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Every woman dreams of being the best, beautiful and desired. To achieve these goals, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity resort to different ways to change the appearance for the better. But no matter how elegant the girl looked, if her hands can not be called impeccable, there can be no question of a harmonious image. With a shortage of time, false nails are the best option for creating a beautiful and stylish manicure.

Pros and cons of false nails

Tipsu still prefer girls who love to change their appearance and surprise others. For a quick change of design in manicure takes, as a rule, a lot of time, and for a woman who fully mastered the skill of sticking tipsov, this will take no more than 10 minutes.

Besides, not all ladies are imbued with the fashionable direction of nail extensions. And the point here is not only the difference in prices( build-up is an expensive procedure).Simply, many girls are sure that two evils need to choose a smaller one, because after removing acrylic or gel covering, nails often need serious restorative therapy.

But in order to quickly put your hands in order, for example, before the solemn event, it is better to find ways than the unprofitable marigolds. They have a lot of advantages, here are the main ones:

  1. Using tiposov does not harm nail plates, unlike build-up.
  2. Legs can easily be shaped and shaped using nail clippers and saws.
  3. Artificial nail plates can be either transparent or have a certain shade: milky, pink or light beige.
  4. Tips are strong and long lasting.
  5. Varnish on the false nails lasts longer than on natural.
  6. Glued nails do not require careful care.
  7. Tipsy will cost much less than the procedure of building up and subsequent correction.
  8. Easily removed at home.
Girls who abuse false nails, over time, face such unpleasant phenomena as yellowing, thinning and brittle nail plates, weakening of the nail bed. This is due to the fact that his own nails are not enough oxygen.

Another drawback is the ability of false nails to fall off treacherously at the most inopportune moment. This can happen for two reasons: poor-quality glue or air intake between the nail plate and tips. To prevent this from happening, and marigolds do not disappoint you, use materials only from trusted manufacturers and follow the recommendations for sticking tips.

It also happens that the shape of the false nails does not always match the desired, in which case you have to adjust it with the help of warm water, so that the material softens.

How to glue properly?

Before proceeding with the gluing procedure, find out which materials are best for use, consult a professional. Then tipsy will firmly hold on and long to please you with a beautiful and exquisite manicure.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Nails can only be applied to healthy nail plates. If they have any traces of injury, it is better not to use tips. It is much more prudent to wait for complete recovery, since an artificial material can cause an infection.
  2. Nails should be sanded with a soft nail file. This not only makes the surface perfectly flat, but also removes the outer fat layer of the plate. This is a very important point, since non-observance of this rule most often and becomes the reason for the peeling off of the nails.
  3. Before gluing from natural plates, it is necessary to carefully remove the old varnish, otherwise they will not stick to the tips.
  4. It is obligatory to apply a varnish-base and only then - glue, it will help to prevent occurrence of a fungus.
  5. As soon as the base dries, a small amount of glue is applied to the nails on which the artificial plate is fixed. Actions must be very careful so that you do not have to repeat the procedure again.
  6. Remainder of adhesive is removed with a damp cloth.
  7. Tipsy can be varnished in any shade, glued on them with rhinestones, using a fine brush or needle to paint patterns, creating an exquisite manicure.
  8. The final result must be fixed by the finish line.

By the way, now it is not necessary to glue tips on glue. Appearance nails with an adhesive base appeared. This greatly simplifies the procedure for attaching them. All that is required of you is to pick tips on size.

Manicure with false nails - video

Recommendations of professionals

  1. Forget about the means containing acetone. This aggressive substance can not only destroy the artificial nail plate, but also cause an allergic reaction.
  2. Tipsy can not be worn constantly, maximum - 2-3 weeks. After that, they need to be removed in order to rest their own nails.
  3. If you are new to this business, then please be patient. From the first it will be difficult to master this art. The main difficulty is the process of gluing the nails on the right hand with the help of the left or, conversely, the left one, if you are left-handed.
  4. If one type is unstuck, you can try to activate the properties of the adhesive with a hot air jet directed by a hair dryer.
  5. From time to time, press the artificial nails to your own.
  6. You need to be careful with water. After washing hands or shower thoroughly wipe your hands dry. Water is a bad ally of false nails.
  7. Do not use "Moment" glue or similar adhesive coatings to fix tips.
    For this purpose, there are special adhesives. Otherwise, you risk inflicting irreparable harm to your nail plates. And the myth that nails, pasted on superglue, last much longer, does not have soil under it.

The last item on how to do a manicure at home is especially important. It should be noted that the adhesive for false nails is applied to its own plate. In addition, its consistency is rather fluid, so one drop will be more than enough. Tipsy, glued to a special quality adhesive, will last at least two weeks.

How to remove false nails?

The process of removing tipesov does not require much effort. However, in order not to cause significant harm to the nail plates, one should adhere to certain rules:

  1. Well moisten your hands with a medicinal herb, such as chamomile or St. John's wort. This will prevent infection and soften the glue.
  2. After a while, usually it's 20-25 minutes, you can easily remove tipsy from nail plates. Do this from the base to the tip of the nail.
  3. Glue can stay on the nail plates. Remove it with a nail polish remover.
  4. Use special vitamin complexes and nail restoration products.

In order to remove tipsy in a more radical way, you can resort to the use of acetone:

  1. On the edge of the nail, apply a lacquer solvent containing acetone.
  2. After a minute, try using a wooden stick to gently remove the false nail from the natural nail. In no case should you try to tear off tips with a sharp movement.
  3. If the nail can not be separated, you can moisten the wadded disk with acetone, press it against the nail and wrap it with foil, which will prevent the evaporation of acetone.
  4. After 30 minutes, try to separate the artificial nails.

There is another way to remove false nails with acetone:

  1. Nail plates and the skin around them is abundantly greased with a nutritious fat cream.
  2. Immerse the nails in a dish with acetone solvent and soak tips.
  3. Hold the nails in the bath with acetone for about 15-20 minutes, but not more, otherwise the long interaction of the dermis and aggressive solution will lead not only to irritation, but also to burns.

This procedure is performed only in exceptional cases. If tipsy could not be removed by any of the above methods, you should contact a specialist for assistance.

Artificial nails today have not lost relevance. If you want to have an unmatched stylish manicure, then you can stick your nails yourself. Do not be afraid of experiments, and your manicure will always be perfect!

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