Eyebrow removal with wax

  • Preparation of eyebrows
  • Waxing
  • Hair removal
  • The final part

If you have very sensitive skin, an alternative to plucking your eyebrows can be wax depilation. Although this procedure is best done in the cabin, the price may seem high. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and have the courage, here are a few simple steps for carrying out the procedure yourself.

Preparing the eyebrows

With a child's toothbrush or a clean brush to apply mascara, comb the eyebrows so that their natural shape is clearly visible. Then apply some astringent, for example, witch hazel extract, for softening and anti-inflammatory effects on sensitive skin. Next, stand a few steps from the mirror and follow these steps:

Place the ruler at the level of the inner corner of the eye parallel to the nose to determine where the eyebrow should begin. If the eyes are closely planted, make the distance between the eyebrows wider. If, on the contrary, the eyes are too far apart, reduce the distance between the eyebrows. Mark the desired point with a marker.

To determine the highest point of the eyebrow bend, draw an imaginary line from the edge of the nostril through the outer edge of the iris of the eye to the eyebrow. Mark with a dot.

Finally, connect the points with a smooth line, representing in your understanding an ideal eyebrow slightly bent at the outer end.


Buy a professional kit for wax depilation - usually a tube or a wax can which is heated in boiling water and applied with a small applicator or spatula, and strips for hair removal( most often muslin).

Heat the wax to the optimum temperature and apply a thin layer of wax to the eyebrow hairs. Collect a trowel with a little wax so that it does not drip. Apply the wax on the hairs from the bottom of the eyebrow, ie.in the direction of hair growth. Do not apply a lot and do not let the wax get too cold.

Hair removal

It hurts, yes!

Never remove the hairs from the top of the eyebrow, only from below. Depilation under the eyebrow will make the eye visually larger and help make the line of the eyebrow more smooth. Once the wax is applied, remove the wax in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair. To do this, gently smooth the strip of fabric over the wax and pull with one hand a strip of fabric, the second hand holding the skin.

Remove the hairs gradually at a time, especially if your eyebrows are thick enough. You will be surprised at how much the thinness of the eyebrows changes the appearance.

The final part

The individual remaining hairs can easily be plucked with tweezers. After that, apply a balm on the skin, for example, on the basis of tea tree oil. Several hours after this, direct sunlight, acid-based products and make-up should be avoided.

To emphasize the new shape of the eyebrows, use a pencil for eyebrows or shadows. Do not be discouraged if you make a mistake, even if there are prollysins and gaps. Perfection comes with practice, and eyebrows will grow faster than you think!

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