Effective methods of improving eyesight by charging for the eyes

People face problems with eyesight at an early age. The reasons are different: heredity, working at the computer, weak blood vessels or the influence of the environment. Anyway, but do not give up. If the vision is lost less than 50%, then you can try to restore it and at home, without resorting to complex procedures, like surgery. There is a mass of effective techniques that have proven that it is in your hands to restore the vision of the home by charging.

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Using Avetisov's method

Avetisov's method is popular among those, who dreams of regaining vision without surgery. It is suitable for the prevention of various visual disorders and for its recovery. Useful for children and adults. Avetisov divided the exercises into 3 groups so that they were easy to navigate.

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The first group of exercises

It is aimed at improving blood circulation and increasing the tone of intraocular fluid. This group consists of 5 exercises:

  1. Close tight eyelids and stay in this position for 5 seconds. Then open your eyes for 5 seconds and do not blink. Repeat this exercise up to 10 times.
  2. Quickly blink. Do this for 15 seconds.
  3. Close your eyes for 5 seconds. Repeat blinking for 15 seconds. It is necessary to carry out this exercise until the moment you count 10 intervals for rest.
  4. Close eyelids. With your index finger, gently massage the pupils for 1 minute. Open your eyes for 5 seconds. Close and start self-massage again. Repeat 5 times.
  5. Close eyelids. Three fingers to press on the eyeballs. Light pressure should occur from 3 to 5 seconds. Repeat from 3 to 6 times.
  6. Place your index fingers on the brow ridges. Close eyes. Perform massaging movements on the brow in a few minutes. Repeat 6 times.
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The second group of exercises

These exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles.

  1. Slowly translate the view to the right, left, for a few minutes 8 times.
  2. Slowly look from the ceiling to the floor and back. Do not change the rotation of the head and its position. Do this exercise about 10 times.
  3. Slowly translate the view to the right, down, left, up and back. Run 8 times.
  4. Make lateral movements with pupils to the right, then to the left. Repeat 6 times.
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The third group of exercises

They are aimed at improving accommodation.

  1. Looking forward. At the same time, you need to hold your eyes up to 5 seconds. Then look at the finger of the right hand. The finger should slowly touch the tip of the nose and sink back. All this time it must accompany your view.
  2. The exercise is aimed at improving the sharpness of the image. For 10 seconds, carefully observe both eyes behind the index finger. At the same time, your hand should be stretched.
  3. Cover the left eye with your palm for a few seconds. A right eye to follow the finger. Repeat the opposite. The number of repetitions of each approach is 8 times.

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By Bates method

Ophthalmologist William Bates is the founder of gymnastics for the eyes. At one time, he proposed an innovative exercise system, which to this day helps people get rid of vision problems.

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  1. To look at a picture or letter that is at a convenient distance, at a considerable distance from you. Close your eyes and imagine the object under consideration. This exercise should be repeated from 5 to 10 times( charging for eyes with shortsightedness).
  2. Present a palette in which different colors are depicted. Blue and green, yellow, white, red and so on. In this case, the intensity and brightness of such colors should be maximum. Close your eyes and represent each color for no more than 2 seconds. Repeat this exercise takes about 10 minutes. You can mentally think about yourself, so as not to go astray( charging for eyes with glaucoma).
  3. The third exercise is memories. Bates believed in the connection between the psyche and the state of vision. Therefore, he does not advise starting to engage in exercise in a bad mood. Then it is better to skip the exercise altogether. And memories, as a rule, are good, relax a person, tones muscles, but vision improves. To perform the exercise, imagine a beautiful red flower. This will be object number 1. Next, start to present the details of this flower. For example, the stem, its shape, the shape of the leaves, the bends of the petals and so on. Imagine dew drops on leaves, insects, butterflies around the flower. Such an exercise can be performed for quite a long time. In this case, it does not cause eye strain( charging for the eyes with astigmatism).
  4. The exercise is performed using the Sivtsev table, which we are used to seeing in the offices of an ophthalmologist. It should hang at a distance of 3 to 5 meters. The room should be well lit. Read all the lines that you can distinguish. Look at the smallest letter that you can see. Close your eyes and try to remember this object. Then wide open your eyes again look at the letter. It should remain clear, and borders should not blur. Repeat this exercise 10 times( charging for the eyes with cataracts).
  5. This exercise is rightfully considered one of the best exercises for restoring vision. For him, you need to use the Sivtsev table. It is necessary to remember with closed eyes all the small black marks that have only been seen on the table. Starting with commas and ending with letters or numbers. In this case, you should first look at the large letter on the table, and then mentally reduce it to the minimum size. After completing the exercise, you need to look at the table. Small letters should become more understandable than before( charging for the muscles of the eyes).
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By Zhdanov's method

Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov was president of the international association of psychoanalysts and defended a thesis on the subject of myopia. Who does not know how to restore vision by various methods, including charging. Zhdanov does not offer any global new ideas, but only combined all the useful exercises for the eyes into one.

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Many say that Zhdanov combined the methods of famous scientists - Shichko and Bates. However, along with similar exercises, there are also his author's, innovative innovations.

The scientist advises to keep a diary of exercises, where it is necessary to reflect not only the time and duration of charging, but also each time to describe their feelings. Keeping a diary will help to regularly carry out this technique. Zhdanov says that 80% of patients already on day 7 can observe improvement. And some even refuse glasses at all.

Entries in the diary should be done before bedtime. In addition, in addition to the impressions of charging, it is worth writing and actions that need to be programmed. For example, "tomorrow I will do all the reports at work" or "tomorrow I will refuse glasses."

In addition to using the technique, Zhdanov insists on the need to use drugs that promote visual improvement, for example, Vitrum for improving immunity, vitamins based on blueberries, water extract of propolis.

How effective Zhdanov's method is unambiguously difficult to answer. Reviews are different. Zhdanov himself claims that his method is not an absolute guarantee of the return of vision. In many ways, the effect depends on how the external factors develop. For example, very much depends on the diagnosis. If only the function of the eye is broken, it means that this method can work positively. If there is a violation of the retina, the chances of restoring vision become minimal.

Before applying Zhdanov's method, it is recommended to visit the office of an ophthalmologist in order to establish the diagnosis accurately, as some confuse different spasms of the pupil with myopia.

The second important rule is systematic. If you exercise regularly, this programs the body for recovery. It also requires the desire to adhere to the method, that is, belief in it. Anxiety is a very important factor.

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Exercises of

First of all, you need to work with tables. For this, you need to have 2 paper tables on which the text should be written "to give people eyesight and the ability to correct many refraction anomalies and so on."The first table should look like the one used in the offices of an ophthalmologist to determine the severity of your vision. The first word should be written in large letters, in the lower font a little less and so on. Such a table is attached to the wall. The second table completely repeats the text and fonts first, however, half as much. Mounted on the wall next.

Before starting the exercises, you need to test your eyesight, standing at a distance of 2 meters. Then retreat for another 2 meters and check again. It is necessary to write off the indications for each table, alternately first with the right eye, then with the left eye. After the data is removed, you can proceed to the exercises.

In accordance with the following scheme, you should drive your eyes in the direction of the arrows, performing each exercise at least 10 times.

  1. Thumb. Squeeze the brush into a tight fist. To expose the thumb, as if you are showing a class. Slowly pull your arm forward. Look at your thumb several times. Then start slowly lifting your thumb to your face without taking your eyes off. Stop at a distance of about 10 centimeters from the face. Blink again. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Then, focus your eyes on objects that are farther than the arm's length.

  2. Rocking. Compress the palms into a fist. Pull out your index finger and keep it straight. Position the index finger at eye level. Start swinging the index finger from side to side, to the right and then to the left. Then slowly take your hand 20 centimeters to the right, returning to the starting position, and then to the left. Repeat this exercise 10 times, while keeping an eye on the pupils behind the movement of the index finger.
  3. If there is strabismus, exercises are needed to relax. The first of them is a pleasant memory. The basis of this exercise is palming. Think about the pleasant, smile, remember something that gives you joy. Feel how all the muscles relax. Now you can proceed to the next exercise.
  4. Move the eyebrows up and down until you feel the movement of the ears. Stop it. This exercise perfectly tones up the facial muscles.
  5. Do the gymnastics of the nose. First, massage it well, and then start drawing in the air simple shapes.
  6. Tightly fold the 2 palms together and rub against each other. Slightly spread them in the middle in such a way, as if you want to collect water in the palm of your hand. Close your eyes. Cover your eyes with your hands. Do not press on the eyeballs. Your nose should be placed between the palms of your hands. Try to make sure that the light to your eyes does not pass through your fingers. Slowly open, and then close your eyes. You should see only darkness before you.

  7. With astigmatism, which often accompanies myopia, it is also necessary to relax the muscles. This exercise should be done in the dark. Put on the table in a dark room a lamp, a glowing screen of a mobile phone or a candle. Look directly at the glow object. At the same time try to quickly turn your head to the right, then to the left. Do this about 20 times. When turning, do not look at the light source, but direct your eyes straight, following the turn of the head. By the end of the exercise, you should feel a little ripple in your eyes. This is normal. Then let your eyes relax and relax while doing the palm exercise.
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According to Norbekov's method

Norbekov is a scientist who devoted his career to improving vision. This is also aimed at his complex of health programs. The most important principle of his exercises is psychological emancipation from the thought that you are sick, weak, weak, insecure and can not achieve a result.

Norbekov believes that his comprehensive program is not so much curative as training. That the occurrence of pain, dependence on drugs, contact lenses, wearing glasses, an unpleasant sensation is nothing more than our inner mood and state of mind.

But Norbekov's method is based not only on canons of autosuggestion and other psychological influences. The complex of the proposed charge can be called physical, because it helps the muscles of the eye to train, strengthens the blood flow, which can have a beneficial effect on myopia. Also, people who suffer from myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can apply this method.

However, with glaucoma, cataracts, damage to the optic nerves or detachment of the retina, unfortunately, the Norbekov method will not be effective. But you can strengthen the muscles in order not to aggravate the situation.

The Norbekov exercises should be given about one hour of free time. Before the beginning of the gym it is better to relax, no one and nothing should distract you. Straighten your shoulders, be sure to straighten your back. You should be in a good mood. So, you will strengthen the flow of positive emotions.

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Exercises of

  1. Move eyeballs to the right and to the left. You need to do this at an average pace. Then move your eyes in a circle first to one, then to the other side. Each of the exercises must be performed 10 times for each side.
  2. Exercise for accommodation. Approach the windowpane. The sun should not strike the eye. Take any small sticker or postage stamp and paste just below eye level. Stand at a distance of 20-25 centimeters. Then alternately look at the sticker and on any object that is located outside the window, for example, a standing machine or a building. It is necessary to translate this view from a near object to a distant object 20 times in a row.
  3. Exercise to strengthen the oblique muscles of the eye is the tracking of the tip of the finger. First, it should slowly approach the nose, and then move away in a straight trajectory. In doing so, you should do this exercise as slowly as possible, then you will achieve a positive effect. It is also useful to look at your tip of the nose.
  4. Charging for pupils. Spread your fingers. Focus your eyes on your fingertips. Slowly bring the tips to the nose. Reduce and dilute your fingers, while with your eyes try to catch every finger you remove from both the right and left sides. Repeat 20 times.
  5. Close your eyes. Try to drive the pupils in the closed state, as if you are drawing a figure-eight. Repeat 10 times.
  6. Try to look to the right as far as possible in the eyes. Then to the left as far as possible. Repeat 10 times.
  7. Close your eyes. Present the numbers on the clock. Slowly look from one to another, stopping at each. Repeat 3 times.

Norbekov recommends repeating each exercise the number of times allocated, and a week after the complex is completed, the number of repetitions should be doubled. The most recent among the proposed exercises is the relaxation exercise. It is necessary to blink frequently and easily, and then to cover the eyes with the palms for a few seconds, creating darkness. At the same time, try to breathe evenly, imagine something pleasant.

Norbekov insists that the patient will never feel an improvement if his technique is not accompanied by a positive attitude, autosuggestion, and also auto-training. So be sure to choose a pleasant soothing music for classes.
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You should not engage in such gymnastics for the eyes of people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, mental disorders, epilepsy. With caution, you need to approach the charge of women in the situation and those who recently suffered a stroke or a heart attack. Before using this technique, you should consult your doctor.

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This is one of the most effective exercises, with little effort. Palming - a method of exercise, which aims to restore vision. Its founder is Bates.

It involves closing your eyes with your hands, so that they do not pass sunlight through them. You can do this by lying down and in a sitting position. You can close your eyes for half a minute, and you can also 5. All depends on your vision.

Palmning helps the eyeballs relax, gain strength, relieve tension. Palming should be performed before any complex exercises and immediately after them, as well as in breaks, when the eyes feel a strong tension.

This kind of time-out for the organs of vision will help to relax the eyes. Palming can be used as a charge for the eyes with hyperopia.

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  1. Remove glasses or contact lenses.
  2. Massage the area around the eyes.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Cover your eyes with slightly curved hands.
  5. Think of something bright and good.
  6. Start lightly pressing on the eyelids.
  7. Dream, because the psychological aspect is very important.
  8. Imagine the noise of a river.
  9. Slowly move your fingers out, letting sunlight in.
  10. Do not rush to open your eyes wide. Do this slowly and carefully so that there is no feeling of dizziness.
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Piracy glasses

The technique of "pirate glasses" is another innovation in ophthalmology. To perform it you will need glasses in which you are used to watching TV, work, read. Glue one glass in black. Within 30 minutes, use one eye, then change. This technique allows you to use all the muscles of the eyes, thereby training them and adjusting for recovery.

If you wear lenses - you can just cover one eye with a bandage.

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Morning charging

Charge for the eyes, as for the body, is useful. Immediately waking up from sleep, do not rush to get up. Stretch with your eyes closed. Do not immediately direct the eyes to bright sunlight. To do this, in the evening before going to sleep, curtain the windows.

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  1. Open your eyes firstly not much, look at the surrounding objects. Then open your eyes wider. But not for long. Close again. Open and close.
  2. To help the eyes wake up, you need to do a light massage. Start easily to massage your eyelids, gradually gently pressing on the eyeballs through the eyelids. Such an exercise should be done no more than 1 minute.
  3. Close your eyes and close your eyes and try to drive your pupils to the right, left, up and down until you feel tired.
  4. Carry out circular movements with pupils.
  5. Open your eyes. Do the same, peering into the surrounding environment.
  6. Perform the palming.
  7. After slowly take the sitting position, get used, and then get out of bed.
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Charge "White snow"

To perform this charging, you need to go online. The compiler of this technique suggests that people watch videos with assignments. Performing such tasks for 5 minutes helps to improve vision.

This method is based on pulsating tables. The author proposes alternately to find the numbers. The vibrations that occur during the pulsation of the image help to increase the blood flow in the pupil area, thereby strengthening the muscles.

Between the tables it is suggested to closely monitor the point by training the sharpness of the vision. The author suggests that such an exercise should be done on a course of 10-11 days in a row. Then you need to take a break 1 week and repeat the course.

Over time, the author of the technique proposes to increase the number of approaches per day up to 3 times. As noted by many, a positive effect can come, as after 3 procedures, and after a whole course. Some may not feel better after the first course, however, after the second or third time the patient feels the visible result.

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Charge when working with a computer on blimb.su

Those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, like the site blimb.su, which aims to unload the view during operation.

It is enough to go to the specified link blimb.su and press the "Start charging" button. First the site will offer the recommendations necessary for familiarization. Then it will be necessary to relax for 20 seconds. During this time you need to sit with your eyes closed and wait for the signal to sound. After the alert was sounded, you should move your eyes up and down for 20 seconds. The same should be done to the right and left.

The site blimb.su has about 15 different suggestions for unloading the eyesight, beginning with alternate flashing of eyes, the direction of vision from side to side, and ending with the movement of the pupils with closed eyelids and so on. Despite the fact that such charging is very simple in performance, it will give maximum positive effect, help to relax and keep your eyesight in a healthy state.

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