How to cut your fringe: instructions and tips

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  • Species
  • Selection rules
  • Tool set and cutting technology
  • Smooth bang
  • Fur and hair of the same length
  • Smooth lush bush
  • Two-level bang
  • "Rwanka" with edging
  • "Rwanka" without edging
  • How to make a torn bang - video
  • Slanting fringe
  • Filleted bang
  • Correct hair parting - video
  • Can I get a haircut pregnant?
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The cherry is an important element of the image, with which you can dramatically change the appearance. If you want something new, start with it. Today we will tell you how to trim a bang and choose the most suitable option in accordance with the shape of the face. Successfully matched, she makes a woman more young, mysterious, playful, creative. In the worst case, it spoils the appearance, emphasizes the shortcomings.

Kinds of fringes

These hairstyle elements feature characteristics such as shape, length and style. A chalk can be short, long, thick, sparse, two-tiered, torn, curled inward or outward, lush or smooth, etc.

The bang itself is a constructive detail of the hairstyle that is created after the remaining hair mass is trimmed. When the haircut is over, locks for the bangs need to be combed, directed to the right side and cut( make a fringing).

Edging is the contour line that delimits curls along the edge and gives the calf a finishing look. It can be straight, oblique, oval, triangular, stepped, wavy, swallow-shaped, curly, with prongs, etc.

  • If the hair has grown, update the bang yourself. To do this, the strand should be combed and arranged as you normally wear it, then carefully trimmed. The contour line can be made any, as long as the length of the grown strand allows.
  • As for the width, the bangs must cover the bulges of the forehead, it can reach the temporal cavities. In separate haircuts, she can stand for whiskey. Before cutting it, make a triangular, U-shaped or parallel line of hair growth parting.
  • Choose thickness depending on the thickness of your hair.

    The shape of the fringe bangs: a - straight;b - oblique;c - concave;r is convex;d - triangular;e - fancy

There are models that do not depend on the haircut. These are absolutely independent details of the hair, the remaining strands can be any length.

Rules for choosing

To look fashionable and harmonious, you need to choose the right bang variant. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the shape and facial features, the type of hair.

  • If you have a round face, then you are lucky: this form is universal, and therefore you can afford any model. Chubby even a thick long bangs. The shortened version will make you younger and flirtatious. If you want to make an image feminine and romantic, choose an option of medium length( to the middle of the forehead).Asymmetric haircut perfectly complement the model with oblique edging, which, moreover, visually makes the face narrower.
  • The owner of an oval face is not such a rich choice. Graduated model will make the hairstyle more stylish, exquisite. Uneven, torn strands add a special charm to the image. Even a long bang makes her mistress mysterious and charming.
  • In the case of a square face, you need to soften some angular features. You can do it with a properly selected bang. Asymmetric models look original, bright and effective. In addition, they visually stretch the face, make the features more elegant. The main taboo is heavy, thick bangs.
  • Girls with a triangular face look great with a long bang( up to the eyebrow line).The strand should be thick enough.
  • Women with miniature facial features are more suited shortened versions( to the middle of the forehead or slightly higher).As for the structure, it should be torn, and the tips - strongly profiled.
  • If you have wide cheekbones and a narrow chin, then you can hide such a contrast with a properly selected haircut. The best option is a rare bang just below the middle of the forehead.
  • If you have thin, rare curls that curl, but you still want a bang, get ready for daily styling using a straightener and varnish. The ideal option is a deep bang which starts from the top of the head and ends above the eyes. This model will make your hair more spacious, provided that you will put it with a hair dryer and a round brush.
If you cut the bang first time, then make it a little longer than planned first. If you do not like it, you can remove it in your hair, and it will grow quickly.

Tool set and cutting technology

Any beginner hairdresser can not do without straight sharp scissors and scallop with rare teeth. Using a comb with frequent prongs and a sharp tip, you will separate the thin strands. Also need special scissors for thinning and stamping hair, clamps.

The technology is simple enough:

  • carefully comb the strand;
  • clamp it between the index and middle fingers;
  • pull the lock to the nose or up;
  • cut.

If you need a shorter model, cut above the bridge of your nose, and if it's long, then just below the bridge of your nose.

Smooth bang

If you choose a direct model, then you need to know that it requires constant updating of the form. The procedure is simple, and therefore it can be done independently.


  • First of all, take care of the lighting, it must be bright.
  • Make a triangular parting, fix the remaining locks with hairpins.
  • Carefully comb the bang, divide it into 3 identical strands.
  • Take the central strand, pinch between fingers, pull, lift and cut off excess. To make it smooth, hold the scissors diagonally( at an angle of 45 °).
  • The right and left strands are aligned on the center.
  • Divide the right strand into 2 layers, trim the lower strand along the central strand, and make the upper stripe a little longer.
Repeat the procedure for the left strand. You will get a bang, the tips of which are bent inside.
  • Correct, treat with gel. Done!

Fur and hair of the same length

This model without a clear edging. It is ideal for thin hair that curl.


  1. Moisten the strands.
  2. Make a parting, gather the remaining strands in the tail.
  3. Separate the first thin curl, cut to the desired length. This will be a control curl, which you need to navigate.
  4. Separate the next lock with a width of 1 cm.
  5. Take 2 strands, lift perpendicular to the head, make a cut on the control.
  6. Continue to gradually separate the curls and cut them along the length of the previous ones. Use one of two methods of cutting - straight( with a draft of 90 °) or teeth.
  7. Comb, correct the contour line.
  8. If you want, the strand can be profiled.

Even fluffy bang

To beautifully trim a bang, do not need to be a professional.


  1. Dampen hair.
  2. Make a rectangular or triangular parting, the resulting strand - this is the future bang.
  3. Divide it into 3 horizontal levels, fasten the top with hairpins.
  4. The first parting is the rarest( depth 1 cm).Separate the control curl and cut to the desired length.
  5. Focus on the control curl, continue to shear the rest.
  6. To make the line perfectly smooth, cut each curl 1 mm lower than the previous one. When the hair is dry, the bangs will be even.
  7. Dry it, make a styling. Done!

Two-level bangs

Create an interesting, original image will help bangs, which consists of two levels. The top layer is slightly longer than the bottom, it looks very unusual.


  1. Make a rectangular or triangular parting, moisten the strand. The rest of the hair is gathered in the tail, so as not to interfere.
  2. Divide the bangs into 3 horizontal levels.
  3. Start working with the bottom.
  4. Take a thin curl and cut it so that it reaches the middle of the forehead. This will be the control strand.
  5. Cut the locks, focusing on the control.
  6. Coat the second layer of hair on the face, trim the first layer.
  7. Release the third layer, comb and begin to cut just below the 2 previous layers. The difference between them is from 1 to 5 cm.
  8. Profiles, dry and lay. Done!

"Rwanka" with edging

This model is very popular. To cut the fringe, do the following:

  1. Make a parting in the form of a rectangle or a triangle, the rest of the hair in the tail. Dampen and comb the strand.
  2. Deeper the tips of the scissors in a bang and cut it with small or large teeth. If the strand is thick, the teeth are large, and if rare - small. Remember the length, because the strands will dry up after drying.
  3. Make teeth all over the width. The contour can be straight, oblique, wavy, etc.
  4. Profil hair.
  5. Comb, trim, styling.

"Rwanka" without edging

  1. Make a deep triangular or rectangular parting, moisten hair. Rest the mass of hair in the tail.
  2. Carefully comb the strand. Deeper with tips of scissors in a bang and cut off denticles on the necessary length. Strands can be sheared at different levels.
  3. Cut teeth all over the width.
  4. Divide the bangs into vertical curls.
  5. Separate the vertical strand( thickness 1 cm), comb and lift at an angle of 90 °.Squeeze it with the index and middle fingers, between them is formed something like a triangle from the ends of the hair - cut it.
  6. Repeat the procedure for all strands.
  7. Profiles.
  8. Correct at your discretion.
  9. Dry, lay. Done!

How to make a torn bang - video

Slanting bang

The model, made obliquely, looks extremely feminine and exquisite.

Technique of a hairstyle:

  1. Make a triangular parting, fix the rest of the hair with a clamp.
  2. Then the strand needs to be moistened and combed.
  3. To make the outline smooth, make a straight cut at an angle. To create an oblique bar with a faded edging, point the ends of the scissors inward and cut off small teeth.
  4. To slightly loosen the strand, divide it into vertical locks( 1 cm thick).
  5. Comb the curl, raise it at an angle of 90 °, squeeze it with your fingers. Trim the triangle.
  6. Repeat for the remaining strands.
  7. Profiles, lay them. Done!

Filleted bang

Milling is the procedure for artificial thinning of hair. This way the gap between long and short strands is smoothed, the haircut looks more natural, its shape improves. To do this, use special thinning scissors.

Home filing procedure:

  1. Divide the bangs across the entire width into strands( thickness 1-2 cm).
  2. Take the strand, twist it into a bundle.
  3. With the help of thinning scissors make an incision in the middle of the bundle, and then a little lower for 2.5 cm to the end.
  4. Repeat the procedure for the remaining strands.
  5. Done!

Correct hair milling - video

Can I get a haircut pregnant?

Many people are wondering if it's possible to trim the bangs during pregnancy. According to popular beliefs, women in the position are forbidden to shear hair, as this will harm the health of the future mother and child. Here everything depends on you and on the degree of your superstition.

As for medicine, then, from her point of view, haircuts are not contraindicated. If the new hairstyle raises your mood, it will only be useful. The choice is yours!

Useful advice

  • Remember the difference between dry and wet strands, in the second case they seem longer. And therefore, if you are cutting your damp hair, cut them a couple of millimeters, lower than you want. Otherwise, after drying the haircut will be a little shorter than you intended.
  • Do not pull the strand too hard to break the cut line.
  • Before cutting, remove excess strands so that they do not interfere. After all, there is a risk that you will accidentally cut it off.
  • Professional hairdressing scissors can be replaced with any new ones, which will be used only for haircuts.
A hedgehog is not just part of the haircut, it is an important part of it, with which you can dramatically change your appearance.
Thanks to the above techniques, you can cut a bang of any shape. Follow the recommendations of professionals, do not skip any stage of haircuts, and you will always look great!

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