With what to wear female kyulots in 2016

  • Attribute of the aristocracy or the symbol of the feminist revolution?
  • Stylish and fashionable, not ridiculous and ridiculous
  • Kylots for office, beach, promenade, parties
  • Why not wear a skirt-trousers
  • Actual images
  • Advice from professionals

Women sometimes lead to a clever gender struggle, using the ideas of men for the purposeemphasizing their superiority. Kylots - a vivid example of clothing independent and uncommon representative of the weaker sex. The very interpretation of a skirt in the form of trousers is associated with originality, convenience, domination.

Attribute of the aristocracy or the symbol of the feminist revolution?

The origin of the culottes is attributed to historians by the 16th century. French aristocrats, wearing short, fastened under their knee trousers, considered them a distinctive feature from mere mortals. Then the King of France, Carl X, adapts the suede cottons for horse riding. Prevalence they get thanks to Prussian royal military, worn in the form of narrow breeches, fastened with the buttons on the sides.

Fashion girls dressed in classic trousers famous couturier Coco Chanel. A feminist of Italian descent, Elsa Schiaparelli, uses a man's wardrobe piece for sporting purposes. At the show in 1931, the designer presents a comfortable skirt-trousers, later the Spanish feminist Lili de Alvarez plays tennis at Wimbledon in the culottes.

Modern models can ideally both diversify the everyday style, and form a unique evening image.
But, having decided to fill up the wardrobe with such a thing, it is necessary to take into account some moments that it harmoniously blends into the image:
  • figure parameters( height, waist circumference and hips);
  • choice of fabric( depending on the time of year and the application of the thing);
  • combination with footwear and accessories.

Stylish and fashionable, not ridiculous and ridiculously

The classic style of the trouser skirt is just below the knee length and overstated waistline. But there are a lot of styles and decorations. An important question is what to use for kulots of this or that species.

If a girl has a high article, a small size, then the classic version, of course, is ideal. But not everyone is destined to be a model appearance. Save the harmonious proportions will help three conditions:

  • width of the pants;
  • heel height;
  • belt height.

Visually hide the lack of forms of dark monochrome models with a light top. Given these principles, the skirt-trousers can be worn with:

  • sweatshirts, T-shirts and shirts;
  • coats, raincoats of various parameters;
  • with leather jackets, coats;
  • jackets, jackets, elongated waistcoats;
  • with capes.

Kylotes - a three-dimensional thing, so presentable it looks with fitted parts of the wardrobe in the form of tops, turtlenecks, blouses. You can experiment with the top elements of the wardrobe. A cardigan or a free-cut coat is better than a belt.

What fashionista will do without accessories? In order not to look ridiculous, it is necessary to select correctly items of jewelry, handbags, trend shoes. Perhaps the beads from the grandmother's chest in tandem with the sneakers will look creative. But this is enough to cause confusion among others or be suspended from work in the office with a business dress code.

Pantaloons for office, beach, promenade, parties

In this season, the narrow trousers-kyulots of soft costume fabrics that are worn with a blouse or jacket are relevant. In such clothes it will be appropriate to come to the office. She harmoniously fits into the image of a successful business woman.

There are models of restrained style from multi-colored leather. But the palm tree belongs to the light summer pants of the white-pastel palette or the Tiffany-style color palette. The combination with modest headdresses, tops, blouses with short sleeves will be successful.

  • Exquisitely looks shortened the upper element of the wardrobe, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. Going to the beach in such clothes or on the promenade, there is a chance to receive a colossal relaxation, admiring gaze of the opposite sex, envious breaths of rivals. But for a lady with a small chest or an imperfect stomach, this option is not suitable.
  • In a cooler time, varieties of skirt-trousers made of dense materials in combination with ankle boots, elongated waistcoats, light coats are relevant. Winter clothes made of wool not only warms, but also looks stylish, especially with sweaters, furs.

This is the image of a modern woman of fashion, who cherishes her impeccable image. The more natural her makeup, hairstyle, clothes, the more confident she looks. The tandem of this trendy novelty and bright make-up evokes associations with the circus performer, who amuses the audience.

Brilliant colors and non-standard solutions are good at parties, night events, when you need to stand out.
Textured fabrics, shiny palettes, bold solutions will help here:
  • striped trousers;
  • model with color blocks, two-color prints;
  • kyolots with ethnic ornaments;
  • lace models, etc.

What did George Clooney's wife Amal do? It is called an icon of style, and every appearance on the next party is credited with a grandiose influence on fashion. Due to the perfect taste in the selection of clothes and accessories, Amal every time surprises. What are her silvery pants-culottes in a complex with an elegant top of the same shade. The peak of delight was a short fur coat, a fur emerald clutch, metallized boats on a high platform.

Why not wear a skirt-trousers

The original and not pretentious image of shocking Madame Clooney, for example, was emphasized by shoes. Incorrectly selected lower part of the wardrobe can negate the whole appearance. To avoid this, it is necessary to take into account several rules of what shoes to wear pants-kyulots, because often it dictates style.

Puffs combine:

  • in the cold period with almost any form of boot, but a huge platform visually thickens the shin, a low wedge suit almost every and under different length trousers;
  • in a warm time is an ideal option - shoes and sandals on the hairpin;and those who are not comfortable high heels, ballet shoes are suitable, you can - on a small platform or "glass";it is worth to refrain from cumbersome soles;
  • caution should be exercised when choosing sports shoes: although the skirt-trousers were invented for physical exercises, it is not allowed to carry flared wide pants below the knee with sneakers, etc.; The analog of the sneakers will be aged shoes or fashion haytops.
Also for a harmonious combination is the choice of a bag. A baggy accessory will give even more volume to the general appearance.
A solid product holding a form should act as a counterweight to flowing trousers, because the main element of style is precisely these. The strap should be such that it ends above or below the widest point of the hips.

For owners of rather large sizes when creating a harmonious image, the breadth of pants is of great importance. They are not recommended to wear things with a wide flare and other features that visually add volume and kilograms. Brilliant prints, bright colors, geometric patterns and horizontal stripes, for example, also add awkwardness.

Actual images of

Some people have stereotypes regarding this part of the wardrobe:

  • has a risk of visually shortening the length of the legs;
  • visually increases the volume of the hips;
  • is the clothes of "yesterday", which can be lowered on the step below on the ladder of fashion.

Actually, pants-culottes can pick out from the crowd, form a trendy image, create a unique charm and style. For example, one of them already talked about: the image of a modern woman of fashionable women.

  1. Romantic styles with summer models are also good. From flying fabrics it is possible to sew both an ordinary thing, and sustained in a marine theme. The model of black, blue, white with a vest or similar top is perfect for walking in the resort or on a day off in the city.
  2. From the openwork, silk, satin materials it is necessary to "sculpt" not only beach options. The narrow kyulots, reminiscent of the midi skirt, are quite suitable for a business woman, and elegant shoes on the heel visually draw the figure and give it austerity, so the silhouette and style remain safe.
    Things from noble materials can create an intriguing image that is appropriate in solemn occasions.
  3. Athletes fit models made of cotton, knitwear, neoprene. They are combined with T-shirts, sweatshirts, bombers, sneakers, sandals. And what sports girl will do without a bag of crossbreeds or a backpack? The main thing - do not forget about the correct length of the belt!

Advice from professionals

Stylists love the scope of fantasy in the form of folds, pleating, basques. But when sewing trousers-kyulotov recommend to be cautious with them. They decorate products, but they can both hide and emphasize the flaws in the figure.

Of no less importance is the choice of colors of styles. Preference today is given to dark and pastel tones, but this does not set taboos on acid and bright shades, especially popular in the summer. Thoughtfully asymmetric prints, drawings, not bulky patterns - if you apply everything with good sense, the thing will only benefit from this. In the trend is also a cage, unusual strips, "crow's feet".

Professionals consider the advantage of the skirt-pants to be uncommon and versatile. Things of a free cut do not have age categories. They are able to denote the dignity of a woman, and with the right length of the product visually lengthen the legs or hide their curvature.

Not every fabric can be suitable for all without distinction. Air weightless models from the same chiffon are acceptable only for young smart fashionistas. High-density materials are the prerogative of more adult or full women.

The fact that for the owners of beautiful forms are possible all sorts of experiments with trousers-kyulotami - undeniably. And the stylists open several secrets to the owners of hated extra pounds:

  • visually lengthen the silhouette of the arrow and the overstated waist;
  • the elastic material texture smooths down the shortcomings;
  • additional accessories, parts, pockets, patches only add roundness to the forms.


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