Laryngitis today is one of the most common diseases among adults and children. Recognize it easily on such symptoms as severe sore throat and fever. Attacks of laryngitis in children and adults can be treated in various ways, then the most effective are still inhalation procedures with the help of a nebulizer.


  • 1 simple in application
    • 1.1 How the procedure
    • 1.2 Advantages
  • 2 Which solution is to use
    • 2.1 Mucosolvan
    • 2.2 Mineral water
    • 2.3 ACC injective and Fluimucil
    • 2.4 Hlorfillipt
    • 2.5 Rotokan
    • 2.6 TonsilgonĀ® H andextract of calendula
    • 2.7 Berodual
    • 2.8 Berotek
    • 2.9 Salbutam
    • 2.10 Atrovent

Easy to use

You can carry out such therapeutic measures at home if you haveXia special device - a nebulizer. It is very simple to use, and thanks to ultrasound spraying the medicine manages to cure the upper respiratory tract and trachea. A child's mask must be supplied with the device.

inhalation with laryngitis nebulizer

Small patients can be inhaled even during sleep. Before treatment with laryngitis, inhalations should carefully read the instructions. Enroll in the nebulizer allowed only specified in the instructions for medications and solutions, so the question of what to do with inhalation with laryngitis, disappears by itself. Before doing inhalation, determine the nature of the disease. The symptoms of allergic laryngitis are described here.

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How the procedure passes

For the procedure, the following recommendations should be followed:

  1. Inhalation is required at least 60 minutes after the meal.
  2. There is a ban on smoking before and after treatment.
  3. During the therapeutic procedure, the patient is obliged to take a pose while sitting and not making sounds. Some people during the treatment begin to take deep breaths, resulting in hyperventilation, which contributes to the formation of dizziness, nausea and vomiting. If during the procedure you experience discomfort, then it is necessary to interrupt the inhalation for half an hour.
  4. For therapy of laryngitis it is necessary to use inhalations through the facial mask, make sure that your breathing is smooth and calm.
  5. After the procedure with hormonal preparations, rinse your mouth with boiled water.
  6. The prepared medicinal solution for inhalation should be administered immediately before inhalation. Some solutions are allowed to be stored in the refrigerator, the period should not exceed 1 day.
  7. After the treatment procedure, it is worth carefully cleaning all the elements of the nebulizer and disinfecting with alcohol.

The video tells about inhalations with laryngitis nebulizer:

Advantages of

The main advantages of inhalation using the presented device can be attributed the following:

  1. In the respiratory tract, the medicinal substance settles in amounts of 2 times more than with the use of other methods of administration of the medication.
  2. The medicinal solution exerts its positive effect directly on the affected organ.
  3. There is no need to use injections, droppers, which is very problematic for children.
  4. You can use steam inhalations with a nebulizer at any age, even for infants.
  5. Absolutely safe manipulation, so you can treat laryngitis in a home environment.
  6. Ease of operation.
  7. The procedure does not have a systemic effect, blood flow does not absorb harmful substances, does not affect the performance of the liver. inhalation with laryngitis nebulizer preparations

Which solution to use

Before carrying out medical inhalation it is necessary to understand the solution that must be used for these purposes. Thanks to the nebulizer, it is possible to create a medicine-based aerosol without raising the temperature of the medication. There are devices that can work with a certain particle size of the aerosol:

  1. The mediaplastic aerosol is used to treat laryngitis, pneumonia. The size of its particles is 2-4 microns, due to what they settle deep in the respiratory tract.
  2. The large spray is used for laryngitis and runny nose. The size of its particles reaches 5-20 microns. In the distant parts of the respiratory tract, they do not penetrate, but focus on the upper pathways.

Today, ready-made preparations are in great demand, which can be used immediately for inhalation procedures in the treatment of laryngitis and even bronchitis. You can treat yourself at home, but after agreeing all the points with your doctor.


The present agent is the most effective because of Ambraxol hydrochloride included in its formulation. When it is used, it is possible to liquefy phlegm, make it viscous and quickly remove it from the bronchi. Lazolvan for inhalation

If you need to use Lazolvan for the treatment of acute or chronic laryngitis, the dosage of the drug for children over 6 years and adults is 3 ml. For children from 2 to 6 years - 2 ml solution, for patients under 2 years - 1 ml.

To create an inhalation solution, it is necessary to dissolve Lazolvan in the indicated dosage in a saline solution in the ratio 1: conduct treatment is for 5 days, but not more. It is also worth combining inhalation with the use of such antitussive drugs, as Codeine, Libexin.

Mineral water

You can use mineral waters such as Borjomi, Narzan for inhalation with a nebulizer. They help moisturize the respiratory mucosa. The result of the treatment is the sputum liquefaction, softening of the mucosa and the rapid removal of it from the bronchi. Use inhalation with mineral water can be both adults and children. For one procedure, take 4 ml of non-carbonated liquid and manipulate 4 times a day. Mineral water for inhalation

ACS Inject and Fluimucil

Use of such medications is necessary in cases where sputum discharge is impaired. To give it a viscosity and speedy exits, it is necessary to use inhalations in dosage, according to the patient's age:

  • 2-6 years - 1-2 ml 2 times a day;
  • 6-12 years - 2 ml;
  • adults - 3 ml.

Dissolve the drug in saline in a 1: 1 ratio. Therapeutic course is 10 days. ACS Injection and Fluimutsil for inhalation


For the procedure with this medication it is worth using 1% solution and saline solution. For breeding, use a 1:10 proportion. Chlorfillipt is an extract of eucalyptus, which has unique antiseptic properties. For inhalation procedures, it is worth using 3 ml of diluted solution and inhalation 3 times a day. Chlorophyllipt for inhalation


This drug belongs to the anti-inflammatory group, it contains an extract of chamomile, calendula and yarrow. It is allowed to use for inhalations with inflammation of the trachea. To conduct a therapeutic procedure, you need to dilute the drug in saline in a ratio of 1:40.Carry out the procedure 3 times a day. Rotokan for inhalation

Tonzylgon H and Marigold Extract

Tonsilgon refers to homeopathic medicines, it is allowed to be used for inhalation with laryngitis. The extract of calendula is added to the nebulizer, but on the condition that it was diluted with saline solution in a ratio of 1:40.Tonzylgon H and marigold extract


It is a bronchodilator drug, which is now actively used for carrying out inhalation procedures. Berodual with laryngitis in children has minimal side effects, it protects against choking with bronchial obstruction. Berodual for inhalation


This medication is characterized by a positive effect in asthma attacks and laryngitis. It is necessary to conduct inhalations with the help of Berotek in the interval of 4 hours. Berotek for inhalation


This preparation can be produced as a solution for home use or as a pocket inhaler. It is advisable to use Salbutam during attacks of suffocation, like emergency therapy in adults and children. By its effectiveness, the drug can not be compared with Berotek. Salbutamol for inhalation


Despite the fact that the presented drug is less effective than other medicines, it is considered the safest. To carry out inhalations with Anthrovent is allowed even to the smallest children in the treatment of laryngitis. To achieve the maximum effect is possible in an hour and does not leave for 6 hours. Atrovent for inhalation

With laryngitis, the most effective treatment is inhalation with the help of a nebulizer. You can carry out the procedures yourself at home, because using the device is very simple. The choice of the drug, its dosage and the duration of therapy should be carried out by the attending physician, based on the characteristics of the course of the disease. For therapy, folk remedies for laryngitis in children and adults are also used. Also, see if antibiotics are necessary for laryngitis. Also, find out if laryngitis is transmitted by airborne droplet