applying cosmetics is great for round and slanted eyes. If you apply shadows of bright color, you can get a rich evening image.

Owners of narrow eyes, located quite deep, fit the make-up in the style of Chicago. To perform it, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Treat the eyelids with a light powder.
  2. The upper and lower eyelids, as well as the area under the eyebrows, are covered with base shadows.
  3. It is visually clear to imagine a loop covering the upper eyelid. It should start at the outer part, pass over the mobile eyelid and reach the nose bridge line. In this area, dark shadows should be applied, which will draw attention to the eyes.
  4. The inner corner should be painted over, and the outer one should be left free. It is very important to gently shade the shadows.
  5. In the end, you should make up your eyelashes with mascara.
If you make a make-up completely in light color, you can get a wedding or holiday composition.

Another spectacular and simple make-up that is easy to implement on your own is nude. In this case, the minimum number of shades is used. Most often, makeup artists use only beige and brown tones that resemble skin tones without makeup. The technology of performing such a makeup step by step:

  1. Wipe face, degrease skin and powder the area to be treated.
  2. Take shades of a natural shade and carefully shade them throughout the whole century.
  3. Then it should be armed with a brown pencil. With its help, you must perform a very thin line. It should be located near the edge of the eyelashes.
  4. Now you can apply a second layer of shadows. This technique is also very suitable for the owners of the impending age, because it perfectly masks this feature of appearance.
  5. Moving eyelid to process shades 1-2 shades darker than the main ones. In this case, the inner part of the eye and the area under the eyebrows should be slightly lighter, this will help create a beautiful flare. If necessary, shadows need to be shaded.
  6. For lashes, use lengthening or separating mascara.
This kind of makeup is great for everyday use. Also with his help you can create a gentle wedding composition. However, in this case, nevertheless it is recommended to use sequins and pearlescent shadows.

Common mistakes

Owners of deep-set eyes often make various mistakes, which only exacerbate this feature of their appearance. To common flaws in performing makeup is the following:

  1. Use of dark shadows, colored carcasses or black eyeliner.
  2. Drawing of dark shadows in a movable fold. For this form of the eyes this part of the century is covered with light shadows.
  3. The liner is too thick. In this case, the line should be very thin. If you are doing day makeup, it's enough to emphasize only the outer corner.
  4. Apply mascara to the lower eyelashes. This tool is recommended to paint only the upper eyelashes, while in the inner part of the eye it should not be done so intensively.
  5. Sharp transitions between shades. All color boundaries should be thoroughly shaded.
  6. Too broad or thin eyebrows. They should have an average width and a smooth bend.
  7. Coloring the shadows of the area under the eyebrows. In this zone it is permissible to perform only a thin stroke of light shade. It should be located under the outside of the eyebrow.
  8. Classic makeup, which has a transition from a light shade to the eyelashes to the dark under the eyebrows.
  9. Applying pink shadows. This rule does not apply to all girls. However, quite often such color solutions make the eyes inflamed and tired in appearance.

Makeup for deep-set eyes has certain characteristics. To make your face more harmonious, you need to adhere to the basic tips for applying cosmetics. Equally important is the right choice of colors. Thanks to the implementation of all the recommendations of the stylists will be able to hide small flaws and emphasize the dignity of appearance.

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