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Backpack with a hard back and wide straps, which is often called a knapsack, is considered very convenient for carrying school supplies. Choose a quality backpack task is quite difficult, because today their range is simply huge. But if you approach the question correctly, you can solve it.

Backpacks today are not just for school. There are also such models, which are made in the form of animal-toys. Such handbags for sure will be liked by those who go to school very early.

Preschool children's backpacks toys

Cute soft beasts or cartoon characters, to which also straps are attached, play the role of not only an interesting toy, but also a comfortable backpack. To kids such handbags very much like, in fact in them it is possible to put down many useful things: favorite cars, felt-tip pens, coloring books and other interesting features!

Unique design, thanks to which in one product the convenient functional and a backpack-toy are combined, has firmly won the recognition and love of buyers. Children really like to play with such backpacks, besides, during the trip they can be useful - the child can put his personal belongings, books and toys into it.

The form and type of a backpack for a preschooler does not play as much a role as for a child who already goes to school. But the quality of the product is still worth paying attention to. It is better to choose a model from a well-known manufacturer - so you can be sure of the safety and quality of the materials that were used in the manufacture of the backpack. Backpacks-toys from popular manufacturing companies have a neat and attractive appearance, they are well-made and durable.

The toy backpack should, first of all, like its future owner. If you choose it for a gift, be sure to ask the kid what his favorite animated character or animal is. With a beautiful backpack the child will not part for a long time!

School backpacks for boys

Backpacks for the school should be selected carefully, because the knapsack should be comfortable and not harm the health of the child. If it is wrong to choose a backpack, it can ruin the posture and cause problems with the formation of the children's spine.

School backpacks for boys are distinguished by more reserved shades: gray, brown, blue, black, as well as strict forms and design. Some models of school knapsacks for junior schoolchildren can be decorated with images of cartoon characters, soccer balls and other colorful pictures. Boys who study in high school prefer backpacks without bright prints.

Backpack with an orthopedic back is considered the most optimal version of a backpack for a schoolboy. It holds well the form, it is convenient in use and is not capable to do much harm to health of a children's back. Also, when choosing a knapsack, it is important to consider factors such as its weight and the presence of reflective elements on it. The knapsack should not be very heavy, because it still needs to put books, notebooks, pens, pencils and much more. And if you also grab a dinner, then it will not be very heavy. Therefore, you should try to choose the most lightweight, but at the same time, sturdy product. The optimal weight of an empty backpack is less than 1 kg.

If you are looking for an especially active backpack for your active boy, choose the model whose enclosure will have reinforced corners. Such a backpack will serve your child for the whole academic year without any problems.

School backpacks for girls

The ideal school backpack for a girl should be not only high-quality, safe and reliable - above all, he should like it! The product of a durable, light and waterproof fabric is usually adorned with cute images of animals, dolls, butterflies, flowers, etc. The drawing should also be of high quality - do not wear off and do not wear out a few days after the start of operation. The form of the backpack is practically the same as the knapsack for the boy, some models have more rounded shapes.

When choosing a backpack, both for the girl and the boy, you need to make sure that it has comfortable and reliable lightning and locks. The child should open them without any effort. From the rain and snow, lightning and external pockets will reliably protect the special valves.

In the backpack there should be not only a convenient internal compartment, but also several external pockets. Inside there may be a couple of compartments and pockets, with which you can separate the textbooks from notebooks and albums. A lot of offices and pockets will help to correctly place in the bag all the necessary school supplies.

When choosing a knapsack for a child, it is better to give preference to an expensive and high-quality model than to save money first, and then in the middle of the school year, urgently seek a replacement for the ripped backpack.


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