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Many girls and mature women consider boots to be boots with enough sexy, feminine and attractive footwear to use with itit was possible to draw men's views on their feet. But, it turns out, in pursuit of this goal, some people incorrectly use this shoe, combining it with completely unplayable outfits.

These boots dictate their own rules, which must be followed, so that the image does not look vulgar and defiant.
Therefore, information on what to wear boots and with what things they absolutely can not be combined, for many will be very useful.

Some tips from the

stylists Before you start combining the boots with other things from the base wardrobe, you should read the recommendations that will help create the right image:

  1. The distance between the edge of the boots and the hem of the dress or skirt should not exceed 16 cm. Otherwise,talk about bad taste and bad taste.
  2. It is not recommended to combine boots with outfits, in which there is a deep triangular cutout.
  3. When choosing pantyhose for such shoes, it is necessary to give preference to more dense. The hosiery should repeat the color range of the boots. An inappropriate combination are jackboots and thin tights of corporal color.

Also, stylists consider it unsuccessful to combine such shoes with a too tight short outfit. Preference, in their opinion, should be given to free silhouettes.

What are the jackboots

Treads are considered to be any boots, the length of which starts from two fingers above the knee. Originally such shoes were designed for cavalry and military, but the famous French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent at one time drew attention to this model of boot and turned them into women's shoes.

Modern designers often use boots in their shows, creating more and more stylistic solutions. These boots are of the following types:

  • classic version( slightly expanded upper part and low rectangular heel);
  • boots-stockings, fully fitting legs;
  • boots with a very wide boot;
  • on a stud, flat sole and low steady heel;
  • decorative models( decorated with fringe, lacing and all sorts of other decorative elements).

Thanks to the variety of models of boots, such shoes cease to be the lot of only slender and tall girls, allowing each female person to find his own option.

The most popular are classic boots and boots-stockings, whose height can be slightly above the knee or reach the middle of the thigh. And if the first option suits absolutely all the girls, then for the second, the presence of slender and even legs is mandatory. However, to choose the most suitable model of boots is only half the battle. The main thing is to learn how to combine them correctly with clothes.

Feminine and stylish options

These shoes are very harmoniously next to dresses and skirts. Therefore, it is not difficult to create an image of a womanly or business lady.

  • In order not to make a mistake in choosing the right outfit for boots, for the office environment, you should choose a dress or a skirt that is knee-length, and informal events can be preferred with something shorter, but respecting the above-mentioned rule of 16 centimeters.
  • In winter, classic leather jackboots can be complemented with a loose knitted dress with muffled or dark shades with a high neck, which is girded by a thick leather belt. Its color should echo with a shade of boots. And this option can be chosen for work, wearing a warm overcoat of medium length, trimmed from above and in the area of ​​the cuffs by some kind of fur.
  • If it is a question of warmer weather and a meeting of a romantic nature, then you can black boots just above the knee with a sharp nose and a hairpin to wear under an elongated strapless dress of straight, strict cut, made in black and white. On the front of the dress should be a small incision, and on top - throw a light snow-white single-breasted raincoat. This set is complemented by a black rectangular clutch made of leather without any inserts and ornaments.
  • An excellent outfit for business meetings and working conditions can be an outfit consisting of a loose shirt with slim sleeves, a black leather skirt shaped like a trapeze, which can be fitted on the hips with overhead large pockets. To this image fit leather boots of black and gray hue with a pointed nose and high steady heel. When the weather is cool outside, you can put a tweed straight jacket on a shirt in a black and white cage.

Another stylish enough option is a kit consisting of the following:

  • suede jackboots on a stud above the knee;
  • woolen short skirt of black color with white geometric figures;
  • black dense turtleneck with high collar;
  • knitted cardigan in beige-brown tones, up to the middle of calves.

This image can be completed with a small square-shaped bag and sunglasses.

To create images of yourself, filled with femininity, refinement and at the same time restraint, you can choose any silhouettes of a free cut. Suits are pencil skirts and dress-cases, in which moderate incisions are permissible. You can also pay attention to the always winning options:

  1. Straight short skirt of dense fabric, white chiffon blouse, suede boots of dark or gray color on the heel.
  2. Milk skirt-pencil, sand-colored turtleneck, long cardigan and high leather boots in beige tones.
  3. A slightly flared skirt of variegated coloring, a monophonic T-shirt and a warm sweater with an interesting floral ornament, classic boots without a heel and a voluminous colorful stole thrown over one shoulder.

Treads with leggings, pants and jeans

These boots are well combined with jeans and leggings. But here you should choose only tight and narrow style of trousers, so that the boots with clothes create the impression of one whole.

As for the top, tunics below the hip line will suit the given ensemble. And it is better if they are made of dense material, for example, knitwear. Also in this version you can use sweaters with elongated cardigans, voluminous sweaters, fitted long jackets and jackets, decorated with frills and ruffles. All these things look harmonious with each other, complementing each other.

With narrow tight pants, you can also beautifully and interestingly combine boots. Extravagant and unusual will be a set consisting of brown or black boots with a wide bootleg and a low heel or flat sole, dark blue trousers or a light reddish shade and a free falling white blouse with wide sleeves, narrowed in the area of ​​the hands. In this outfit, the blouse is tucked into the pants, if its length reaches the thigh, or is released outside, if it is a short product.

Choosing a combination of pants and boots, it is necessary to take into account the age of the owner of this outfit.
For women after 35 years old, to such boots and tight jeans or pants, stylists recommend choosing a top of the male free cut that covers the middle of the thigh, for example, a sweater or a sweater.

As for the outer clothing in this combination, it is possible to add lush fur coats or fitted vests, a straight coat cut from woolen or terry material, truncated cloaks tied to the waistband. Not bad in combination with jeans and boots looks a double-breasted coat of medium length and some bright colors, narrowed downwards. It can be a combination of blue and burgundy, green and yellow, orange and brown. But then the boots should be selected to one of the shades used in the design of outerwear.

Fashion trends of this season

In 2017, fashion designers advise to create with the help of boots an elegant and refined style. It is the refinement, combined with some aristocratic, prevails in the images presented on the podium. Illustrative versions of such kits can be the following combinations:

  1. Black knitted dress with a bell-tutu, tied with a satin ribbon. Tight black tights with gloss. Treads knee deep in dark skin and asphalt shade austere mackintosh without a gate and with sleeves three-quarters.
  2. Dress-case of a rich purple hue, classic suede boots, blue color sleeveless sleeveless shirt, decorated with a bright applique.
  3. Gray knitted dress, the front part of which is made by applying one fabric to another. Pale pink boots-stockings. A long single-breasted jacket is also a muted pink hue. Here you can add a classic bag in the gray scale.

When creating an image with the help of boots, it is necessary to observe the rule of combining no more than three colors at the same time, do not overload the image with accessories, and also observe the criterion of optimal length.

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