Styling and hairstyles for medium hair at home

  • Fashionable hair styles for medium length
  • Easy laying with daily ironing( tips and videos)
  • Styling with a hair dryer( instruction and video)
  • Tails for modern ladies
  • Casual braids for medium length hair
  • Evening hair stylingmedium length

Medium length hair allows you to create interesting hairstyles without the help of a hairdresser. Light locks and intricate patterns will look great both on a walk in the park and on a secular party. About how to make fashionable stylings and hairdresses on medium hair at home, we'll talk further. And start with the fashion trends in the world of hairdressing.

Fashionable laying on medium length hair

For many years at the peak of popularity is a haircut cascade. This haircut is universal, it is suitable for girls with a round, square, oval face. The main advantage of the cascade is a visual increase in the volume of hair. Simplicity of hair styling conquers more and more of the fair sex.

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Fashionable and beautiful styling for medium length hair have many variations.

  • Curly hair:
    • light waves falling over the shoulders;
    • playful and clear curls.
  • braids for medium hair:
    • small and careless pigtails with pinned and curled tips;
    • voluminous braids with complex weaving, decorated with original accessories.
  • Careless bunches with beating locks.
  • Smooth ponytail with a wide elastic band.
  • Straight styling with even bun under the eyebrows.

Each of these packing can serve as the basis for several unique images. Choose any hairstyle, and we will tell you how to make the styling yourself.

Simple styling with ironing for every day( tips and videos)

Every day's hair style should be simple and easy to execute so you do not spend a lot of time creating it in the morning. The best way to meet these criteria is ironing.

  1. Using a comb with a thin long handle, separate the strand of the required thickness and swipe it with iron, moving from the roots to the tips. Try not to spend more than one or two times on the strand.
  2. Repeat procedure with all hair. Locks of medium length begin to lay from the occipital zone.
  3. If you want to create a playful image, twist the ends outwards. If your work assumes a strict business style, leave the styling perfectly straight.
  4. If you were doing a haircut cascade, separate the strands with wax for styling.
  5. Finished the result with a hairspray.

Please note: frequent exposure to high temperatures can adversely affect the condition of the hair. Do not forget to use a thermal protector.

Styling with a hair dryer( instruction and video)

If you do not have ironing, make a styling with a hairdryer.

The easiest way to do a bulk haircut. Take a round brush with holes for air circulation. Brush up the hair at the roots and direct a stream of warm air to them. The procedure should be carried out until the strands dry up completely.

With the help of a hair dryer you can make light curls. You will need a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle, a foam and a varnish for fixing.

Have you thought about how to make a styling with curls hair dryer? Everything is very simple!

  1. Wash your head and comb your hair.
  2. Whip the strands with your hands and apply a styling foam.
  3. Gently stir the hair in your hands, carefully distributing mousse in strands.
  4. Tilt your head and dry your hair with a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle.
  5. Fix your hair with a varnish.

With the help of a hair dryer, you can get small curls. To do this, the nozzle must be turned at the roots, as if winding strands on the diffuser.

Tails for modern ladies

How to make a traditional ponytail, every girl knows. Consider the original options.

Tail with scythe

  1. Comb your hair and divide it horizontally into two pieces.
  2. Collect the upper strands in the tail, tightening with a thin rubber band.
  3. Bottom of the braid in a braid and wrap a pigtail tail to hide the elastic band.
  4. Secure the edge of the pigtail with the studs or the invisible.
  5. If desired, decorate your hair with accessories.

Side tail

  1. Comb the hair and divide vertically into two unequal parts.
  2. Move the larger part to the shoulder. Fasten a bunch of hair with an elastic band so that they do not interfere.
  3. From the remaining hair, twist the tourniquet, moving from right to left( or vice versa).
  4. Connect the tourniquet to the remaining strands and tighten all the rubber band firmly behind the ear.

Tail in retro style

  1. Separate part of hair from ear to ear. Pull them forward and secure with a clip so they do not interfere.
  2. On the remaining strands, make a start. Collect the strands in the tail. Do not make the tail too high, place it on the level of the temple.
  3. Use a comb with a thin handle to pull upwards.
  4. Tighten the tail with a plait. Curls should not be too tight. It is desirable to curl the strands not along the entire length, but from the middle.
  5. Remove the clamp from the front strands and divide them with an oblique cut.
  6. To the right and left of the lockstitch, lead to the main tail. You can twist the hair of your tail and fix their tips with invisible objects.

Casual braids for medium length hair

Various weaves are not in vain so often used to create hairstyles. Only one braid can serve as the basis for many different images. To begin with, consider the simplest of them.

Pigtail basket

Beautiful styling on medium hair.

  1. Divide the hair into two equal parts.
  2. Each of them plait into a loose braid.
  3. Put the left braid on the right side and secure with the invisible under the next pigtail.
  4. Repeat with the right braid the same procedure.
  5. Separate strands pull a little out of the braid to add to the hairstyle of negligence.

The bra from pigtails can be made sweet and romantic. Screw in the braids only the front strands, and leave the rest of the hair loose.

Pigtail "Fishtail"

  1. At the base of the head, divide the hair into two parts.
  2. Take a thin line on the left side and drop it on the right side. Perform the same action on the other side.
  3. Repeat the weave until you reach the tips.
  4. Secure the braid with a rubber band.

If you are braiding this braid for the first time, try to collect the hair in the tail first, and only then start creating a haircut. It is more convenient for beginners to weave.

Evening hair styling for medium length

Every girl can handle ordinary everyday hairstyles. But the evening styling on medium hair is not enough for everyone. More often than not before responsible actions we turn for help to professionals. But in fact it is possible to make first-class styling at home. In this case, you will need a time reserve and some devices.

Elegant laying on one side

  1. Divide the hair in two pieces as close to the temporal area as possible.
  2. Apply a styling agent( preferably foam).
  3. At a distance of 5-10 cm from the roots, smooth hair smoothly. If desired, with a hair dryer and a round brush, make a radical volume.
  4. The remaining strands of the twist with a curling iron or curlers.
  5. Drizzle the finished lacquer. Festive French braid.

    1. Comb your hair well. For convenience, you can sprinkle them with a moistening spray or boiled water. Just do not overdo it. The hair should be just slightly damp for convenience, but not wet.
    2. Begin to weave a French braid, but not traditional, but inverted. To do this, strands in the process of weaving are not placed on top of neighboring strings, but under them.
    3. Do not forget to add new hair from the main body to the outer strands. Lock the spit with a thin rubber band.
    4. To give the styling volume, slightly pull out all the braid loops.
    5. Decorate your hair with stilettos with stones and small flowers.
    6. Finish the finished result with lacquer.

    High laying for graduation party

    1. If you have a little curly hair, then before laying straighten them ironing so that the strands are perfectly smooth.
    2. Comb your hair and put it in the tail. The closer to the top of the head it will be, the higher the styling will be.
    3. Once again, go through the comb carefully with strands, combing them forward.
    4. Attach the tail to the hair at a distance of 4-5 cm from the center with the help of invisible.
    5. Then wrap the tail back and thoroughly sprinkle with varnish.
    6. Twist the roller from your hair and attach the tips with the help of invisible immediately under the elastic band.
    7. Very carefully, not to break the integrity of the roller, stretch it to the sides. Secure the edges with the studs.
    8. The final touch is a beautiful accessory. You can mount it both from the front and from behind.
    9. If you have a bang, straighten it with ironing.

    Luxurious and original hairstyle is not difficult to do. Have enough patience and boldly start the experiments!

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