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  • Extended skirts-suns and their combinations with other clothes
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The skirts of various styles and colors have long become the basis of ladies' wardrobe. Choosing the model "sun", the girl should understand that such a thing is not combined with all the elements of the wardrobe, but it can advantageously emphasize the beauty of ladies' legs and all the dignity of the figure. How to combine and with what to wear a skirt-sun in everyday life? Read on.

Combinations with mini

For a start, it's worth to tell a little about the features of the style itself.

The skirt-sun usually has a length above the knee, but on fashionable catwalks you can meet and the styles are slightly longer, up to the knees.
Such a thing usually has a narrow waist and a wide hem. This skirt is suitable both for creating an official business bow and for completing a romantic image.

Short models, as mentioned above, are much more common. In 2017, fashion designers suggest combining them with romantic and elegant images, complementing the fashionable top with frivolous blouses. With what else you can wear a skirt-sun:

  1. With shortened tops, emphasizing a beautiful waistline.
  2. With elegant and sexy body that optimally emphasizes the beauty of the figure.
  3. With a variety of T-shirts, tucked into a skirt.

The most important thing is to achieve the right color combination:

  • The black skirt can be easily added to the formal-business bow by adding a loose-fitting blouse with a short or long sleeves. You can also combine these clothes with a variety of shirts.
  • If we have a bright model, for example, in red, then it can be easily entered into the impudent, youthful bow. To do this, it is sufficient to complement the clothes with a shortened top of a contrasting color( for example, black or white).To make the image look extremely stylish, a girl can choose low shoes or men's shoes as shoes.

The main advantage of such a short skirt is that it looks great both with shoes on the heel, and with sports shoes and sneakers. Therefore, using a skirt in different styles, a girl can look every day differently, thus expressing her mood.

By the way, if the thing itself has a very short length, it should not be combined with sandals and high-heeled shoes, as the whole appearance as a whole can acquire an excessively vulgar appearance.

Elongated skirts-suns and their combinations with other clothes

As modern fashion is multifaceted and multifaceted, designers try to introduce more and more original styles. For example, skirts with a length of midi that have a "sun" style are very popular. This model is suitable for both ladies and hoodies, favorably harmonizes with a romantic and elegant way. Combine a similar thing with the following top options:

  • with a variety of sweatshirts and half-slippers;
  • with cro-tops, playing on a combination of a long bottom and a short top;
  • with free style t-shirts, tucked into a skirt;
  • with a variety of blouses and shirts.

Skirts with a high waist, having an average length, can be advantageously combined with a variety of shortened tops. This image will look sexy and reserved at the same time. If the girl decides to supplement the face with beautiful sandals with a medium-sized heel, then her bow will turn out to be completely inimitable.

The main advantage of such an elongated thing is that it looks both elegant and sexy.
That's why a young girl, and a lady of age, adoring classic style can safely use a skirt. Complemented with a blouse with long sleeves, such a thing will look restrained, but beautiful.
  • When choosing a similar model, you should not be afraid of experimenting with color. Now very popular skirts with a variety of bizarre prints. Such clothes of blue, green and red color will be beneficial to look at the lady who loves to stand out from the crowd.
  • This kind of skirt can have an original asymmetric cut, as a result of which the legs of the girl will be as open as possible, but the bow as a whole will not be vulgar. You can combine such clothes with light, flying blouses without sleeves and voluminous tops. Supplement the model can shoes with heels or sandals on a flat sole.

Leather models and their place in the wardrobe

Leather clothes are very popular with ordinary girls and fashion designers. At first glance, this thing looks too aggressive, but in fact, the skirt-sun from the skin can be both classically elegant, and youth-bold. It all depends on the nuances of its combination with other clothes.

  1. So, for example, if a girl wants to fit a black leather model into the official bow, it is enough for her to choose a simple white blouse of free cut for her. It will be interesting to look and white shirts without drawings, playing in contrast with a dense and extravagant bottom. Supplement the business bow by using sandals with a medium-sized heel.
  2. If the girl is interested in a more youth style, then you can supplement the leather model with a simple gray t-shirt and low shoes. The image will appear simple and bright at the same time, corresponding to the existing fashion trends.
  3. If a lady is not afraid to look extravagant, she can supplement a dark leather skirt with a red body or a jacket with an animal print. Looks like this image is sometimes too vulgar, and therefore the lady should not be complemented with ankle boots or high-heeled shoes. To balance the sexuality of his bow, a lady should choose either ballet shoes or boots without a heel.
  4. Surprisingly, such clothes can easily be adapted to the evening image. To do this, the leather skirt style "sun" of medium length should be combined with elegant blouses that have a long sleeve. To make the image look even brighter, the lady can complement his tie and shoes with high heels.
  5. It is worth refraining from using such a skirt in combination with leather tops. A great love of leather materials can turn into a fatal mistake for a lady, making her everyday bow too flashy and provocative.

A similar skirt can have both an ultrashort length and fall below the knee. It's great if a lady chooses a model with an overstated waist, since such styles are now very popular. If the thing has a high waist, dropping just below the knee, the legs of the girl will visually appear longer, which will noticeably enhance her everyday bow.

Combination of a skirt-sun with outer clothing

Modern fashionistas try to avoid stereotypes, so any thing from a light material can become the basis of the winter image. Skirts-sun, made of leather, and altogether long ago migrated to autumn and winter bows. However, creating a similar image, it is important to think not only the combination with blouses and blouses, but also harmony with outer clothing.

With what short and long skirts-the sun look especially interesting in the winter? Pay attention to the following tips:

  1. A variety of leather jackets can easily supplement the image with such a skirt, making it even more interesting.
  2. A medium-length coat will also fit well with a similar thing.
  3. Short jackets and cloaks will allow to create an organic image with a skirt, not overloaded with details.

In fact, the skirt-sun looks great with many variants of outerwear, but there are some exceptions:

  • So, for example, things of this style do not look too good with fashionable oversize jackets or blowing down jackets.
  • You do not need to complement the image with a coat in the style of "with a man's shoulder", because a womanly skirt with such outer clothing will look extremely ridiculous.
  • If a lady prefers a fashion model made of leather, then it is worthwhile to carefully consider the image with a jacket of the same material. If the lady does not achieve the optimal combination of textures and forms, her image will seem too aggressive and overloaded with details.

Excellent clothes look like this and with a variety of jackets. Here, a girl can safely play with flowers, betting on a combination of absolutely different in style. So, for example, a frivolous skirt-sun in a cage will be perfectly in harmony with a voluminous jacket in a strip, without making the bow as a whole too bright or vulgar.

The skirt-sun is perfectly combined with accessories, it looks almost with any blouses and blouses, but many ladies have problems with its organic use in an everyday wardrobe. That's why before going out on the newly assembled set, the girl should carefully examine it, identifying possible shortcomings of its bow.


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