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Chocolate wrap is a great way to fight against swelling and cellulite. In addition, this recipe is used for weight loss, since caffeine, which is present in the natural cocoa powder, stimulates the breakdown of fats. The main thing is to observe the energy balance in the body.

Also important is the unique texture and chocolate flavor of this wrapping agent. And if you have been on a diet for a long time and suffer from a lack of pleasant impressions, then chocolate stimulates the production of dopamine - the pleasure hormone. And positive emotions are guaranteed to you.

Chocolate wrap: effect

The effect of the chocolate wrap is that it creates a kind of drainage, which reduces the visible manifestations of cellulite.

This wrap is especially recommended for women who are prone to fluid retention and edema formation.

In addition, cocoa beans perfectly nourish the skin of the body, so the hips after a similar procedure look more attractive and smooth. But if you want to lose weight by using chocolate, then some wraps will not be enough. It will be necessary to connect diet and exercise.

Only in complex chocolate wraps will have a positive effect on your body. After all, a diet will help the body to break down fat reserves, and cocoa will improve the processes of blood circulation and removal of decay products from tissues. Physical exercise will make your skin more elastic and help get rid of fat.

Another advantage of chocolate wrapping is an easy analgesic effect. Therefore, a similar procedure is recommended after intensive training to eliminate muscle pain. After all, natural drainage substances of cocoa powder remove from the body not only the excess liquid, but also lactic acid, the accumulation of which creates painful sensations.

Chocolate wrap at home

There are those who believe that "purchased" cosmetics are more effective than domestic ones. But if we are talking about chocolate, then it is worth noting: the biological activity of freshly prepared gruel is higher in comparison with the extract that has undergone conservation.

Chocolate wraps should be done by a course, which includes 10-15 procedures. Then, to maintain the effect 1-2 times a week, one procedure is performed.

There are a lot of recipes that will help make chocolate wrapping at home.

You will need:

  • wide gauze bandage, which is sold in each pharmacy,
  • some food film( there is also a special film for wraps, but it costs more and is more difficult to find),
  • nonmetallic mixing tanks,
  • quiet, comfortablethe situation and the hour of free time.
Chocolate mixture is applied only on a clean body!

Classic chocolate wrap, recipe:

  1. Take 250 g of cocoa powder( without sugar), 200 ml of milk( fat content 2.5-8% - selected according to skin type: the fatter it is, the less fat content of milk you need).
  2. Mix cocoa with warm milk, then soak the mixture with bandages.
  3. Bandages need to be wound on the body, starting from the ankles and ending with the lower ribs.
  4. Then cover the bandages with film. Put warm pajamas on top. The wrapping procedure lasts from 20 to 40 minutes.
  5. After the mass is washed off in the shower.
How to make chocolate wrap at home - video:

Chocolate wrap: contraindications

- allergy to cocoa beans;

- pregnancy;

- the period of lactation;

- exacerbation of hypertension;

- poor heat tolerance;

- wounds, abrasions, cuts, burns on the body;

is a cold;

- diseases of the pelvic organs. Related Videos:

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Chocolate wrapping
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