Fashionable summer shoes

  • Sock, heel, outsole
  • Material, color, "chips"

A true lady always gives out high-quality and stylish footwear. No wonder they say that if you are not shod, then, consider that you are not dressed. Agreeing with this truism, there is nothing left to do but go to the store where fashionable summer shoes are sold. However, it is important to understand how it should look like, and then the smart sellers of that and look "podsunut" stale goods.

Sock, heel, outsole

If in the recent past the most accurate were round, small socks, then this summer everything changed radically. Again in the life of modern women came elegant shoes with a sharp socks, which visually thin the foot and gives it a special appeal.

Among the heels in summer in favor there is still a thin hairpin.

However, even ladies who prefer a more stable sole, have something to rejoice. Nobody canceled wide heels. Especially piquant and defiantly they will look together with a medium-thick platform.

However, the real favorite among the summer fashion shoes will be sandals and shoes with an open toe on the wedge. And the wedge can be the most bizarre shape: as if braided with a vegetable pattern, transparent with a neon glow or even made of a cork with a carved pattern.

Ladies, who prefer shoes at low speed, will like light leather sandals with intertwined straps and light, but at the same time very comfortable, ballet shoes. In general, as they say,. .. for every taste and color, there must be a suitable object.

Material, colors, "chips"

Still in the favor are natural materials. Leather, suede, textiles - that's all what the eminent designers have offered this summer. However, among them, among fashionable summer shoes, there are often models made of transparent artificial material. Of course, it looks extraordinarily stylish. But hardly suitable for everyday wear.

If we talk about the fashion trends in the colors of summer shoes, then the extraordinary popularity is won by geometric patterns and vegetable prints. And the strips, which so clearly echo the marine theme, are, as they say, at the peak of their celebrations. In this case they are placed not only on the upper part of the shoe, but also on the sole, and also on the heel.

Vegetable same patterns this summer should be small enough. And in general in modern fashion collections of footwear some careful drawing of small details is more often looked through. Because of this, each pair of shoes becomes like an expensive piece of art.

The color scheme, as in the summer clothes of this year, abounds in bright colors. However, along with them, the models, executed in pastel tones, still do not pass their positions. Also very relevant will be shoes with a metallic sheen, especially if you add a fashionable dress matching the color to the gold sandals.

However, whatever color you choose a fashionable summer footwear, the main thing is stylish "chips", which will give your legs a special attraction. And it's up to you to decide whether it's the newfangled interlacings of leather straps, neat anchors or massive buckles reminiscent of something far off the Middle Ages. Measure, choose, acquire and enjoy your beauty. And let the fashionable summer shoes help you to win as many admiring looks! Related Videos:

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