Medals at the prom in the kindergarten: what to choose, how and to whom to give

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Graduation in kindergarten is a cause for excitement not only for children, but also for their parents. The latter want to see their child at the most beautiful holiday. Children want to have fun, play and brag of costumes. However, almost all forget that graduation is a real voucher for independent and adult life.

I want to have something in this life that will remind me of carefree gay days spent in the garden. Such souvenirs, storing memories, can be medals at the prom in the kindergarten. How to choose them and what to look for, read on.

What are the advantages of medalak?

Many companies specifically sell such products. Not only medals, but also letters and tapes are popular. However, many parents stop at the first option. Why?

  • The diploma and tape of the child will definitely be in school. First class, graduation, various events, olympiads - many reasons to receive a letter of congratulation. The tape is one of the traditions of the last call. But medals are much less common. At school, they are practically not handed over, preferring to dispense letters or other unpretentious prizes.
  • Ribbon is inconvenient. She falls off the shoulder, and the child must constantly correct it. This fetters the movement and spoils all impressions of the holiday. And the child will not agree to give the gift to the parents. The medal is much more convenient: it does not interfere with the freedom of movement, while everyone sees it.
  • The design of tapes and grammars is monotonous. Typically, drawings with standard symbols are used. But the design of the medal can be anything: different combinations of colors, types of materials, drawings make it possible to create a real masterpiece.
  • You can order such items in advance. They will be unique and will not meet anywhere else.

Options for making

Medals on the graduation in the kindergarten can be made from a variety of materials, from cardboard to velvet. Paper products - the cheapest, but quickly torn and broken. It is better to choose a model with a solid base, decorated with a satin or transparent tape. Such a souvenir will look really festive and solemn.

Metal products can also be selected. In the life of the child, this will be the first prize that encourages his achievements. It can be made for gold or silver. In the sun, these souvenirs beautifully shine and shimmer. Another plus of solid metal products is that they do not break down and do not go bad for a long time.

The medal must be decorated. Kids like all kinds of patterns, curls, engraving. The metal model can be decorated with the same laurel leaves or all sorts of patterns. The more a souvenir is decorated, the better. Although much overdoing is not necessary, otherwise the "prize" will distract all attention.

A fabric item can be decorated with beads or rhinestones. Such medals at the graduation will be very like girls. Special firms even use in the production of precious stones and rhinestones Swarovski. But such "souvenirs" are expensive. The boy should choose something more masculine.

The ribbon is always attached to the medal. It can have a standard color tricolor( the color of the Russian flag) or be simple monochrome. The main requirement: it should not look more beautiful than the medal itself.

What should be the inscription?

Parents are constantly arguing about the inscription. Of course, the most affordable option would be putting the name, surname and name of the kindergarten. But it's too boring, it's better to choose something more original."Graduate kindergarten" sounds much more solemn. Year and city can be specified. Children really like to see their name on the medal. Therefore, it is better to make a souvenir with the initials of the child.

At the graduation parents often forget that all children are different. All have their own achievements and positive qualities. Why not remember this with a medal? The souvenir with the inscription "Most. .." will be a pleasant reminder to the child of his virtues. However, there are usually a lot of children in the group, so you will have to try with the choice of the inscription. There should not be two "most courageous" or "most fascinating."

Parents can easily come up with a sequel to the inscription "The most. ..".But if suddenly the fantasy is exhausted, it is worth remembering that almost all children are kind, inquisitive, polite, active, friendly, cheerful, smiling and charming. It is better to emphasize the male qualities of the boy and the more modest - the girl. Although small women also like to be brave and courageous.

With Your Hands

Handy, very handy and precious to the heart. Children will remember not only the souvenir, but also the merry atmosphere in which everything passed. The child will gladly put his hand to creating such a masterpiece. There are many suitable ideas, but it is better to connect imagination and create something that does not meet with others. And adults with joy will help. Here is one of these ideas.


  • two ribbons in different colors and widths;
  • threads and scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • needle.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. It is necessary to cut a piece of ribbon of suitable length and gently stitch along the edge with usual stitches. Then the tape should be carefully gathered in a circle. It turns out a ringlet.
  2. Take the tape is thinner and is spread in the same way. Two rings are assembled and stitched in the middle.
  3. A cardboard is cut from the cardboard, which is glued to the tapes with a reliable adhesive. To the medal could be hung, a ribbon is made for the neck. The workpiece is ready.
  4. It is better to print the labels on the printer. You should use a color cartridge, it leaves a lot of room for imagination. You can make an inscription yourself using a pencil, a felt-tip pen.
  5. Sequins for paper, gel pens, stickers, foil will serve as additional decorations.

When to hand?

Of course, the presentation should take place at a gala evening. It is better to do it towards the end, because children will immediately start to consider and touch the "reward" and will be distracted from the main. It is not advisable to give children to consider souvenirs in advance: they can quarrel over them.

The ideal option is to award the awards at the end of the event, noting the successes and achievements of each. After all, all children are good in their own way.

Some useful tips for

  1. You can order a good medal for the final kindergarten in a special company. These companies make custom-made ribbons, letters and other souvenirs. The price will depend on the size, as well as the material of the product and ornaments. The cheapest models cost 150 rubles.
  2. It is worth ordering the products in advance: the excitement begins nearer to the graduation, and many companies can simply refuse. Companies provide design options. If you want something unusual, you need to be patient: the term for making such "hand-made articles" can be up to several months.
  3. As a rule, parents choose standard medals from metal with a ribbon-tricolor. But the inscriptions are always different.
  4. Together with a ribbon and a medal offer to buy a special case. It is not expensive, but it will be a good storage place. It is recommended to buy it.

Medal at the prom is one of the very first child's awards. She is remembered for life. Therefore, it is better to try and choose a good and worthy product, which will only cause pleasant memories in the future.

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