How to bring down the temperature in an adult

A rise in body temperature, or hyperthermia, is a protective reaction of the immune system to changes that occur in the human body. Already in the 19th century, doctors were fully convinced that due to the increase in body temperature, the patient recovered faster and the risk of complications decreased. Many doctors even artificially raised the body temperature to patients for the treatment of diseases. After the discovery by pharmacists in 1897 of the formula of aspirin and its unique antipyretic properties, the situation with the treatment of hyperthermia cardinally changed. Producers of aspirin actively advertised their own miracle drug, which caused people a real temperature phobia, which continues to the present day. With a slight discomfort, people tend to quickly knock down the temperature, without even thinking about the fact that they risk their own health.

  • Causes of temperature increase
  • What temperature can be brought down
  • Physical methods
  • Medications
  • Folk remedies

Causes of temperature increase

Doctors claim that the body temperature of a person can increase due to factors that are absolutely not related to the development of diseases. These factors include the following human conditions:

  • process of food digestion;
  • Nerve Overvoltage;
  • strong physical activity;
  • period of ovulation in women;
  • consumption of alcoholic and hot drinks.

Hyperthermia is also a symptom of many diseases:

  • inflammation of the respiratory tract;
  • poisoning with poisonous or toxic compounds;
  • violations of internal organs;
  • infectious diseases.
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What temperature can be brought down

If you, an adult, have a fever, do not rush to take antipyretics. Give the immune system the ability to fight the infection on its own. By knocking down the temperature, you create favorable conditions for spreading the infection through the body, and doom yourself to taking antibiotics and developing complications. Doctors recommend not to bring down the temperature of the body, which is at a level below 38.5 ° C.

If the patient's condition does not improve, and the mark on the thermometer approaches the figure of 39 ° C, it is necessary to normalize body temperature with the help of medicinal, physical or folk remedies. The temperature of 40.5 ° C in the patient is a serious reason for calling the ambulance brigade at home.

The above recommendations refer to relatively healthy people for whom chronic diseases are not characteristic. Some patients physiologically do not tolerate hyperthermia. They begin to have cramps and frequent fainting. Such patients are recommended to reduce body temperature at 37.5 ° C.

Pregnant women also need to be cautious about hyperthermia, which can harm a future baby. The high temperature of the mother's body disrupts the embryonic development of the child, and in the late stages of pregnancy, it can provoke premature birth. Future mothers should not be allowed to raise body temperature above 38 ° C.

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Physical methods

To reduce body temperature, it is recommended to use physical methods based on activating the heat transfer process of the body. Let's consider them in more details:

  1. Wipe the body with water. For this procedure, water of room temperature is used, in which it is possible to pre-dilute vodka in a ratio of 1: 1 or a solution of 6% vinegar in a ratio of 1: 5.In the process of wiping the body with a soft sponge, special attention should be paid to the wrists, the neck area, and also to the joints of the legs and hands. After wiping the body temperature will decrease by 2 degrees, and the general condition of the patient will improve.
  2. Cooling compresses. This physical method will help the patient to get rid of headaches and reduce the temperature of his body by several degrees. For compresses used cold water without the addition of vinegar and vodka. The napkin should be moistened in water and put on the forehead of the patient.
  3. Cool cleansing enema. Water is used to perform this procedure, the temperature of which is 15-20 ° C, and a standard 1.5 m Esmarch mug. If you use warm water for enema, it will actively absorb the walls of the intestine and will not have antipyretic effect. Cleansing enema will remove from the body toxic compounds and normalize body temperature.
  4. Applying ice. Prepare ice cubes and fold them into a plastic bag. Then apply the package with ice through a towel or cotton napkin to the forehead, into the armpit, inguinal folds and popliteal fossa. The duration of this procedure is 5 minutes.
  5. Plentiful drink. With hyperthermia, an abundant drink in combination with other physical methods will help to cope with dehydration of the body, stabilize the general condition of the patient and remove toxins. Drink water is recommended in small sips, so as not to induce vomiting reflex. For the drinking regime, you can prepare warm antipyretic drinks: juice from citrus fruits, broth of wild rose, cranberry juice, a drink made from currants or gooseberries.

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The main advantages of physical methods of lowering the temperature are the absence of negative drug effects on the patient's body and the possibility of repeated repetition of antipyretic procedures.

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For the regulation of high body temperature, a variety of medications are used, which are divided into the following groups:

  1. Medications for the treatment of the underlying disease - antibiotics, hormones, vascular drugs. These medicines are prescribed only by the doctor after diagnosis of the patient.
  2. Medications that act in the human body at the center of thermoregulation. This group includes antipyretic drugs: paracetamol, fervex, nurofen, teraflu and other nonsteroidal preparations with anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Medications that help improve the patient's condition - antispasmodics and antihistamines.

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If you choose an antipyretic drug on your own, give preference to one-component medicines that are made on the basis of paracetamol: panadol, efferalgan. Do not use analgesia or acetylsalicylic acid for hyperthermia. These drugs are characterized by the presence of side effects, which disrupt the work of organs and body systems.

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Folk remedies

To combat hyperthermia, various folk remedies are recommended:

  1. Sweatshops and drinks. For their preparation, medicinal herbs, berries with a high percentage of vitamin C and honey are used. The best antipyretic effect is with tea with chamomile and lemon, tea with tansy, a drink of cranberries and cowberries, rose hips, tea with kalina, broth of elderberry.
  2. Lime color. To prepare a fever-reducing infusion, take 20 g of dry lime-colored and pour it with boiling water of 200 ml. Lime blossom should be infused for at least 20 minutes. The obtained infusion should be filtered. In the finished drink, you can add a tablespoon of natural honey. After taking the drink, the patient will begin a strong sweating, and the heat will begin to drop.
  3. Apple cider vinegar. This product is used for the procedure of wiping a patient with a high temperature. To prepare the solution, dilute in 500 ml of cool water 20 ml of 9% apple cider vinegar.
  4. Raw potatoes and apple cider vinegar. Compress of these products will help to knock down heat faster. For its preparation, grind two raw potatoes and add to the resulting mass of 20 ml of vinegar from apples. Then put the resulting mixture on a piece of gauze and put on the forehead to the patient. Compress can not be removed for two hours.

After lowering body temperature, you should always consult a doctor for further medical care.


If I have a fever, I take paracetamol usual in tablets. It happens that it does not help. Then mefenamic acid comes to the rescue. A very strong drug that costs a penny. Applying a damp cool towel also works well. Of the tastes like lime. Each organism requires an individual approach and it is important to find its own method to combat the temperature

. Reply

I vote for folk remedies: tea with honey or raspberry jam helps to lower the temperature perfectly. Tablets - this is in case of emergency, if over 38 passes. I think that the less chemistry - the better: the body will cope with low temperature, he just needs a little help in this.

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