Compote of dried fruits: benefit or harm, composition, vitamins, calories. Is it possible to drink compote from dried fruits to nursing mother, pregnant woman, child from what age?

A compote of dried fruits can be safely called the most winter drink. Yes, tea and coffee lovers will argue with this. But, it is unlikely to give up such a tasty drink just when its benefits are invaluable. During the winter lack of vitamins.


  • Compote of dried fruits: benefit or harm composition, vitamins
  • Is it possible to compote of dried fruits with gastritis, stomach ulcer?
  • You can drink compote from dried fruits with diabetes?
  • You can drink compote from dried fruits in pancreatitis?
  • You can drink compote from dried fruits nursing mom?
  • Compote of dried fruits from what age can children?
  • Is it possible to compote of dried fruits to a monthly child
  • A compote of dried fruits strengthens or weakens?
  • Is it possible to compote of dried fruits for constipation?
  • Is it possible to compote of dried fruits for diarrhea to a child and an adult?
  • Compote from dried fruits with rotavirus
  • Is it possible to poison a compote from dried fruits?
  • Compote from dried fruits for weight loss on a fasting day, on a diet
  • Compote from dried fruits after surgery
  • Allergy to compote from dried fruits in a child and infants: symptoms
  • Caloric content of compote from dried fruits with sugar and sugar-free
  • How much is preserved compote from dried fruits in the refrigerator?
  • Video. Dried fruits are good and bad. Compote from dried fruits

Compote from dried fruits: benefit or harm composition, vitamins

The drink, which is prepared from harvested apples, rose hips, pears, raisins, prunes and other berries and fruits, has a high biological value. Compote can improve immunity, improve digestion and strengthen the cardiovascular system. And this is only part of the benefit of this valuable drink.

Since compote can be prepared on the basis of various components, its usefulness also changes. If the basis of this drink is rose hips, then this compote can become a source of valuable vitamin C. This vitamin is involved in many metabolic processes and helps the immune system with microbes and viruses. What is especially valuable in the period of high risk of respiratory diseases.

The compote of dried fruits is also rich in potassium salts. They help improve the work of the heart. And magnesium, which is also rich in compote, is involved in the formation of red blood cells. Therefore, with anemia or low hemoglobin, a compote of dried fruits is also useful. For people with the above problems, the compote of raisins and dried apricots is especially valuable.

Contains compote and another very useful for human health component - pectin. It can remove excess cholesterol, heavy metals and toxins from the body. Useful in this regard, compote of prunes. It is also recommended for constipation, hemorrhoids and poisonings.

But, indisputably, the most popular compote is a drink made from apples and pears harvested for the winter. In apples are many useful for the body flavonoids. These compounds play an exceptional role in the fight against cancer cells.

Jug with compote

With regard to the pear, it includes a lot of vegetable fiber, which helps improve digestion, the removal of body decay products and other harmful compounds.

Of course, not deprived of compote and flaws. The main harm of this drink is that its components can cause a strong allergic reaction. Therefore, before drinking compote it is important to check its composition and identify those products for which a person may have an individual intolerance.

Is it possible to compote of dried fruits with gastritis, stomach ulcer?

This drink should not be consumed with gastritis and stomach ulcer. People with such a problem need to abandon such a drink that contains currants, dogrose and other berries and fruits with a high content of ascorbic acid.

In case of kidney failure compote is also contraindicated.

You can drink compote from dried fruits with diabetes?

In case of diabetes, the patient should monitor his diet, compiled by the attending physician. With this disease, you can eat only the compote, which is made from berries and fruits, with a minimum amount of sugar. For diabetics, you can advise compote of prunes, apples, currants and pears( not sweet varieties).And from compote of bananas, pineapples and cherries should be discarded.

In small quantities, people with the problem of diabetes, you can eat compote from dates, dried apricots and dried melon.

To increase the benefits of compote in diabetes can be with such medicinal herbs as thyme and mint. Also in the drink you can add currant and strawberry leaves.

You can drink compote from dried fruits in pancreatitis?

There are several stages in a disease like pancreatitis. At the initial stage of this disease, berries and fruits must be discarded. If the disease is not accompanied by an emetic reflex, then you can include in your diet a weak compote from the dog rose. You can use this drink two or three times a day for half a glass. When cooking such a drink, sugar can not be added.

When pancreatitis is a risk, sour and unripe fruit and berries are delivered. They increase the acidity of the stomach and can provoke an acute form of the disease. Therefore, when pancreatitis is prohibited compote of sour apples, cherries, lemon, currants and cranberries.

Also it is not necessary to use and strongly sweet drinks and compotes from the tinned fruits. When the disease recedes into your diet you can include compote of non-acidic apples and pears.

For pancreatitis, the following compote is useful:

  1. Pour dried apples, pears, prunes, dried apricots and dried apricots( 50 g each) into the pan
  2. Fill the dried fruit with water( 2 liters 300 ml) and cover a small amount of sugar
  3. Cook compote for half an hour periodicallystirring the contents of the pan
  4. Remove the pan from the plate and leave the compote to infuse
  5. When the temperature of the drink becomes 13-14 degrees it can be consumed as food

You can drink compote from the dried fruit nursing mom?

Pregnancy period is not only a joyful, but also a responsible event. A future mother should control her diet so as not to damage her health and the health of her baby. Therefore, a woman in such a situation should monitor her diet and eat only useful foods. One such product is dried fruit.

The compote of their dried fruits is very useful in pregnancy

As we have already found out, dried fruits contain a large number of compounds useful for the body. But, in addition, the composition of dried apples, pears, plums and other berries and fruits, includes various amino acids that are useful for a child's future. Also, the future mother needs to know that in some dried fruits there is a lot of fructose, with the help of which it is possible to quench cravings for "sweets", which often appears during pregnancy.

A compote made from raisins can saturate the body of a future mother with B vitamins. Popular compote from dates is a source of protein, and with the help of a drink from prunes you can not only clean the intestines, but also prevent beriberi.

Pregnant women to consume dried fruit compote is not only possible, but also necessary. But, the future mother can not exceed the norm of 100 grams of dried fruits per day. They can be used as a finished product, and in the composition of healthy drinks.

IMPORTANT: Compotes from dried fruits can become during pregnancy the best substitutes for harmful carbonated drinks, coffee and juices with a high sugar content. Especially useful compotes in the first trimester of pregnancy. They will not only serve as a source of nutrients, but they can save future mother from toxicosis.

When pregnant, almost all dried fruits are useful. The only thing that the future mother should watch is the amount of sugar. Before preparing compote, dried fruits should be soaked for 2-3 hours.

Compote of dried fruits from which age can children?

Specialists of the Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS recommends that compotes be included in the child's diet from the age of three months. But, before entering such drinks, the mother should consult a pediatrician and get approval from him. In addition, you need to monitor the reaction of the baby to a new product.

The first month after the introduction of compotes in the diet of the child, you need to cook them only from one product and at the same time monitor the reaction of the baby. Then you need to brew compote from another product and again monitor the child's condition.

When cooking compote for the baby, it is important to boil the dried fruit for at least 25-30 minutes. In this case, it is advisable to choose such dried fruits in which sugar should not be added. If the finished compote seems sour, then you can add a little fructose.

Compote of apples for the baby:

  • Washes 5-6 times the dried fruits
  • Water in the saucepan is brought to the boil
  • Pour the dried apples into it and cook for 25 minutes.

When cooking this compote on 2 parts of water, you need to take one part of the dried fruit.

IMPORTANT: If you use purchased dried fruits to prepare your compote for your child, be sure to check them for dye. The dried fruits themselves should not have a bright color. And water when soaked should not be painted.

Is it possible to compote of dried fruits to a monthly child

As you can see from the previous paragraph, compote of dried fruits is better to include in complementary foods from 3 months of age. The child must be refused before reaching this age.

A child drinks from a bottle

A compote of dried fruits strengthens or weakens?

A compote of dried fruits can both strengthen and weaken. It all depends on what components are included in its composition. The compote can be fortified if it is made of:

  • Ajva
  • Chokeberry
  • Blueberries
  • Raisins
  • Some sorts of apples

Weak can compote from:

  • Dried apricots
  • Prunes
  • Cherries

Can compote from dried fruits with constipation?

For the treatment of constipation, you can use compote of prunes and dried apricots. These dried fruits have the property of cleaning the intestines and will be a salvation for all who have problems with water retention in the intestine. In addition to the means of constipation, such compotes help to remove slag from the body and saturate it with useful substances.

Prune is a great helper for constipation

Prepared compote of prunes and dried apricots as follows:

  1. Put the dried fruits in a colander and wash them several times under flowing warm water
  2. Then leave the excess liquid drained
  3. Pour the water into the pot and add the sugar
  4. Warm the water, mix itand wait until the sugar dissolves
  5. Bring to a boil and fall asleep prunes
  6. Cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat
  7. Then fall asleep dried apricots and cook compote for 5 more minutes

For constipation, such a drink needs to be replacedthread of tea or coffee.

Is it possible to compote of dried fruits for diarrhea to a child and an adult?

In case of diarrhea, compote can be an excellent way to solve this problem. If you are suffering from diarrhea, then prepare a compote of raisins. To do this:

  1. Rinsing raisins( 150 g) under water and pouring boiling water
  2. To enhance the effect of raisins, you can add grated carrots
  3. Water is brought to a boil and cooked for 15 minutes.

This amount of 80 grams must be taken every 4 hours until the symptoms disappear completelydiarrhea.

Compote from dried fruits with rotavirus

Rotavirus infection manifests itself as cold symptoms( at the beginning of the disease) and vomiting and diarrhea( at the end).Since there is no treatment for rotavirus aimed at suppressing the causative agent of this disease, doctors prescribe medications to patients that are acting to reduce the symptoms of this disease. In addition, with a rotavirus it is important to follow a certain diet. The purpose of which is to help the body's immune system cope with the problem.

With rotavirus, you can consume easily digestible food. From drinks it can include such compotes, which have an astringent effect. Compotes that have this effect will help saturate the body with useful trace elements and liquid.

Especially useful in this state are compotes made of blueberries, raspberries and dogrose. You can use dried fruit. With the exception of prunes and dried apricots.

Is it possible to poison a compote from dried fruits?

When poisoning is necessary to ensure the patient sparing diet and plenty of drinking. With the help of such a diet, you can cope with the dehydration of the body and remove harmful compounds, which are the cause of poisoning.

After carrying out the necessary actions to prevent dangerous consequences of poisoning, the patient can drink water without gas or compote from dried fruits. He can eat a compote of apples and raisins. And from dried fruits, which have a laxative effect, you need to refuse.

Compote from dried fruits for weight loss on a fasting day, on the diet

During the fasting days, it is allowed to eat extremely few products that are easily absorbed by the body. One such product may be dried fruits. From them you can prepare compotes. But, to enhance the effect, dried fruits can simply be soiled with boiling water and consumed during this time.

Diet on dried fruits

Unloading days on dried fruits have the following advantages:

  • It is possible to reduce excess weight( when a limited quantity of products is received, the body will start processing fat stores)
  • Detoxifying and slagging
  • Providing the body with rest from daily processing of large amounts of food

Also to benefitsUnloading days on dried fruits include the training of willpower.

To carry out such a day off, you need:

  1. Take dried fruits( apples, prunes, dried apricots, raisins, figs, etc.) in quantities of 500 g
  2. You can add nuts( 100 g) to them
  3. Ingredients should be mixed, pour boiling water and leaveat night

In the morning we divide steamed dried fruits into 10 parts and eat them at regular intervals.

Compote from dried fruits after operation

After the operation, compote is not only possible, but it also needs to be eaten. Of course, it all depends on what kind of surgery the patient has suffered. And already on the basis of this, the treating doctor appoints a diet. Most dried fruits are a source of useful and important substances for the weakened organism. Drink from the dried fruits after the operation will restore strength and bring blood levels back to normal.

Allergy to compote from dried fruits in baby and infants: symptoms of

A small dose of compote can be included in the diet of crumbs from 3 months of age. But, the regular reception of compote is allowed to the infant from the age of 6.As we found out, this drink is incredibly useful. But it does not suit all children. Some of them may have an allergy to foods from which the compote is prepared. Having got into the body of a child with this drink, they can cause a "protest" of the immune system of the child, which can result in the appearance of diarrhea, allergic rashes and more serious consequences.

Babe drinks compote
  • In order to minimize the risk of allergies, it is necessary to prepare compote for babies from dried fruits grown at the birthplace of crumbs. It is very good in the diet of an infant child compote of dried apples. If your baby experiences problems with bowel movement, then include in his diet compote of prunes. This drink is especially useful for a child who is fed not with breast milk, but with an artificial mixture.
  • In addition to diarrhea and rashes, symptoms of allergy to compote can be profuse sweating, itching, the appearance of crusts on the head. Also, a common symptom of the above problem is the appearance of a common cold. With a severe allergic reaction, the child may have fever, nausea and vomiting.
  • In order to reduce the risk of a severe allergic reaction, at first it is necessary to dilute compote with water, gradually increasing the concentration of the drink. Thanks to this method, the child's digestive system can better adapt to new products.
  • First time crumbs you can give a drink from dry apples. Then, when boiling, add a small amount of pears to the compote, gradually equalizing these ingredients.
  • The next drink can be a compote made of prunes. It can be given to a child two weeks after getting to know the apple compote.

Closer to the year the child can be given compote of raisins, dried apricots and other ingredients.

IMPORTANT: Prepare compote for babies at the rate of 100 g of dried fruits per 1 liter of water. Dry fruits should be rinsed thoroughly. Then pour water and leave for 15 minutes. And after that the compote can be cooked.

The daily norm of compote from dried fruits in the baby should not exceed 180 ml.

Caloric content of dried fruit compote with sugar and sugar-free

A dried fruit compote is a delicious and healthy drink that is present in the gastronomic culture of almost all European countries. But, people inclined to fullness or just those who follow their diet, often wonder: "How many calories in this drink?".Since compote can be prepared with or without sugar, the calorie content of this drink can be different.

  • Compote without sugar has a caloric value - 20 kcal per 100 g
  • Compote with sugar( 80 grams per liter of water) has a caloric value - 41.3 kcal per 100 g

You also need to know that different dried fruits have different calories. Therefore, this indicator of compote will vary due to the predominance of the mixture for its preparation of certain ingredients.

How much is preserved compote from dried fruits in the refrigerator?

A compote of dried fruits can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. But, most of all, this drink is immediately after preparation. If you do not have time to use it during this time, then you must boil this drink. The more the compote costs, the more harmful compounds appear in the body. Boiling kills all harmful compounds, but also reduces the benefits of this drink. So try to use it in the first day after cooking.

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