How to correctly and quickly provide first aid in case of a sunstroke

As soon as summer comes, people rush to the beaches - the sun, water, shish kebabs and other joys attract, cloud the mind and make one forget about one of the most common summer dangers - solar or thermal shock. In order not to cloud your vacation, before the start of the beach season, it is worth to refresh your knowledge about the symptoms of sunstroke and first aid, which must be provided to the victim.


The impact of sunstroke is a particular case of heat stroke due to exposuredirect sunlight. Thermal shock is a broader concept, it can occur both in hot weather on the street, and at elevated temperature in transport, plant shop, bathhouse and so on. It is more difficult to diagnose and treat it, but the heat stroke rarely turns into a severe degree of defeat. Sunny stroke is much more dangerous and can lead to the most unpleasant consequences, including a variety of disabilities and even death.

Characterized by such processes:

  • the acquisition of excess heat by the human body, as a result of which the body ceases to cool it properly;
  • violation of sweating and blood circulation( vessels dilate, "stagnation" of blood in the brain occurs);
  • accumulation in tissues of free radicals.
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Signs of

The most important thing is to determine in time the signs of a sunstroke and to give the first help directly on the spot, without waiting for the doctors to arrive. Very often frightened friends are lost and start to panic, and in fact just timely rendering of the first medical aid is capable not only to keep human health, but, quite possibly, to save his life.

How can we understand that there was a sunstroke?

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Easy degree of defeat

  • Sudden headache;
  • severe weakness of the body;
  • dryness of mucous membranes;
  • causeless increase in heart rate;
  • dilated pupils.

These symptoms can pass by themselves, without outside help, the main thing is to notice them in time and hide in the shade, without letting the defeat grow into a more severe degree.

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Average degree of defeat

To the above attributes of easy degree are added:

  • uncertainty of movements and coordination disorder;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • bleeding from the nose;
  • possibility of short-term fainting.

In these cases, it will be difficult to cope on its own, therefore it is necessary to provide first aid to those who suffered from sunstroke. Particular attention should be paid to people of advanced age, as well as to those suffering from hypertension, diabetes and overweight - in these diseases, the risk of complications increases at times.

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Severe degree of defeat

  • Temperature rises to 40-42 degrees;
  • pressure drops sharply;
  • the heart rate increases;
  • the patient may fall into a sudden arousal, accompanied by convulsions, hallucinations and delirium, or - even worse - into a coma.

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What to do for first aid

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  • In short, first aid with a sunstroke( and the most effective one) is to quickly take the patient from a sunny place, hide it in the shade, or even better, into a cool, well ventilated room. Ideal room with air conditioning and night curtains;
  • must call an ambulance, explaining in detail the dispatcher the cause and symptoms of the ailment. Studies have shown that it is precisely the medical care provided in the first hour that helps to avoid irreversible processes that can affect the central nervous system and lead to disability or death;
  • the injured person to lay strictly on his back on a flat surface and be sure to release the body from anything that can crush and pull - to dissolve the hair, unbutton the buttons and cuffs on the shirt, untie the knot of the tie, relax the belt of trousers;
  • also during the first aid should always lift the victim's legs above the body. For these purposes, anything you like - folded four times a blanket, a bag, a bottle with a soft drink;
  • must be drunk with unsweetened tea or simply with cool water. The more the patient drinks, the better, this will help to avoid dehydration. But do not try to fill the lack of fluid in the body with beer or any other low-alcohol drinks - this will only spoil the situation, adding to all the symptoms and toxic complications;
  • the body affected by overheating needs to be cooled. You can periodically wipe it with a cloth dampened in cool water, on the forehead it is desirable to put a wet towel. If there is a fan or something that can be used as a fan, it's wonderful;
  • if a victim of sunstroke loses consciousness, it is worth giving him to inhale a couple of ammonia.
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After all these steps, it remains only to wait for the arrival of a doctor who will provide medical assistance to the victim.

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To children

First aid for children is almost the same as for adults. The child should also be hidden in the shade, completely undressed and wrapped in a wet sheet, give a drink of cool water.

But the baby must have a mom. It is better to sit with him, hold him by the handle and talk - so the child will be less frightened, which means that the risk of complications caused by a nervous condition will decrease. Antipyretic agents should not be given, since the mechanism of raising the temperature during a sunstroke differs from the mechanism of raising the temperature for the same cold. And in case of sunstroke, medicines will only go to the detriment, as they will create an additional burden on the liver.

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Warning measures

  • The simplest and at the same time the most effective method of preventing solar or thermal shock is, of course, wearing a headdress. It can be anything - a hat, bandana, panama, most importantly, do not forget to cover something with your head, going out into the street under the direct influence of the sun's rays;
  • try to wear light clothes made from natural fabrics, do not restrain movement and do not interfere with the ventilation of the body, do not forget about sunglasses;
  • do not eat anything fat, give preference to fruits and vegetable salads with easy dressing;
  • if possible, do not go out into the street, especially in the open area, during the most active sun( from 12 to 16 hours);
  • do not allow dehydration, drink as much liquid as possible, while avoiding hot tea, carbonated and caffeinated drinks - they only increase the water deficit in the body. Use alcohol completely;
  • take a cool or contrast shower several times a day;
  • make it a rule to carefully monitor the temperature of your body and at the first symptoms of ailment take all the necessary measures yourself, or consult a doctor.
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If you take care of your own health and observe all the precautions, then you can enjoy the charms of summer to the full extent, without fear of heat or sunstroke. All in your hands!

  • May 09, 2018
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