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Despite the emergence of new fashion trends, naturalness is always popular. Many women want to have natural shades of hair and skin, but at the same time look impressive. Modern stylists provide such an opportunity. It will help effective hair coloring, which makes the strands shiny, bright and at the same time natural. More on this in the article.

What is the bronze

It is a technique of multistage staining. Doing this at home is not easy, so the procedure is carried out by specialists. The process somewhat resembles melioration, but as a result, the strands acquire a natural natural tone with several shimmering overflows.

Bronzing involves a combination of black, brown, light tones. The master selects the most appropriate shade, which will be advantageous to contrast or emphasize the natural color of the head of hear. This takes into account the characteristics of the person. Correctly chosen coloring allows to hide shortcomings and emphasize advantages. For example, the glare on the hair near the face distracts attention from a large nose or ugly mouth.

Especially effective looks at the bronning of girls with blond hair. It emphasizes their natural beauty.

Sometimes the confusion is confused with meling and coloring. The latter procedure combines techniques that give the image brightness. Hair looks bright, they are full of color. Usually the wizard uses several shades of color palette.

The peculiarity of the bronzing is the giving of the hairiness to naturalness and naturalness. The color of the hair is not striking, but looks unusually and restrained.

Technique is similar and with highlights, although in fact the difference is big.

During melioration, the master works with individual strands, discoloring them. This gives contrast to the entire hairstyle. Bringing does not require such aggressive technique. It is only necessary to choose the right palette, which will differ from the main shade by 2-3 tones.

Another difference of the armor is the work with locks not from the roots, but somewhere from the middle of the hair. This allows you to achieve the desired effect.


Now this procedure has become so popular that some of its forms have appeared.

  1. The classic way. The technique is carried out in two approaches. First apply melirovanie. Then a few days later they start another method: they color the hairs with a special brush. Light paint is used here. To make classical bronzing on light-brown hair, you should take ashy, golden, beige tones. Also look good chocolate and honey colors. If the shades seem too cold, it's worth taking a pearly color that will make the image warmer.
  2. Zone. In this case, the master only works with the upper part of the hair, and the lower one does not touch at all, or brings to the maximum natural shade. Usually in the upper zone is a deepening of the color.
  3. Give a light shade. Usually so light brown hair is awarded - give them a light light tone. This method is great for blondes or young ladies with light-brown hair. The peculiarity of the technique is the use of cold and warm light tones that help create spectacular overflows. This technique allows not only to play with color. Correctly executed bronzing makes the head of hair more dense and shiny. Strands like saturated with light light reflections. This method is chosen by young girls.
  4. Technology ombre. Bringing with the effect of ombre became very popular in 2016.Here skills and knowledge are needed, since it is necessary to make a smooth transition from the dark root zone to the rest of the strands.
    Ombre can be made for dark hair and cascading hairstyles. In this case, you can choose more daring shades.
  5. The effect of "SUPER NATURE".To make the image even more natural and natural, you should use the special technique "SUPER NATURE".To do this, take a few shades of the same tone, which will be painted dark strands. This will help create a natural overflow on the hair. You can take walnut, chestnut, honey color.

Who is suitable for booking?

This procedure is great for light-blond girls or blondes. You can make a bronze on short, and long hair. However, on an even and long head of hair, flicker and glare will be more noticeable. It is not recommended to do the procedure on curly locks or hair with a chemical wave. It will not give the desired effect.

In this case, it is necessary to choose the right colors for coloring. That's why it's better to entrust this business to a professional. The wizard will easily determine the color type, depending on which color will be selected.

For example, girls with fair skin, bright eyes are more suitable coffee, golden, wheat, honey hues. They will underscore the natural beauty.

Such tones help create sun glare on your hair. In hot, warm weather, this will be especially noticeable. If the girl has a color-type winter or autumn, the master selects cold shades: mother-of-pearl, pearl, ashy. This palette allows the hair to glow beautifully in the sun.

How to make bronzing on light brown hair?

At home, it's easiest to make a bronze on brown hair. There is no need to have serious skills, but you should correctly choose the color palette. Choosing colors is not difficult: you need to take three shades that will successfully combine with each other and be within three neighboring tones.

You can get blonde hair with a bright blond or other tones from the same palette. The instruction below will help correctly implement the technique of bronzing:

  1. First, the hair should be divided into working areas. This includes 2 side zones, 1 on the back of the head, 1 on the vertex and bangs.
  2. First they paint strands on the back of the head. The procedure is carried out by two approaches: two colors are carried out. From the roots you need to retreat 3-4 cm and dye the strand in the darkest of the selected shades. From the ends it is necessary to retreat 5-6 cm. The ends should be treated in a lighter tone.
  3. The same melirovanie hold on the sides and parietal parts. It is necessary to focus on the description in paragraph 2.
  4. Near the face, individual strands should be clarified.
  5. After performing the usual melirovaniya you need to go to a technique called "peynting".It will not cause difficulties: you just need to dye loose strands, while not observing strict order.

If you have confidence in your abilities, you can try to make a bronzing yourself. But it's better to contact a specialist: only an experienced master can make beautiful overflows, transitions and drawings on his head.

If you want to try your hand, you should first read the video. There, the masters detail all the steps and allow you to get the desired effect at home.

Technique for short and long hair is almost the same. Here is the sequence of works in the cabin:

  1. Master necessarily shampoo the client's head, although there is an opinion that it's worse to paint on clean hair.
  2. If necessary, correct the length. Why is this done? The right haircut will help emphasize the beauty of the technique of bronzing.
  3. The color composition is applied to the hair. It all depends on the technique chosen. For example, the classical procedure allows you to do everything for two approaches, but the ombre will take more time.
  4. The master leaves the paint on the hair for 40-50 minutes. Everything depends on the initial shade and the desired result.
  5. Then the head needs to be washed again.

After the bronzing, stylists are advised to do hair lamination. This procedure increases the effect. Thanks to lamination, transitions and overflows last longer on the hair.

Many girls are interested in hair care after the procedure. There is nothing complicated, it is necessary to adhere to the same recommendations as after the usual staining. For example, do not dry the strands with a hair dryer, expose them to high temperatures. Nutritional balsams, masks, serums are useful.

Bronzing hair( video)

Advantages and disadvantages of

Brond allows you to add hair expressiveness, make them more natural, lively, attractive. This technique gives the hair and the whole image of youthfulness. With the help of bronzing you can get rid of early gray hair.

Girls with long hair will be delighted! It is necessary to choose the right colors for coloring. For example, blonde girls are better to use warm soft shades. The advantage of bronzing is that you do not have to watch it.

You do not need to constantly mask and adjust the overgrown roots. They just make the image spectacular and charming. If you choose the right shades, you can look really fresh and natural.

When should I go to the salon? If you do not have confidence in your abilities, you can not find or determine a color type, you should take the help of a master. And if you want to make an easy armoring, which will not be very prominent on the hair, you can try to do everything yourself. But first you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions for staining, otherwise there is a risk of harming your hair.

What are the disadvantages of technology?

It can not be done for very short haircuts. In this case, the staining will be useless, because on short hair, spectacular overflows are almost invisible.

It is not necessary to do a bronzing on the hair that has recently suffered a perm or was heavily colored. Usually, after such procedures, the head of hearing is very weak, so you must first strengthen it. When the hair is fully restored, you can safely move on to the technique of bronze.

How much is it?

If you want to get the desired effect, it's worth to fork out and choose a good master. How expensive will the procedure be? The average price is 800 rubles. There are salons where they make a reservation and for 2000 rubles. But usually in this case the master uses additional techniques. Or he immediately takes care of colored hair.

How to make at home?

The following tips will help to color the bronze at home:

  1. First you need to pick up the paint and carefully read the instructions. Usually the head is not needed to wash, but many modern compounds are applied only to clean hair. It is necessary to clarify this point before staining.
  2. It is advisable to use a bathing cap. You can wrap your head with foil. During the process, separate strands are taken on which the paint is applied.
  3. You need to keep track of the time, specifically about this written in the instructions. It is better not to keep paint longer on the head, otherwise the shade will turn out completely different. At the end of the period, the composition should be washed off and processed with hair balm.

Reviews show that many girls are satisfied with the procedure. It allows you to revitalize your hair, make it brighter, shiny. Flickering glare beautifully poured into the sun, which is so important in spring and summer. But do not forget to properly care for the hair: use balsams and serums, masks and nutritious shampoos. Then the bronzing will last a long time.

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