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It is impossible to enter the same river twice, it is impossible to repeat the graduation at school. To this solemn event are prepared with special trepidation. Girls in advance pick up the outfits, think through every detail of the image to be at this ball the most beautiful. It's no wonder that interest in fashion for prom dresses never fades. I wonder what will be the fashionable dresses at the graduation 2017?

Presented at the latest fashion shows, the styles of evening dresses for girls are incredibly diverse. It is difficult to dwell on anything specific and choose one single, unique dress that will transform yesterday's schoolgirl with pigtails into an irresistible beauty. Tracing the trends of modern fashion and listening to the advice of stylists, picking up a prom dress will be easier.

Year 2017: fashion trends

The main direction of building a graduate image this year is restraint, elegance, refinement, femininity. The main emphasis is on multi-layered, transparent details, open back, multilayer or multilevel hem, Greek style, A-shaped silhouette.

  • In the trend of spring 2017 - evening dresses in a minimalist style. Basically, these are monochrome or two-color models of simple cut without any decor or decorated with a shiny print.
  • The trendy direction of the spring this year will be dresses with an in-depth decollete. The cut and the length of the outfit are absolutely not important. Graduates can easily dress up in long dresses with an open top without sleeves or wear coquettish short sarafans on thin straps.
  • Incredibly popular at the graduation this year will be dresses with transparent or translucent inserts. For example, from a thin transparent fabric it is possible to sew a back or a front part of a shelf. Such an intriguing semi-obedience of the girl will invariably draw attention to the side of the guys, make the image moderately erotic and modest at the same time.

These styles are at the height of popularity in the coming season for good reason. On a young girl they look great, perfectly hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. The tip of the evening dress for the graduate will be a long cut on the skirt, slightly opening the leg, a spicy cut on the back or chest.

Sewing graduation fashionable dresses this spring, fashion designers recommend from fabrics appropriate to the chosen style and image. The most fashionable today are light, flowing, airy textures, delicate delicate lace, noble fabrics.

Designers recommend paying attention first of all to silk, crepe-taffeta, chiffon, organza. The fashion is also traditional for the creation of solemn clothes - taffeta and satin.
  • If we talk about topical prints for graduation dresses, then it can be a spectacular drapery on the chest, hips, waist, multi-layered skirt or a multilevel hem, contrasting finish on a monophonic dress.
  • The chip of the prom dress for this year is a voluminous bow. Looks like this element of decoration is always very elegant, plus, with the help of a bow, you can focus on any part of the body, and hide the possible errors in the cut or the shortcomings of the figure.
  • Decor elements can be placed on any detail of the dress - hem, waist, chest, shoulder, etc. There are no special restrictions in the choice of decorative attributes. The main thing - the image should look stylish, effective, harmonious.

And that's what should not be at the high school graduate, so it's too flashy, evocative details. You should not choose a dress on the final of shiny fabric, excessively lush skirts, bulky prints, an abundance of ruffling, a flashy decor. In fashion, restraint, elegance, subtle sense of style. Too candid, open dresses with defiantly deep neckline, cuts or "non-existent" length is best left for another occasion.

Color and length

Evening dresses that young girls will be able to wear safely not only at the graduation party, but also at another solemn event, at high fashion shows this year were presented in a variety of color solutions. But the stylists consider the colors most appropriate for the evening of farewell to the school:

  • Black and white.
  • Bordeaux, red wine, purple.
  • Pistachio.
  • Turquoise, blue.
  • Pearl gray.
  • Violet.
  • Any pastel shades.

When choosing the color of fabric for a prom dress, you need to be guided not so much by personal taste preferences and fashionable tendencies, as by a sense of style. This means that the tone of the outfit should match the skin color, hair, eyes of the girl. The correspondence of color combinations should also be traced to the color of shoes, accessories, ornaments, which are an integral part of the attire for the prom.

A few words about the length of dresses for graduation 2017.Trend of the season became models of midi length. But since this style is not suitable for all young women of fashion, as an alternative option you can consider products with asymmetrical hem or mini dresses.

Still relevant year. The silhouette of the "fish" that fits the figure looks like a young girl with a fragile figure and a thin waist is always very effective. But, alas, in a narrow "stocking" is not very convenient to dance.

Girls with magnificent forms of stylists are advised to choose models from medium-density materials. There are no special restrictions on the length. It all depends on the style, the style chosen and, of course, the physique of the graduate. Fashionable this year will be products with American armholes, original dresses, shirts in the floor, sets of short top and a multi-layered air skirt just over the knee.


In modern fashion, a variety of dresses, including evening dresses, is incredible. Different styles, styles, cut, decor. .. To feel yourself in the solemn furniture is free, confident and comfortable, first of all you need to be able to choose the right style, suitable for the type of figure.

The length, presence or absence of sleeves, the color of the fabric also apply to the selection criteria.

The style of the dress can be as follows:

  1. A-silhouette. Characteristic details of this style - tightly fitting to the body of the bodice and an expanding skirt.
  2. Case. Narrow, tight-fitting cut, emphasizing all the curves of the female figure.
  3. Shirt. The style, featuring a masculine silhouette, cut is simple, like a shirt.
  4. Sarafan. One of the varieties of dress without sleeves. The bodice is usually supplemented with straps of different widths or held on a rubber band. You can wear a sarafan on top of a blouse or transparent fabric, on a T-shirt or without them.
  5. Tutu. A dress with a tight top or bodice according to the type of corset and a lush skirt that looks like a ballet tutu.
  6. Bathrobe. The dress is smeared on one side, forming thus a deepened V-shaped neck. Evening options are usually supplemented by asymmetric drapery. The waist line for a dress with a smell may be understated or inflated.
  7. Cylinder. Elegant feminine style semi-adjacent cut, which perfectly conceals the imperfection of the figure. The best option for full girls with wide hips and bulging belly.

The classification of all today's types of dresses is as follows:

  • Casual. Designed for ordinary situations. They can go on a date, go with a friend or girlfriends in the cinema, a cafe, stroll around the city, the park. But for graduation, not the best choice. This solemn event requires something refined.
  • Evening. Long dresses designed specifically for the light. You can choose any style, so for graduation ball it is ideal.
  • Cocktail. Distinctive features of dresses of this type - the average length, the absence of collar and sleeves. The minimalism style, in which cocktail dresses are sewn, the practical absence of decor elements gives the image a special elegance. At the prom, this outfit can be worn safely.

  • Little black dress by Coco Chanel. A universal model with a hem length slightly above the knee. It can be worn at a party, a movie, and a solemn event. The only condition: when going to the prom, you need to choose elegant dresses for your dress.
  • Ethnic style. Delicious airy dresses or sarafans from flying light fabrics. Depending on the style, ethnic dresses can be made in pastel colors or a diverse palette of bright colors. Original ornaments and patterns in such models are welcome.
A stylish image is complemented by harmoniously matched ornaments: bracelets, pendants, earrings, beads, etc.

It is very important to make sure that the attention of others is riveted not to the very side, but to its possessor. The dress should not just be fashionable and beautiful, it should sit well on the figure, be comfortable, do not constrain movements.

To meet all of the above points, fashion designers suggest using the tricks of modern fashion. One of the best options is to wear a stylish and very popular dress-transformer on the graduation party.

The trick consists of a long hem attached to a fitted silhouette or an airy pareo skirt that is worn over the base.

Thanks to this trick during the ceremonial part of the graduation the girl can appear before the people in the image of the princess, and then "simplify" her outfit and make it more modern, taking off her long uncomfortable skirt.

Graduation is not only in secondary, but also in primary school. For girls this is no less exciting event than for almost adult girls. Therefore, the selection of a fashionable dress at the graduation ceremony in grade 4 should also be approached very carefully, carefully and responsibly.

The trends of modern fashion are such that special differences in styles, styles, colors, decor of elegant dresses for 10-year-old girls and adults are practically not observed.

Therefore, when choosing the decoration for graduation in primary school, you can safely follow the recommendations for senior high school students. But no matter what kind of dress a little beauty will be wearing, the main thing is that it should be to her face and allows you to feel comfortable and free.

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