Alkaline mineral water with and without gas: names, list. Application of alkaline mineral water for gout, pancreatitis, gastritis, for inhalations with nebulizer: recipes

From this article you will learn how to treat alkaline mineral waters with various diseases.


  • Alkaline mineral water with gas: names, list
  • Alkaline mineral water without gas: names, list
  • Weak mineral water: names
  • Is the alkaline mineral water "Lipetsk", "Borjomi", "Narzan"?
  • How to choose the best alkaline mineral water?
  • Application of alkaline mineral water for gout: recipes
  • Use of alkaline mineral water in pancreatitis: recipes
  • Use of alkaline mineral water for gastritis: recipes
    • Alkaline mineral water for gastritis( increased acidity)
    • Alkaline mineral water for gastritis( reduced acidity)
  • The use of alkaline mineral water for inhalation by a nebulizer: recipes
  • Which producer and what mineral alkaline water are in Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine?
  • Video: Alkaline mineral water for gout. Mineral water for gout. Remedy for gout

All mineral waters are divided:

  • Hydrocarbonate or alkaline water, with a large amount of hydrocarbonates, has the aftertaste of soda.
  • Chloride water, chlorine prevails, it is brackish in taste.
  • Sulfide water, sulfur predominates, with a bitter taste, with a characteristic smell of sulfur( rotten eggs).
  • Water, is a mixed type of , its taste depends on the enclosing elements.

Mineral water alkaline is a hydrocarbonate water from sprinkled springs, with sodium, magnesium, and acidity above 7 pH.It helps to work better the stomach and intestines, while metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, and magnesium sulfate, which is in the water, helps the brain work.

Alkaline mineral water with gas: names, list

Alkaline mineral water

Mineral water is better to be treated, and drink it from sources, but not everyone can come to the springs. For those people who want to be treated with such water at home, it is bottled. And to keep water better, it is saturated with carbon dioxide.

Carbonated water retains all the useful properties, but it can not be drunk to people with stomach ulcers and gastritis( increased acidity), or you need to release the gas bubbles from the water and then drink it.

In nature there are mineral waters, containing the carbonic acid , which does not need to gasify .It water such resorts :

  • Polyana Kvasova, Shayan( Transcarpathia, Ukraine)
  • Borjomi( Georgia)
  • Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk( Stavropol Territory)
  • Kislovodsk
  • Shmakovka( near Vladivostok)
  • Shivanda( near Chita)
  • Shiviya( near Sretensk)
  • Arshan( in Buryatia)

Alkaline mineral water without gas: names, list

Alkaline mineral water

All alkaline mineral waters are divided:

  • Canteen , salt capacity up to 3 g / l( can be drunk all)
  • Treatment and canteen -solher 3-10 g / l, you can drink a short time
  • Healing , salts 10-35 g / l, drink only if the doctor appoints

Note .Alkaline mineralized water is sometimes called "living" water.

Alkaline mineralized water contains: hydrogen carbonates, sodium and others.

Alkaline water is useful for with:

  • Gastritis and ulcer in the stomach
  • Pancreatitis
  • Diseases of the bile ducts and liver
  • Diabetes mellitus in mild form
  • Gout
  • Colitis
  • Infectious diseases
  • Obesity

Use of alkaline water :

  • Eliminates heartburn
  • Displays mucus from digestive organs
  • Removes slag from the body
  • Destroys small stones and expels sand from the liver and bladder

When treating mineral water in the spa, doctors calculate the amount of water to drink and the time, individually for each patient. On the average, the medicinal water is drunk about 600 ml per day .

Alkaline mineral water for treatment can drink no more than 600 g

In clinics you need to adhere to other rules for the proper drinking of curative water :

  • To prevent disease - before eating for 0.5 hours
  • With stomach ulcer - after eating
  • Whengastritis( reduced acidity) - with food
  • With gastritis( high acidity) - 1-1.5 hours before meals
  • If you are restless in the stomach, you should drink warm water, with other diseases - room temperature
  • Proper drinking of water is not in vain, gradually siping
  • When the exacerbations of the disease occur, water should stop drinking and obey the advice of the treating doctor

Diseases in which can not be drunk alkaline water:

  • Kidney stones and excretory pathways
  • Diabetes mellitus in severe form
  • Children under 3 years old

Weak-alkalinemineral waters: names

Mineral water slightly alkaline

Mineral water slightly alkaline is all table alkaline water( mineraliz.up to 3 g / l).

Bukovinskaya bicarbonate water ( mineralization 1,1-1,2 g / l) contains a lot of iodine. It is recommended by her to be treated by people with the following diseases:

  • :
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Gastritis( normal and high acidity)
    • Gastric ulcer
    • Pancreatitis
    • Columns
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Diseases of bile ducts and liver

    Water is contraindicated to to those who are sick:

    • Viciousheart
    • Migraine
    • Arthritis, gout

    Is the alkaline mineral water "Lipetsk", "Borjomi", "Narzan"?

    Low-alkaline water "Lipetsk" chloride-sulfate with sodium.

    Mineral waters near Lipetsk were discovered at the end of the 19th century.

    Now spill treatment and canteen water "Lipetsk"( mineralization 3,0-4,5 g / l) under the following names:

    • "Lipetsk pump room"
    • "Lipetsk"

    And canteen water( mineralization.0,4-1,0 g / l):

    • «Lipetsk classical»
    • «Lipetsk pump room 1»
    Lipetsk weakly alkaline mineral water

    Water from Lipetsk springs treat :

    • Gastritis
    • After operation for ulcer in the stomach
    • Inflammations of the biliary tractand liver
    • Pyelonephritis
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Cystitis, urrit

    Contraindications :

    • Beverages long
    • Temporarily drink in acute diseases

    Mineral water "Borjomi» - one of the best alkaline water( mineralization 5.5-7.5 g / L.).In addition to hydrogen carbonates( 90%), water is rich:

    • Boron and fluorine
    • Magnesium and sodium
    • Aluminum and calcium
    Alkaline mineral water Borjomi

    Borjomi are treated :

    • Gastritis and ulcer in stomach and duodenum
    • Colitis
    • Pancreatitis
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Colds
    • Salt deposits in joints

    Contraindicated when used with:

    • Pain in the heart
    • Gastrites( reduced acidity)
    • Stones in the bile duct and liver

    "Narzan" - water sulfate-hydrocarbonate with sodium, calcium, medical-dining room. Its mineralization is 2.0-3.5 g / l.

    Alkaline mineralized water "Narzan" refers to the Kislovodskoye field.

    Alkaline mineral water "Narzan"

    "Narzan" such malaises are treated :

    • Gastrites( high and normal acidity)
    • Gastric ulcer
    • Liver inflammation with biliary tracts
    • Pancreatitis
    • Rehabilitation period after operation for gastric ulcer
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Cystitis, urethritis other diseases of the urinary tract
    • Small stones in the ureter
    • Helps fight against obesity

    Contraindications :

    • Aggravation of various diseases
    • Hypertension
    • Nedostatodicity associated with the kidneys, the heart
    • Gastritis( reduced acidity)

    How to choose the best alkaline mineral water?

    Alkaline mineral water

    You can not quench your thirst with mineral water, unless the slightly mineralized table water does not hurt, and then, if you drink it for a short time.

    Mineral water is prescribed by the doctor according to the indications of the existing diseases.

    Note .If you have an exacerbation of the disease, you need to refrain from drinking medicinal water for a while.

    Mineral water "Luzhanskaya" ( Transcarpathia), hydrocarbonates 96-100%( mineralization 3,6-4,3 g / l).In addition, they also include:

    • Magnesium
    • Fluoride
    • Silicon
    • Potassium
    • Calcium

    With water "Luzhanskaya" it is good to reduce high acidity in the stomach , also it relieves heaviness and swelling, helps to lose weight .

    Contraindications :

    • Gastritis( reduced acidity)
    • Hypothyroidism

    Hydrocarbonate water "Essentuki 4" ( mineralization 7-10 g / l).Well helps the sick stomach, kidneys, endocrine gland .

    The contraindication of is reduced.acidity in the stomach, frequent diarrhea, bleeding, some kidney diseases.

    Use of alkaline mineral water for gout: recipes

    Alkaline mineral water helps with gout

    Gout is an arthritis that builds on the joints of the fingers and toes of .They are ill with people on the hereditary line, as well as those in the diet of which there are many acid products that are converted in the body into lactic( uric) acid, settling in the joints of the limbs.

    Meat and meat products

  • Meat and meat products
  • Canned food
  • Beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Beer and sweet drinks
  • Black tea, coffee
  • Alcoholic drinks

Gout is treated with inflammatory pills, a diet, alkaline mineral water that helps restore alkaline balance in the body,and flushes out lactic acid with slag.

To treat gout, in support of prescribed medicines, doctors advise the following types of alkaline waters of in Russia and near abroad:

  • "Arzni"
  • "Isti-su"
  • "Svalyava"
  • "Luzhanskaya 3" and "Luzhanskaya 4"
  • "Dragovskaya»
  • « Glade Kvasova »
  • « Slavyanskaya »
  • « Essentuki 4 »and« Essentuki 17 »
  • « Korneshtskaya »
  • « Borjomi »
  • « Sirabskaya »
  • « Smirnovskaya »

Application of alkaline mineral water in pancreatitis: recipes

Alkaline mineral water helpsinflamed undereludochnoy iron

Pancreatitis is treated with alkaline waters of weakly and moderately mineralized .Water is drunk without gas, a little warmed up to match body temperature, because cold water can increase inflammation, and hot cause swelling of the body.

In case of exacerbations of the disease starvation is observed, it is possible to drink only warm medicinal water.

If the aggravation has passed, you can start eating diet food, and curative water to drink warm, while eating.

When pancreatitis needs adhere to the following diet :

  • Dairy, fruit soups with cereals on vegetable broth
  • Boiled lean meat and nonfat fish
  • Lactic acid products and curd( lean)
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Liquid porridges
  • Non-acidic fruit wipers
  • Yesterday's bread
  • A little vegetable oil

Alkaline water affects the inflamed pancreas as follows :

  • Relieves inflammation
  • Cleanses spasmodic conditions
  • abdominal pain

Prolonged intake of mineral water, as prescribed by the doctor, improves the passage of bile.

The following types of water help the inflamed pancreas: :

  • Borjomi
  • Narzan
  • Smirnovskaya
  • Bukovinskaya
  • Luzhanskaya
  • Azov
  • Zheleznovodskaya
  • Mirgorodskaya
  • Silver Spring
  • Minsk »
  • « Essentuki 17 »and« Essentuki 20 »
  • « Bobruisk »
  • « Darasun »
  • « Arkhyz »
  • « Galitskaya »

Application of alkaline mineral water for gastritis: recipes

Alkaline mineral water with gastritis( increased acidity)

Someonee kinds of alkaline mineral water helps with gastritis( hyperacidity)

Gastritis with increased secretion of gastric hydrochloric acid released much, and it is often irritates the stomach. The task of alkaline water is to extinguish the excess acid .

In this case, water is consumed by 1 hour before meals in the warm state of .As long as the food arrives in the stomach, the curative water will have time to extinguish excess acids.

The following types of alkaline water are suitable: :

  • Borjomi
  • Swallow
  • Avadhara
  • Makhachkalinskaya
  • Zheleznovodskaya
  • Matsesta
  • Arzni
  • Tursh-Su
  • Essentuki 17

Alkalinemineral water with gastritis( reduced acidity)

Other types of alkaline mineral waters help with gastritis( low acidity)

With reduced acidity in the stomach of hydrochloric acid is produced little. Alkaline water helps the acid break down food , it is prescribed before meals, for 15-20 minutes, at room temperature .

With a reduced acidity, slightly alkaline and chloride-sodium water is suitable. These names are : :

  • Izhevskaya and Novoizhevskaya
  • Mirgorodskaya
  • Feodosiya
  • Tyumen
  • Essentuki 4
  • Shaambary 2

Application of alkaline mineral water for inhalations with nebulizer: recipes

Alkaline mineral waterIt is used in inhalations with nebulizer

Inhalations are very popular for colds, frequent bronchitis for children and adults, to get rid of cough and malaise more quickly.

Using nebulizer - device for spraying liquid , it is possible to successfully make inhalations with alkaline mineral water, herbal decoctions, even babies. Especially effective for excretion of sputum are inhalations with alkaline water .

In the first days of ailments the doctor prescribes up to 7-8 inhalations per day. With the improvement of the patient's condition, inhalations are reduced to 2-3.Several days of such inhalations - and the patient is cured.

In order for the to achieve the maximum effect of inhalation, after the procedure it is necessary to wrap up the sore throat, not to eat and not to talk for at least 1 hour .

types of alkaline water are suitable for inhalations:

  • Borjomi
  • Narzan
  • Essentuki

To make 1 inhalation, you need 2-5 ml of water .

At normal body temperature, inhalations can be given every 2 hours. It should also be noted that inhalation is not recommended immediately after eating , should take at least an hour and a half.

Inhalation lasts :

  • For children 3 minutes
  • Adults 10 minutes

Contraindications for inhalation:

  • Increased body temperature( greater than 37 ° C)
  • Frequent nasal bleeding
  • Hypertension
  • Diseases of blood vessels and heart

What is the manufacturer and what are the mineral alkaline watersare in Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine?

Alkaline mineral waters of Russia

Mineral waters of Russia with a large intake of hydrocarbons:

  • Less - of chlorine and sodium "Essentuki 4" and "Essentuki 17"
  • Less - sulfates, sodium, calcium "Slavyanovskaya"( Stavropol Territory)
  • Less - sulfates,sodium, calcium with natural carbonic acid "Smirnovskaya"( Stavropol Territory)
  • Weak-alkaline "Swallow"( Primorsky Territory)
Alkaline mineral waters of Ukraine

Mineral waters of Ukraine with a large intake of hydrocarbons:

  • Less -
  • Less - sodium, boron, with natural carbonic acid "Polyana Kvasova"
  • Less - sodium, boron "Svalyava"
  • Less - of chlorine, sodium "Draghovskaya"

Mineral waters of Georgia with a large intake of hydrocarbons:

  • Less - sodium

Mineral waters of Azerbaijan with a large intake of hydrocarbons:

  • Less - sodium "Sirabskaya"
  • Less - of chlorine, sodium "Isti-Su"

Mineral waters of Moldova with a large intake of hydrocarbons:

  • Less - sodium( without gas) Korneshtskaya
Weakly alkaline mineral waters of Armenia

Weakly alkaline mineral waters of Armenia with hydrogenated hydrocarbons:

  • Less - sodium "Dilijan"
  • Less - chlorine, sodium "Arzni"
  • Less - sulfates, sodium, silicates"Jermuk"

Weakly alkaline mineral waters of Belarus with the capacity of hydrocarbonates:

  • Chloride with sodium "Minskaya", medical-dining room

So, now we know that some mineral diseases can be treated with mineral alkaline water,drink every day, but not for long - as a prophylactic measure.

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