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By accident, moving from the men's wardrobe to the female, replacing the traditional blouses, the shirt has become one of the most favorite garments of ladies. Fashion for them though undergoes some changes, but does not pass during the last decades. The coming season was no exception. Fashionable women's shirts in 2017 are represented by an incredible variety of styles and styles.

New collections of many famous brands, young and famous couturiers abound with women's shirts made in business and everyday, exquisite and refined styles. Needless to say, the enduring popularity of this garment is due to the property of emphasizing femininity, the sexuality of women. Moreover, depending on the chosen style, colors and cuts, the fashionable shirts of 2017 are capable of giving the image a deliberate rigor, elegance, lightness, democracy, conservatism, tenderness, playfulness, romanticism. ..

With such a variety, it is difficult to dwell on anything concrete. And choosing from the great variety of models submitted to the public for women's shirts, you need to take into account many small details.

Fashionable women's shirts 2017goda

The new collections clearly follow a single concept: the style of women's shirts, clearly borrowed from the men's wardrobe, tempting, light and elegant. It's all the same classic, the hallmark of which is a distinctive feature that emphasizes the figure.

  • The chip of the season - shirts with expressive cuffs. Stylish and very feminine look models with "men's" cuffs for cufflinks and long, almost on 1/4 sleeve cuffs, decorated with buttons, imitating Swarovski crystals or made in vintage style.
  • A simple cutlines a neat fashionable shirt collar with classic sharp or coquettishly rounded edges.
  • Fashion designers recommend paying attention to some details of the cut. This year's trend is deliberately increased sleeves-lanterns, semi-adjacent silhouette, returning the former popularity of the collar-stand. Such a fashionable shirt collar has variative ways of transformation, due to which one and the same thing looks in a new way.

Leaving from the men's style only the idea itself, fashion designers more than compensate for the simplicity of cutting provocative, non-standard, exquisite materials of performance. Fashionable shirts of this season are made of light, flowing fabrics, among which are translucent chiffon, heavy silk, crepe de Chine.

The officiality of the traditional style is emphasized by the calm pastel shades of fawn, pink, cream, pale lilac, blue.

The soft colors of shirts add to the strict business image perfectly distinguishable notes of tenderness.

This year, fashion brands, as always, offer us very unusual, interesting ideas for creating an individual style. The most relevant in this year will be images, compiled on the principle of playing contrasts. And given the versatility of the shirt, it can be included in any kits. For example, a business suit will look quite different if you supplement it with a shirt of a male silhouette, made of light pastel shade material.

Shirts for young fashionistas

In the collections of the year, a separate line presents bright shirts for girls. Styles, style directions, prints, variants of composition combination in the image are designed for women of fashion who are ready for any experiments. In the collections of this year, shirts for every taste and color are presented, which makes it possible to easily select an outfit suitable for a solemn event, meeting, party or everyday wear.

  • Unconditional hit of the season - transparent shirts. In contrast to the strict classical models, the material for their execution is chosen by designers with organza and chiffon.

    Weightlessness of the material is shaded by details of the man's style - breast pockets made of opaque fabric, laconic small collars, cuffs.

  • Fashionable in 2017 will be shirts for girls, made in the traditional classical style. But they can not be called boring in any way, since most models from the youth line are distinguished by non-trivial, provocative, bold decisions. Thanks to this approach, even those executed in an everyday style, practical and comfortable to wear shirts look intriguingly fresh and elegant.
  • In the collections of 2017, elegant models are made of a single-color pastel shade material, bright fashion shirts with a pattern, polka dots, a flower or decorated with an original print.


Already it is difficult to imagine fashionable summer clothes without such a convenient, practical and beautiful thing as a tunic. In this season they will also occupy not the last place in the wardrobe of women of fashion.

A trendy tunic-shirt with characteristic ethno prints, decor and other iconic elements of decoration is still in trend. The unfading popularity of such garments is due to their practicality and versatility. Tunics in ethnic style are perfectly combined with jeans and trousers.

For young girls, topical knitted tunics of elongated or loose cut will be especially actual. They can be safely worn on walks on hot summer evenings, attract men's glances at parties, used as a beach suit. Such outspoken clothes can bring shades of sexuality and femininity to any image, which is perhaps the most important criterion in choosing a dress for women of all ages.

Moreover, in the hot summer days, long white shirts made of light cotton with bright floral prints, as well as tunics made in different styles, can be worn as a mini dress. This outfit, no doubt, will not go unnoticed, because it looks always very sexy and spectacular.

Another feature of fashion tunics this year is a combination of textures of different density. Great news for those who do not tolerate triviality. Designers offer without hesitation to combine several different fabrics in one model.

Tunics in which lace, gypure, chiffon, silk, satin, knitwear, leather, wool, etc. are perfect and very fashionable will look like. The variability of compositional combinations is unlimited, so you can safely experiment with the outfit.

Denim shirts

Classics of everyday style are still clothing from denim. Fashionable women's denim shirt - almost the main subject in the wardrobe of young girls and young women. Today such garments are again in a trend.

It should be noted that the jeans classics this year has undergone some changes:

  1. In the past, the has underlined the brutality, which makes modern models look more feminine, elegant, elegant.
  2. Not the last role in such a successful transformation was played by fashionable colors. At the peak of popularity, traditional colors: blue, indigo, sky and pale blue.
  3. A characteristic feature of fashionable denim - miniature extra details. For example, traditional pockets with flaps on the chest are now very small and look like dolls.

Which images with denim articles are the most relevant? Oddly enough, fashion designers suggest wearing fashionable shirts under jeans. The only condition for creating such an image is to select items of clothing that are diverse in texture, color and degree of "aging".That is, fashionable will be a combination of worn jeans with a brand new blue shirt from denim or, conversely, a faded top and a new bottom.

Fashionable shirts with jeans in the image of "western", matched in elegant execution, will look no less interesting and stylish. In general, jeans clothes are so versatile that shirts from denim can be freely combined with clothes made in any other style.

One should not be afraid of new experiments and boldly combine jeans both with clothes from an everyday wardrobe, and with things in a romantic style.

Hit of the season - shirts in a cage

A variety of cage - a favorite of fashion drawings on this year's shirts. Modelers use graphic images more than ever. Fashion checkered shirts in women's models do not look brutally and as a man, but very elegant, refined, touching.

  • A popular figure "in the cage" this year is made on the basis of a variety of color combinations and the complexity of the picture. The classic "cowboy", "berberi" or "tartan", made in pink, orange, yellow, purple, iris, fuchsia and fresh greens, look non-trivial, more than original and extremely fashionable.
  • The most actual direction - a harmonious combination of different shades or color solutions, selected in a single gamut.
  • Variations vary widely. Original and very stylish look shirts in a black and white cage. However, models from fabrics of bright colors make a strong impression. For example, the combination of emerald green with purple and bright pink is a completely non-standard combination, but nevertheless looks rather elegant.

The only thing that the current fashion does not tolerate is mediocrity. Prints should be as bright as possible, and the picture "in the cage" as complex as possible. It's great if both directions are connected in one thing. Each girl or woman, dressed in such a new thing, can consider herself the most fashionable.

After leaving from the category of everyday practical clothes, women's shirts in a cage joined the group of business and classical clothes. Throughout the year, checkered shirts, included in classic or business outfits, will look really relevant. Moreover, in order to perfect the image in the classical style, fashion designers offer women to pay attention to long shirts in a cage sewn from a noble satin, silk, light cambric and an intriguingly transparent chiffon.

Completing the narrative, it should be noted that the shirts in the fashionable women's wardrobe of 2017 occupy far from last place. This is not surprising, because such a garment is more than practical, and a woman in it always looks stylish. In addition, with shirts, you can create incredibly diverse images. It is worth to thank the designers of clothes for such an amazing gift!

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