Often faced with commercials on TV, colorful booklets and posters in pharmacy kiosks, it is possible to come to the conclusion that plant pastilles "Doctor MOM" occupy the very first place in the list of medications for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

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    Doctor Mom pastilles composition

    Doctor Mom pastilles composition

    The Dr. MOM contains the effective natural ingredients

    Plant lollipops Doctor MOM in its complex contain activeextracts of oils and medicinal plants. The centuries-old experience in homeopathy confirms their positive impact on health.

    Manufacture of medicines of this brand occurs in India, famous for its respectful attitude to nature and the use of its forces in the treatment of various diseases. And although the price is somewhat higher in comparison with competitors, the effectiveness and naturalness of the composition justifies this.

    pastilles doctor mom instructions for use The composition of plant lozenges includes the following components:

    • dry extracts;
    • levomentola;
    • sucrose and dextrose liquid;
    • of glycerol;
    • monohydrate;
    • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
    • propyl parahydroxybenzoate;
    • of mint flavor.

    Depending on the taste of pastilles, which are pineapple, orange, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, fruit and berry add natural flavor and color.

    Features of the application

    pastilles doctor mom instructions for use

    Lozenges Dr. MOM are sold in pharmacies without a prescription and at an affordable price.

    . Instructions that must be included in each certified cardboard pack of lozenges recommend slowly loosening the lozenges if you feel a sore throat, pain, dryness and cough. The maximum daily dose of troches is ten pieces.

    To ease the condition, you need to take the lozenge after two hours, especially if the patient suffers from professional laryngitis.

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    How to use the cough syrup for children Dr. Mom, you can learn from the article.

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    Since "Doctor MOM" pastilles are dispensed in a pharmacy without a prescription, it is recommended not to abuse their use, and to acquire with the following diseases:

    • chronic or acute pharyngitis;
    • laryngitis;
    • tracheitis;
    • bronchitis;
    • for diseases of the respiratory tract with difficulties in sputum discharge and coughing.

    The drug can help with mechanical irritation of the throat( mucous membrane), eliminates the symptoms of micro-inflammation. Effective with pneumonia, but exclusively in combination with prescribed medicines.

    Pregnancy and children - limitations

    is it possible for pregnant women to sleep with a doctor? By analogy with most medications, the "MOM" pastilles are not recommended for use during pregnancy. Flavors, preservatives and colorants are unlikely to benefit the fetus, given that the body gets into the body with food. It is not necessary to increase the amount of negative harmful substances in the body of a future mother, giving preference to folk natural remedies for the treatment of sore throat. Instead of pastilles, you can use a safer cough syrup of Alteika.

    The instruction does not recommend buying vegetative pastilles for children, limiting the age of application to adulthood. It is obvious that the producer is reinsured by such a high age threshold, and it is obvious that the trout will not harm teenagers. For very young children, it is better to use the popular cough recipes for children.

    The main frightening factor is the rather large size of the lozenge, which the child can swallow completely without being able to fully rassosat. In this case, it is desirable to replace the tablets with a syrup with similar properties in order to avoid suffocation and other troubles.

    Obvious contraindications

    It will be more expedient to refuse the use of plant lollipops "Doctor MOM", if you feel additional inflammation, burning sensation on the body, you will see a rash( the so-called urticaria) on the body. Probably, to you the above-stated structure does not approach, as on the face signs of a medicinal allergy are shown.

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    Since the maximum number of lozenges per day is the number ten, the help in throat softening can in parallel render a warmdrinking or gargling with usual warm water.

    Price category

    plant lozenges from cough doctor mom instructions In its category, Drugs of the "Doctor MOM" series refer to more expensive medicines. This is because the plant lozenges are manufactured in India and include natural, environmentally friendly components of the .

    1. Depending on the location of the pharmacy, packing of plant pastilles is within ninety - one hundred and twenty rubles. For example, in an online pharmacy the cost is 98-100 ruble depending on the taste of the lozenges;
    2. In Kaliningrad: 91-98 rubles, depending on taste;
    3. In Moscow, the price is about one hundred rubles;
    4. In St. Petersburg - 103 rubles;
    5. In Yekaterinburg - 110-115 rubles.

    Customer Reviews

    Dr. Mom Cough lozenges reviews Ekaterina, Kirov : "As a high school teacher, my voice machine is very important to me. Very often for the lesson the children are breathing in the classroom, after which it is necessary to open the window for ventilation at a change. Constant opening of doors provokes a draft, and I feel cold symptoms on myself quite often. Therefore, in the bedside table, I always have the pastilles "Doctor MOM", which I quietly dissolve before the beginning of the lesson. They really always help, and the lesson can be held at a high level, without coughing and persecution of .I recommend to everyone".

    Alisa, Moscow : "I'm a tour guide on a pleasure boat in Moscow. Every day at work I have to tell tourists about the sights of the White-stone. My voice is a kind of visiting card, and I can not afford to be hoarse. Unfortunately, the weather in Moscow is often windy, especially near the water, so colds are a real scourge of my profession. In my purse I always have candy "Doctor MOM" with citrus taste. As soon as I notice the first signs of a cold, I immediately take candy, and literally in the shortest possible time again I can conduct an excursion. Possessing an antipyretic agent, this drug allows me to protect myself from the complex course of the cold. "


    Video will tell you how to make effective pastilles for coughing at home:

    In conclusion, it should be noted that the plant components of the Dr. Mohm release have a huge number of pluses and allow you to choose everything you need with quality treatment. It is very useful to use ointments, various lollipops and syrups as a preventive measure.