How to make vertical strawberry beds. Many ways

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  • Pros of vertical beds
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  • How to make vertical beds for strawberries?
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  • Strawberries on a fence in plastic bottles - video
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  • Vertical beds for growing strawberries - video
  • Composition of soil and fertilizer for a vertical garden bed

Each grower, finding in a closet or barn severalunnecessary things, can increase your plot by a few square meters up. Consider the options for vertical beds for growing strawberries. They give an excellent opportunity to try yourself in the role of designer and make your own garden by yourself.

Pros of vertical beds

  • Practicality. You save a significant area of ​​land, which can be occupied by other cultures.
  • Cheapness. Material for vertical beds usually lies underfoot or has a low price in building stores.
  • Clean and healthy berry. Strawberries do not like water procedures, and in such beds roots will not gain excess moisture and berries will not become watery. Even if a downpour passes, the strawberry will remain clean.
  • Protection from birds. Since it is more difficult for birds to gain a foothold on the vertical, the fruits will be intact.
  • Protection against spring frosts. Planting can be done earlier, and do not worry that the young shoots will freeze, because above the earth the frost is not so terrible for planting. Wrap nonwovens such a garden easier.
  • Convenience in processing and collecting. The harvest will be almost under your nose, strawberries in vertical beds will not require long care, cutting off the mustache and gathering in an uncomfortable position.
  • Decorating your garden. Such designs are very aesthetic. Alternating them with floral vertical beds, it is possible to create the impression of a decorative garden. It looks great!

Where do I have vertical beds?

Strawberry is a thermophilic and light-loving culture. She responds with abundant fruit in several stages, if she grows in the right place and with careful care. Agrotechnics is easy if you approach the process with some knowledge.

Select the site where the beds will be lit by the morning sun. It is better if you install them in a well-lit area, where there are no buildings or large shrubs on the western and eastern sides giving a shadow.
  • The berry loves copious watering, but for it the stagnation of water is deadly, and the vertical design will protect the planting from soaking the roots. But you need to pay attention that your garden does not get excess water from the roof of the house or from other buildings.
  • Select the place where the structure can be fixed, if it is high enough.
  • It is possible to arrange vertical beds for strawberries in a greenhouse and receive a vitamin-rich harvest from the beginning of spring.

How to make vertical beds for strawberries?

Before going to the store for material, look around the house or at the cottage. While cleaning in the barn, you can find the remains of the building material that takes place, also look into the garage.

Old tires and metal sheets, leaky iron and plastic barrels, pipe sections for sewerage, gutters - all these unnecessary things can be an excellent tool for making vertical beds.

If you decide to make designs in large quantities or want more aesthetics, then go to the building materials market, it will not hit hard on your pocket.
Let's consider possible variants of vertical beds for a strawberry and for an objective estimation we will specify all pluses and minuses.

Examples of vertical beds of different materials

When selecting, try to take into account the conditions under which the root system will develop as comfortably as possible, as well as environmental friendliness of materials.

Strawberries in plastic bottles

So-called eggplants are the constant companions of human life. By accumulating the necessary number of them, you will create beautiful designs on the site.

Try to choose bottles of the same type and volume to create an aesthetically calibrated composition, otherwise it will look ridiculous or even miserable.
  1. Before draining strawberries into plastic bottles, make a drain. From the side where you planned the bottom, make thin holes. You can - with a heated nail, so that the hole had smooth edges and did not close. Pour a thin layer of small pebbles on the bottom, this will allow the fluid to flow off in sufficient quantity.
  2. The bottles should be lightened from the outside with light paint or laid from the inside with a non-woven material. This is necessary so that the root system does not warm up.
  3. Fill the bottles with soil and plant the seedlings. It is better to do it in cloudy weather or for a while to pritenyat landing. This will allow the strawberry to take root and it is easier to transfer the transplant.

This variant of the vertical bed can be placed on the wall of the house or on the fence from the sunny side.

Strawberry on a fence in plastic bottles - video

Growing strawberries in plastic bottles has its advantages: saving money and places. The disadvantages include excessive greenhouse effect, which occurs in plastic, which is undesirable for roots.

A strawberry flower bed made of

tires. You can find car tires from any car owner or pick them up at a tire fitting station. The convenience of this option is that the strawberry strawberry bed is constructed very simply.

  1. You just need to pick up tires of different sizes, to make one on top of another, get a pyramid. Alternatively, having combined tires of the same size with a pile, get a ready vertical bed.
  2. For the quality of this bed, you need to provide a watering system, so in addition to tires you will need a plastic tube with a diameter of 5-8 cm.
    In the tube you need to make holes about every 8-10 cm in staggered order. Step back from the bottom of 10 centimeters and make the first hole.
  3. Close the tube from the bottom and wrap it with a non-woven material so that it does not clog the ground.
  4. In the tires you need to pre-make holes on the side, where you will plant strawberries.
  5. Put the first tire on the selected place, set the prepared pipe vertically in the center and fill the tire with soil. Pour thoroughly with water and gently ground the soil.
  6. On top, put on the next tire and fill the ground again. Water each row. Do this with all the tires prepared.
  7. In the holes on the tires, plant strawberries, tightly pressing the roots.

Such a bed of strawberry tires is a durable construction. Its advantages: convenience of construction, cheapness. Cons: The dark rubber is much warmer and does not always look decent. And yet, the question of the ecological compatibility of these products is rather controversial.

Vertical bed of wooden or steel drums

Wood and iron are short-lived, but they win in terms of aesthetics. The construction of these materials will make it possible to obtain a full-fledged vitaminized product.

Wooden and iron barrels in which holes are made on the sides( and even small grooves are formed in metal ones) are excellent options for seedling. They can be made in the form of a pyramid, placing the smaller ones on larger ones. Such hills look on the site rather harmoniously.

growing strawberries in a wooden barrel

The advantages of the tree: it does not warm up, does not contain chemistry, it organically looks in the interior of the garden. Minus one: it will last no more than seven years.

Iron is also not always warmed up, but the problem with excessive heat can be solved by painting the barrel from the outside in white.

Pockets with plantings

Want your fence to be a work of art, pleasing the eye and making a difference? Make pockets on it! This option has only two minuses: fragility and disembarkation every season.

Having taken any material of the type of tarpaulin, opening and making pockets in the form of soft shelves, you can get the envy of all neighbors and a quite comfortable bed. Each pocket is filled with soil, plant a strawberry and pour.

Vertical strawberry beds made by yourself, will give you a lot of pleasure and ethical pleasure.

Watering will have to be done point-by-point - for each root, and for the winter, the roots are taken out, transferred to the basement or buried, and the suspension with pockets is washed and dried before storage.

Strawberry beds in PVC pipes

This method is used by farmers who grow strawberries year-round. He has established himself and is constantly improving.

  1. To carry out the plans, you need to buy PVC pipes: one should be a diameter of 15 cm, and the other will be internal, to water the entire planting system.
  2. The height of the pipes is up to two meters. This is an ideal option, so it will be convenient for you to water and harvest.
  3. In a large pipe, it is necessary to make a hole for planting, and in a small pipe - to deliver water to the roots of plants.
  4. Vertical beds of this type are better to place under a slight slope and make holes from three sides so that the shady( solid) side is from below.
  5. After fixing a large pipe with a hole, place a small tube in it and fill it with soil. Trame each layer and spill some water to fill the earth with voids. Securing your future bed, plant a strawberry in the holes.

This option is convenient for many reasons:

  • Light PVC pipes are not heated.
  • The material is durable and will last for many years.
  • Birds will not be able to catch on to it, and the harvest will be safe.
The design is easy to hide from frost, wrapping the outside with a non-woven covering material.
  • If there are cold winters in your region, you can put a pipe along with the seedlings in the autumn and, leaving it covered with non-woven material, leave it under the snow. And in the spring( after the snow has melted) to raise and, harboring, get an early harvest.

Cons of this method: it is not known what effect PVC has on plants. But you need not be afraid of plastic, many things have been made from this material that are in your house.

Mesh beds with strawberries, installed vertically

The method of installing such beds is accessible literally to everyone. Having a piece of iron or plastic grid of the Rabitz type is at hand, you can create a quite interesting ensemble in the style of the village. Ecological compatibility in this case is maximum, since natural materials will be used.

  1. You will need a grid with large cells, dry straw or sloping grass on the site. Hay after the trimmer will not work, because it is finely chopped. Scythe or sickle the grass - this is the best option.
  2. Fold the mesh so that you have a cylinder. Wire or clamps to fix the edges. Install the cylinder in the right place.
  3. Lay the first layer of hay from the inside, pressing it to the grid. In the middle, fill the earth. Pour water, pound. Gradually rise to the top. This is an option for a low-level design. Note that you will not be able to fill the grid if it is above your raised hand. Perhaps, having stuffed one cylinder, attach one more above with the same clamps.
  4. Note for yourself where you will have nests for planting strawberries, and in these cells, spread a little straw. In the resulting nests, make a landing.

Similar kind of beds look very interesting, the combination of greenery and red berries with golden straw looks very beautiful. This is a very cheap option, available to most, and because it does not require special tools.

Vertical beds for growing strawberries - video

Suspended cascading plantations from gutters gutter

Remaining after building gutters or sawn along the pipe - ideal for cascading beds.

Chutes, pre-muffling them on both sides and having made holes in them for drainage, can be placed by hanging one above the other or by installing in the form of a ladder. This design is easily disassembled and transferred to any place in the garden, as well as for winter storage in the underground.

It looks aesthetically pleasing. And if you alternate planting strawberries with flowers or greens, you get a very interesting composition.

Composition of soil and fertilizer for a vertical bed

Have you decided and chose your version or have you even found all the necessary material? Now you need to properly make up the soil for strawberries.

The optimal for growing strawberries are sandy or sandy loamy soils, which contain humus. It must be at least 3%.Since vertical beds are a man-made thing, you can fill them in your own discretion.

If you plan to plant in the spring, then from the summer, prepare the following:

  1. In the clearing, cut a few squares of the top layer of the earth - turf, about 5-8 cm, together with the grass.
  2. In the garden, place these squares in black garbage bags on top of each other.
  3. Tie up the bags and leave them for two months. All the seeds of the weeds die, and after sowing the earth will be sufficiently fertilized and saturated with oxygen.


  • In the summer, when the time for the formation of peduncles begins, feed your strawberry with the solution of the mullein.
  • Do not water it often during fruiting, otherwise the berries will be watery and not sweet.
  • Each landing method chosen by you or invented specifically for your garden will bear fruit. Just with love and care, treat the process, which will bring maximum pleasure.


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