15 fashionable images with denim shorts for 2016

  • Shapes, colors and decor
  • Image with white denim shorts
  • Image with stylish black shorts
  • Image with blue shorts
  • Image with elongated shorts
  • Summer exit in bright denim shorts
  • For an evening walk along the embankment
  • To create a romantic mood
  • Imagewith jeans shorts with a fringe
  • An image with shorts for a pregnant woman
  • An image with denim shorts in a strip
  • A non-standard solution with ultra short shorts
  • An image in the eastm style
  • In the style of American cowboys
  • Image with torn shorts
  • Exit in shorts with threads
  • Spectacular denim shorts with their own hands
  • How to make fashionable shorts - video

Look fashionable, stylish and sexy in 2017 will help denim shorts. They occupy the leading lines in the fashionable hit parade of the most popular, convenient, practical outfits for girls. Such clothes are perfect for walking, relaxing by the sea, active way of life.

For any occasion, you can pick up a suitable model, effectively combined with outfits and accessories. Designers identified 15 original images with fashionable denim shorts for 2017god.

Shapes, colors and decor

Denim shorts do not cease to please the female half of humanity with a variety of shapes, shades, additional elements. Designers offer to wear knee-length models, short and ultra-short products. These are tight or loose models with an overstated or understated waistline.

In the new fashion season of spring-summer 2017, it's worth paying attention to the decorative design of such outfits. Thanks to the endless imagination of the couturier, the novelties look bright and effective.

  • Some brands presented models with sequins, sequins, embroideries, contrasting with the color of the product.
  • Other designers demonstrated products with fringe, hanging threads, holes, the effect of rubbing.
  • But more attention deserves combined products. Designers managed to harmoniously combine delicate lace, leather and denim. This combination is especially interesting on ultrashort models with slots.
  • Women's fashion denim shorts are presented with zippers, buttons, with unusual pockets, funny drawings. The palette of colors of such outfits differs in shades of blue, gray, white, and also green, blue, beige.

Denim shorts are the perfect outfit for displaying beautiful tanned legs. Therefore, beauties with a slender figure should buy more than one pair of stylish models. Such a solution will help to look bright and unique every day.

All kinds of T-shirts, blouses, jackets, tops, as well as accessories: hats, caps, glasses, jewelry and shoes of any style are suitable for denim products.

Image with white denim shorts

On a sunny day, you can choose a stylish white product with a mint gradient and compose a gentle bow.

  1. On top put on a gray-colored shirt, which reflects the mint freshness of denim.
  2. Shoes in white sneakers.
  3. Choose a colorful cloth mint bag.
  4. Sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat of light shades will not interfere.

In this garment you can go for a walk or to friends.

Image with stylish black shorts

You can go out into nature in stylish black shorts.

  1. Pick up a soft raspberry sweatshirt, transparent raincoat.
  2. On the legs wear rubber varnish boots of black color.
  3. Addition to the image will be a multi-colored scarf and elongated gloves of the same color.

image with blue shorts

To go shopping or meet friends in a cafe, it is enough to create a universal bow.

  1. To blue denim shorts with an overstated waistline, a light blouse with a tranquil ornament is selected.
  2. As light shoes choose light slips, the tone of which coincides with the color of the backpack.
  3. Finish the image will help large round glasses and straw hat, Fedor.

The image with elongated shorts

The model with knee-length is relevant for city life, if you make a bow correctly.

  1. Choose a knitted blouse of orange hue.
  2. The legs are laced with coffee-colored lace boots.
  3. An excellent addition will be a long voluminous scarf of light chocolate color. A large bag is pushed toward it, in a tone suitable for a scarf.

Summer outfit in bright denim shorts

A bright image of a hot summer is created with the help of ultrashort products of the Bilberry Morse shade.

  1. Top with an "alcoholic" shirt of a light gray hue.
  2. Choose rough shoes.
  3. The image is complemented with a leather bracelet, riveted. Use banners, watches of bright shade.

For an evening walk along the waterfront

A denim model with a contrast gradient coloring will be the highlight of the image.

  1. Pick up a T-shirt, featuring bright sketches. Over put on warmed windbreaker from denim, coinciding in tone with color shorts.
  2. The blue suede espadrilles are worn on their feet.
  3. A good addition will be a bright belt.

To create a romantic mood

Elongated models of blue denim will help create a gentle bow.

  1. Top with white sweatshirt, light raincoat, endowed with a cusp of dark blue.
  2. On the feet of fashionable colored sneakers.
  3. Bag is chosen denim blue.
  4. The head is beautifully decorated with a multi-colored hair bandage.

An image with denim shorts with fringe

You can create a bright and stylish bow that has absorbed several fashion trends at the same time.

  1. Choose a black and white raincoat in a horizontal strip, a white blouse, the sleeves of which are decorated with pea print.
  2. Black and white monochrome is diluted with pink pions on sneakers. The shoes are trimmed in the form of a hemp tow.

An image with shorts for a pregnant woman

Choosing comfortable models of blue denim denim will help create an interesting bow to a pregnant woman. The model is knee-length.

  1. To the elongated denim shorts will fit a free blue blouse in ethnic style.
  2. Shoes are chosen at low speed. It can be ballet shoes made of denim.
  3. The bag is selected in large sizes. Welcome a white and blue combination.
  4. A nice handkerchief on shoulders and sunglasses will do.

The image with jeans shorts in strip

Thanks to its extravagance, the model in a vertical strip will help in creating a summer light image.

  1. Top presented with a blue shirt, devoid of collar.
  2. The set is picked up with sandals on a high wedge, a satin scarf.

Non-standard solution with ultrashort shorts

Stand out from the crowd the girl will help a formidable image in shades of black.

  1. Top with a black sweatshirt with a background ornament blending with a background, a black vest with a fringe.
  2. Suitable black leather sandals with high heels.
  3. Bag is selected necessarily from black leather.

The image in oriental style

It is possible to look bright and attractive with the help of jeans models with multi-colored embroidery, appliques.

  1. To bright shorts a white top and a jacket with floral print, a picture of birds of paradise, are selected.
  2. For convenience, single-color perforated slippers made of soft leather are suitable.
  3. The handbag can be small in size, suitable for shorts.

In the style of American cowboys

Look like an American style stylishly help elongated blue denim shorts with lapels.

  1. Put on a checkered "farmer" shirt, denim short jacket.
  2. Cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat will complement the provincial image.

Image with torn shorts

Thanks to the elongated denim products with holes, you can create an attractive image and go for a walk around the city, the beach.

  1. Choose the top and cardigan lemon-mustard colors, which is very fashionable in 2017.
  2. Choose a comfortable moccasins of golden hue.
  3. The kit is complemented by a large light-weight white hat, dark glasses, a colorful yellow-and-white combination.

Exit in shorts with threads

You can go shopping in blue-tinted products with protruding threads.

  1. The top is represented by a black light blouse with a three-quarter sleeve.
  2. The length of the legs is emphasized by high-heeled shoes.
  3. Complete the image of a massive bag and big glasses.

Spectacular denim shorts with their own hands

Fashionable denim shorts 2017may help the girls create their images. To every day look different, you must have in your wardrobe a few shorts of denim. How to get extra bright and stylish models without extra costs? It's simple, enough of old jeans to make fashionable shorts!

You can make shorts yourself if you use old worn jeans. To obtain a fashionable product you need the following tools:

  • centimeter tape;
  • chalk for measuring;
  • sharp big scissors;
  • decorative ornaments: beads, rhinestones.

The order of self-manufacturing of fashionable denim shorts

  • It is required to determine the length of the future model.
  • Before cutting off the leg, the following should be considered: the length of the rear panel should be longer than the front one by one centimeter.
  • Wear jeans and, standing in front of the mirror, denote the chalk cut places.
  • Remove jeans, cut the fabric in the area below the designated mark by a few centimeters. If the future model should be endowed with a fringe, then measure the line 1 cm below the desired one. If you want to get a product with lapels, then make a cut below the designated mark by 7 cm.
  • Denim shorts are almost ready, it remains to decorate them with fashionable decor with metal accessories, beads, lace and leather inserts. You can independently make cuts on the model with scissors. In the lower part, protruding threads are left. The choice of decor remains with the mistress of the trendy outfit. Just do not forget that the finished product is not hemmed in the lower parts. Here's how from jeans you can make fashion shorts, which will be in a single copy.

How to make fashionable shorts - video

Fashion designers give ladies a wide range of products. This allows you to experiment with fashionable jeans shorts in 2017, create unique images. Thanks to this opportunity, each girl will be able to buy a favorite model or make her own shorts from old jeans.

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