Causes and methods of treatment of sores in the mouth

Sore mouth ulcers are a very common disease, mainly affecting young people and suffering from psychiatric illnesses. Most patients do not pay attention to ulcers, because they quickly pass by themselves. The ranks in the oral cavity should be treated at their first manifestations, as during the meal they cause painful sensations.

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Causes of

Sores in the mouth appear for various reasons. Most often, they are due to the condition of the mouth, its trauma, lack of vitamins. People suffering from heartburn, systemic chronic diseases, diabetes, often suffer from ulcers that appear in the mouth. The most common causes of lesions of the mucosa are caries, diseased teeth, inflammation of the gums.

Among the serious diseases, the sign of which are ulcers of the mouth, the following are distinguished:
  • Aphthous stomatitis is an inflammatory disease of chronic form, in which periodically on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity poured ulcers. They can appear in the tongue, the sky, the lips, very painful. With permanent trauma can turn into a long non-healing ulcer, after which there is a scar. The onset of the disease provokes nervous tension, minor mucosal trauma, menstruation. Ulcers pass within 7-10 days, with complication this period is prolonged for 2-4 weeks.

  • Bednar's Afts appear mainly in children, and are classified as traumatic erosion. The main cause of their occurrence is insufficient hygiene of the oral cavity or abrasion of the mucous membrane of the sky. Such ulcers are usually white in color, sometimes they can have a yellow coating.
  • The traumatic( decubital) ulcer is the result of physical action. As a rule, it appears after a strong bite of the oral mucosa, damage caused by a toothbrush. Traumatic ulcers can occur as a result of dental treatment. If the provoking factor is eliminated in time, the healing takes 10-14 days. Treatment is not always necessary, as often traumatic ulcers do not cause pain and do not differ in size. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs.
  • If ulcers in the mouth appear on the injured area of ​​the oral mucosa in people with a decompensated form of cardiovascular insufficiency or other severe pathology, then such wounds are called trophic ulcers , they require the appointment of analgesics, antiseptic solutions, regenerating and epithelial preparations.
  • Tuberculosis of the mucosa of the mouth - is one of the manifestations of pulmonary tuberculosis and occurs after the penetration of bacteria into the oral mucosa. In this case, the shell of the tongue, cheeks, and bottom of the oral cavity are affected. First, characteristic tubercles develop, after the disintegration of which small ulcers appear, with time their size increases. The ulcer is small in size, its bottom is loose, covered with bleeding granulations, uneven edges are noted, the touch soft, the wound is very painful. Treatment of tuberculous oral ulcer should be conducted in specialized medical institutions. Local sanitation of the oral cavity is carried out during the remission period, treatment of the mucosa with anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Syphilis is an infectious disease. All periods of development of this disease are characterized by the appearance of ulcers in the oral cavity. At the first stage of the development of the disease, there are painless sores that have an oval or round shape with elevated flat edges and a characteristic infiltrate. The bottom of the ulcer with syphilis is red, covered with a dark grayish coating or shiny. The healing period lasts up to 12 weeks, a scar may form. Complex treatment of syphilis is possible only in conditions of venereological hospital, local - during remission or after recovery.
  • Herpes virus is a herpetic oral disease, accompanied by painfulness, inability to eat food, as touching affected areas with food slices causes severe pain. Such sores look like wounds of bright red color. Ulcers, provoked by the herpes virus, are treated with antiherpetic drugs, immunomodulating agents and plant adaptogenes.
  • Sores in the mouth may appear with HIV .In this case, the therapy has some peculiarities and is carried out by infectionists. Dental care is provided in all medical institutions with strict adherence to precautionary measures.
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How to cure

To reduce pain in red or white ulcers, various anesthetics are prescribed in the mouth. These can be gels and solutions for the treatment of ulcers, lozenges, sprays for spraying in the mouth. Such drugs include - Hexoral, Stopangin 2A, Lidocoin Asept, Kamistad, Instillagel, etc.

For bacterial and traumatic stomatitis, the following antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed: Chlorophyllipt, Holisal, Lugol spray, Vinilin, Ingalipt, Inhalipt-Vial, Evcarom or Ingafitol, Rotokan, Sinka( Methylene blue dye), Miramistin, Hexaliz.

For a quick recovery the doctor can prescribe medications that promote the rapid regeneration of damaged tissues, have a healing effect and allow the elimination of sores in a very short time. These include - Propolis spray, Solcoseryl, Carotolin, rose hips or sea buckthorn oil, Olazol, Imudon, Stomatophyte.

Sores in the mouth caused by the herpes virus are treated with antiherpetic drugs: Viru-Merz-Serol, Oxolin ointment, Bonofont, Acyclovir( analogues Atsigerpin, Vivarox, Gerperax, Gervirax, Zovirax), Tebrofen Ointment.

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If the cause of the appearance of sores are fungal agents, then the treatment uses antifungal antibiotics. This kind of stomatitis is most often manifested in the form of thrush on the cheeks, tongue, gums, the inner surface of the lips of the baby or elderly people with cancer or bronchial asthma. Antifungal antibiotics include: Levorin, Dactarin, Clotrimazole, Candide, Miconazole, Mikozon, Pimafucin.

In addition to prescribed treatment, it is recommended to follow a number of recommendations aimed at preventing the appearance of white and red ulcers and their rapid healing. First of all, it is important to keep the mouth clean. Toothpaste should be from well-known, proven brands, the brush needs to be changed every 3 months. For the early healing of wounds it is necessary to use vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus.

Prevention of oral diseases is, first of all, the elimination of the causes of their appearance. For example, to prevent infectious diseases, measures that prevent the entry of pathogens into the body are necessary. In other cases, health measures are important - systematic oral hygiene on their own or with the help of professionals.

If ulcers do not pass for 3-4 weeks and longer, you need to consult a specialist, since there is a risk that this is a malignancy. Such sores on the oral mucosa do not pose a threat to human life, but the patient should be under the supervision of a specialist, as in the later stages they can cause serious problems.

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Treatment of a child

Children are recommended to wipethe mucous membrane of the mouth with a solution of vitamin B12, and also use antifungal agents of systemic action, for example, capsules or tablets of Fluconazole, ketoconazole, Itraconazole, etc. Curing small sores in the mouth in a child can also be done with herbal decoctions from calendula, oak bark, chamomile, eucalyptus, a mixture of Elecacol.

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Treatment at home

Onions and garlic are very effective in treating oral wounds. They contain substances that provide rapid cell repair and ulceration, and are used to treat not only wounds, but also other infections - pus in the gums, toothache, etc.

There are many ways to eliminate the pain in the mouth that is caused by the ulcer. Before meals, it is always necessary to rinse your mouth with cold water, this will allow you to eat normally. It is also necessary to avoid taking hot food, not to drink fruit juices.

To relieve pain, you can prepare a paste of turmeric powder and pure glycerin, resulting in a mixture of grease wounds. One of the harmless ways to relieve the symptoms of ulcers is mouth rinse with sodium bicarbonate. To treat wounds in the morning and evening, it is recommended to chew the leaves of basil. Effectively relieves the pain of peppermint oil.


I myself am a dentist, and really patients often come with complaints about sores, but not always on our profile, it happens that we send a gastroenterologist or endocrinologist.


I have never had white sores, but it happens that the individual jumps up, I do not understand what's wrong and where from( Recently, too, I jumped up alone, I can not even eat


Examination, this, of course, is not bad, but when there is not you can from these sores, then the doctors do not want to go. I only had a couple of times in my life, they had fun, even then. .. but at least now there are normal means, not that before honey was smeared or green.


Thank you, it is relevant. Now I'm just suffering from an ulcer in my mouth. The girlfriend advises to put green on it, but I as will present. ..)

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