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Hands are a business card of a woman, and an impeccable manicure is the final touch in creating a stylish image. Today, hardly anyone will be surprised by the classic French jacket, in recent years, the direction of the nail art, like the patterns on nails, has firmly become part of the feshen industry.

Still some 10-15 years ago such masterpieces could be seen only on the pens of the most advanced women of fashion, and today the fantasies of masters amaze and fascinate, because they create on the nails not just patterns, but whole miniatures, real works of art.

Many women who want to make a refined and unusual manicure, go to the beauty salon, believing that they alone can not cope with such a task. This erroneous opinion, even at home, without special tools, you can reproduce the exquisite patterns.

Today, the Internet presents various schemes, video lessons to help newcomers who want to master this kind of nail art, like painting on nails. It remains only to acquire the necessary devices, choose the pattern you like, and you can start working.

Patterns on the nails with the dots

Dots is a safe handy tool for creating simple, but original patterns. It is his professionals who recommend using novices to depict compositions on nails of any shape.

Dots is a device that visually resembles a conventional handle with a rod. They are very comfortable to apply beautiful patterns in the form of dots, lines, commas, and typing a little more experience, you can try to create more complex and quaint ornaments.

Decorating nails with a needle

Another common way of creating an exquisite manicure is applying patterns with a needle, an indispensable tool in the field of decorating nails. A distinctive feature of working with a needle is the performance of refined, filigree lines, which can not be done with the help of doots. A thin tip of the needle draws out small elements, from which a magnificent and elegant pattern is created.

Beginners rarely use a needle in work, considering this method for themselves too complicated and even traumatic. Here are some simple tips, following which you can learn how to make a beautiful and stylish manicure with this device:

  1. The needle movements should be as smooth as possible, there is no need to press on the nail what there is strength. In order not to injure the nail plate, it is necessary to control the force of pressing the needle.
  2. It is better to use several shades of varnish in order to make patterns look contrasted.
  3. Manicure should be flawless, so do not ignore the preparatory stage and carefully handle the hands.

Drawing on nails with a needle - video

Painting with brushes

Another method that is available to beginners is drawing with a brush. It is better for beginners to master simple patterns first and only after getting the necessary experience to proceed to complex ones. Simple elements are smooth lines, tree branches, geometric patterns, which, despite the simplicity, look at the nails very effectively.

The fan brush can be used to create original line ornamental patterns that are made very easily, but look stylish and modern.

For beginners, the brush is a tool that allows you to draw simple patterns, but for experienced craftsmen this is a magic tool with which they perform pictures of any complexity on short or long nails.

For women who do not have a lot of time, but who want to have an exquisite manicure, there is a great alternative to traditional nail art - stamping. This is drawing on the nails of drawings using small stamps.

Nail design with a brush - video

Patterns with an adhesive tape

How to draw patterns with scotch tape? Many girls do not even guess about this simple and original way of drawing pictures on nails. It turns out that the adhesive tape can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also for creating original images, most often these are geometric figures of a clear shape.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Create a nail background with a varnish.
  2. Cut the strip of adhesive tape into three equal parts.
  3. The first part is glued to the nail hole.
  4. Two other pieces to put on the nails so that the triangle is formed. Scotch should be carefully smoothened, otherwise varnish will leak under it.
  5. Fill the triangle with varnish.
  6. Apply the anchoring base.

Patterns with the help of Scotch tape - video

Drawings with the help of velvet sand

Recently, very popular is nail art using velvet sand. How to make a pattern of special powder for nails, we now consider.

Velvet sand is similar to sparkles, but has a more pleasant texture, which looks original and stylish on the nails. Visually, the velvet powder resembles fine sand and with a competent overlay allows you to achieve a spectacular and extravagant design.

The advantage of this manicure is not only beauty, but also durability, since it will last longer on nails than, say, "liquid stones".You can safely perform any homework, without fear of damaging the beautiful nail art.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Apply to the nail varnish prepared for manicure. In relation to velvet sand, it can be transparent or contrast.
  2. Make a second coat of varnish and, without waiting until it dries, sprinkle it with sand.
  3. Wait until the velvet completely dries. This is a long process, which can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Rigid nail brush to clean the nails from large grains, to give the shape a shape.
  5. Apply the anchoring base.

There is another way to create patterns with velvet sand and UV lamps:

  1. Apply a basic color.
  2. Draw any pattern, sprinkle it with velvet powder. You can press "velvet" to the nail with a special bamboo stick, but then the volume will be lost.
  3. Hold the nails in the UV lamp for two minutes.
  4. Shake off the leftover powder from the nails.
  5. Lock the result with a lock.

To create a festive nail art velvet powder can be combined with patterns from rhinestones.

What to choose: colored varnish or acrylic paints?

There are no special differences in the creation of patterns with the help of paints or varnish, that and the other manicure will look spectacular. Acrylic paints are applied to the nails with a brush or toothpick. To make the image look clear, you need to use a thin brush.

Consider how to make a simple tiger pattern with colored varnishes( if desired, you can use acrylic paints).

For this you need three shades of varnish: brown, orange, black.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Painted nails with brown lacquer.
  2. With the help of sponge put on the middle of the nail plates an orange varnish.
  3. Draw with black lacquer strips.
  4. The result should be fixed with a clear varnish.

What patterns are fashionable in 2017

The most popular patterns this year are:

  • floral( chamomile, roses, forget-me-nots, poppies, orchids);
  • linear( horizontal and vertical lines);
  • fantasy( various curls, random sketches in the form of hearts or cartoon heroes);
  • abstraction( stains, contrasting patterns that do not repeat on all nails);
  • animalistic( imitation animal skins, images of butterflies, birds).

The vegetative pattern on the nails allows you to set a positive mood and cheer up even in the coldest days. Especially beautiful look bright flowers on the background of the classic French manicure. It is not necessary that the jacket is white. For example, a black manicure depicting a rose or a poppy looks spectacular and extravagant.

Linear patterns are simple to implement, and it is not necessary to withstand the clarity of lines.

It is important to learn how to draw without mixing shades of varnish or paints, and to understand which lines will look most effective on nails.

Fantasy patterns today are considered the most fashionable. In addition, to create them, you do not need special artistic skills, it all depends on the imagination and mood of the master.

Abstract patterns are as easy to perform as exquisite beautiful flowers. The advantage of abstraction is that it is relevant always and everywhere, unlike, say, funny cartoon characters.

But when drawing animals you will need skill, but that's the beauty of an artistic nail art, which can depart from classical images.

Creating patterns on nails is not only an exciting activity, but also a great opportunity to attract attention with the help of an original manicure.

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