Making hair volume at home

  • Shampoo and balm rinse
  • Styling products
  • Choice of haircut
  • Trimming of curls
  • Masking
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  • How to create a root volume - video
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Over time, even the most luxurious head of hair loses its splendor and looks not so, like before. And what about women, whose curls are by nature rare and thin? How to give the hair volume and make it look like there are more of them than there is in reality? About this and we will tell in our article.

What do not representatives of the beautiful half of humanity do to achieve the desired puffiness and density of hair, to which only tricks do not resort in an attempt to add the desired volume to the hairdo: they use special styling products, home and professional masks, increase and color hair.

Each of the means has not only advantages, but also drawbacks, the main of which is the short duration of the action. To curls look chic, you need to regularly carry out a full-fledged comprehensive care for them. Single events will be ineffective, soon the hair will again become lifeless and untrodden.

Many women try to solve this problem with a perm. However, experts do not recommend resorting to this method, since the procedure is far from harmless for the hairline, and chemistry is not available to every woman.

To give a radical volume to the hair, there are more effective and safe methods. A little more effort than usual - and the admiration of others around you is guaranteed!

Shampoo and balm rinse

Broken, lifeless hair must be treated and restored. When the curls are put in order, you can think about how to make them lush and dense.

For this purpose there are special shampoos on which "volume" is written, their action is directed to giving extra volume.
Shampoos, giving a splendor to ringlets, can be divided into two groups:
  1. Containing silicone. This substance envelops every hair with an invisible film from the root to the tip, due to which the curls become lush, dense and well-groomed. However, the action of this shampoo does not last long. In addition, the dust settles on the silicone, so you need to wash your head the next day. This is especially true for hair that is not particularly puffy and dense.
  2. Professional - with keratins and proteins.

    These substances are part of the structure of the hair. Such shampoos are much more expensive than usual, but their effect is more effective and long-lasting. Their advantage is that they do not contain surface-active substances, synthetic components and silicone( the labels contain the inscription "silikon free").Professional shampoos not only make the curls silky, strong and lush, but also heals them from the inside.

The result after washing with shampoo must be fixed with a balm-conditioner or conditioner from the same line. They are applied to the hair from the middle to the tips( you can not lubricate the roots, otherwise the hair will appear dirty).

For washing your head, you can not use hot water, as it not only dries and damages the hair, but also deprives them of the radical volume. The water should be slightly warm, this will prevent fragility of the curls, and also make them fluffy and shiny.

Styling products

To give volume to fine hair, many women use the means for styling: mousses, foams and gels.

Mousse, foam

For clean hair, apply a small amount of the product( depending on the length and thickness of the curls), rubbed into the roots and evenly distributed along the strands. During drying, the hair dryer needs to be lifted and moved, this manipulation will give them volume at the roots.

For styling short hair, experts recommend using a product that does not contain alcohol.

Gel of strong fixation

The gel has a more dense consistency than a light foam, so it needs very little, otherwise the hair will look untidy. This is especially important for women with thin hair, prone to fat.

The gel is rubbed in the palms of the hands and applied to clean damp hair. Fit hair in the usual way with a hair dryer.

Choosing a haircut

One of the ways to give your hair extra volume is a high-quality haircut. Women who can not boast of a hairy nature-inspired hair, it is better not to grow long hair to the waist. The best option is a medium-length haircut with a bang, for example, a torn or a bean.

Should be traced not less than once a month and a half, immediately getting rid of the tips of the tips. The shape of the stylish haircut will make the hair thicker and more inviting. It should be taken into account that, the longer the curls, the thinner they seem.

Stylists advise short hair lovers not to do radical haircuts: just like on long strands, the lack of volume on them will be especially noticeable. The optimal length is from the chin to the earlobes. It will be best to look a multistage haircut.

Changing the parting will make the hair more magnificent.

Extension of curls

This procedure is performed in salons and allows a woman to forget for a long time the lack of hair volume at the roots. Strands are selected by the color, structure, density of the hair. Own hair should be no shorter than 5 centimeters, otherwise accreted locks will not look natural.

For a three-dimensional hairdo, about 100 strands are required. The procedure is long, takes at least 4 hours.

Stretched strands can be painted, grinded, curled, laid in the usual way. Caring for them should be the same as for your hair.


The best way to add volume to your hair is to partially or completely meld strands.

One of the most popular types of dyeing today is American highlights. It gives hair shine and radiance, visually makes them dense and dense, gives a natural and well-groomed appearance. Used at least four shades of paint, so that the hair is like poured in the sun. Such melirovanie is more suitable for dark-haired girls, regardless of the length of their curls.

It is better not to test fate and not to do this procedure at home. It is much more reasonable to trust a specialist who will approach the process creatively.

Light-haired and fair-haired girls should choose their sparing coloring "mahimsh" better. The paint used in this version does not contain perhydrol and ammonia. Delicious golden shade is achieved due to the cream base with the addition of wax.


You can increase the volume of hair with the help of correctly laid laying.

  • To make your hair look lush, you need to use a warm, not hot, air dryer. The device is kept no closer than 15 centimeters to the hair. Otherwise, there is a risk of drying the curls and making them flat and dull.
  • Almost every hair dryer comes with a special nozzle - diffuser, which is a bell with numerous holes. The jet of air that the nozzle lets out is softer and more sparing, and the fingers on the surface of the diffuser lift the strands from the roots, making the hair fluffy and bulky.
  • Thin hair can be made wavy, this will give the hairdo an extra volume. At the same time it is advisable not to use a curling iron and forceps, so as not to burn the already weak curls, it is much safer to wind them on curlers.
  • On long hair, you can make a haircut, which will lift the strands from the roots, thereby giving them a volume. The disadvantage of this method is that the strands begin to get very confused and difficult to comb.

After laying your hair, you can lightly sprinkle with varnish to fix the result.

How to create a basal volume - video

Proper nutrition

Masks for the volume of hair, undoubtedly, revitalize the hair, but the biologically active substances contained therein do not penetrate to a depth sufficient to restore the cellular processes on which the density of the locks depends.

A more noticeable effect can be achieved through the organization of a full-fledged diet. The diet should be enriched with vitamins, trace elements, minerals and other substances necessary for normal functioning of the body, including for hair health.

The menu should be:

  • meat;
  • fish of marine varieties;
  • greens;
  • fruits and vegetables;Dairy products of
  • .

Refuse to have fatty, salty, smoked foods and alcoholic beverages.

If you adhere to the proper nutrition, the results will not slow down: the curls will become lush, shiny and silky.

Folk remedies

To make volume on hair help and home means which were used still by our grandmothers.


This product of natural origin renders a perfect effect on curls. With the help of henna, you can not only give your hair a beautiful rich color, but also strengthen them, make them shiny and healthy.

It is necessary to prepare a paste of 100 g of the preparation and warm water, stir until homogeneous and insist for 6 hours. Mix mass with any conditioner, apply to hair and leave for 30-40 minutes, then wash off, wash your hair with shampoo.

Beer without gas

This drink is also used for the volume and thickness of hair, and a small deposit, which after it remains on the strands, gives them extra splendor.

Open the jar of beer, wait a few hours until the gases come out. Rinse the hair with a drink after washing. It is better to use beer containing natural hops.

Apple vinegar and lemon juice

Excellent tool for creating a radical volume! The mixture gives a flat weakened hair shine and density. Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 table apple cider vinegar with a little water. After washing with shampoo and using the conditioner, rinse your head with a solution.


If, despite all the measures that are taken to create volume, the head of hearing remains weak and lifeless, perhaps, the body is eroding any disease from within. In this case, you need to immediately make an appointment with a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment after the examination.

Using all the tools in the complex, you can create a luxurious basal volume of hair.

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