Adenium: home care

Adenium is a plant from the family of Kutrovs. It is a small tree or shrub, has a thick trunk, velvety or shiny leaves, as well as large flowers, the color of which varies from white to dark crimson.

Adenium has not only a botanical name, but also a lot of "folk", which sound more poetic: "Impala rose or lily", "rose desert", "star of Sabinia".His homeland - the African tropics and subtropics, as well as the Arabian Peninsula. Today, many grow adenium at home. It blooms from spring to late autumn, but it grows rather slowly.

Adenium species

Adenium fat is a slow growing plant with a pronounced lignified and fleshy at the base trunk of a grayish-brown color, which is distinguished by a bottle form. In the upper part adenium is fat and branched, reaching almost 1.5 m in height. At the same time, the diameter is also more than one meter. At the top of the branches there are elongated and leathery leaves of grayish-green color, 10 cm long. Flowers with a diameter of about 4-6 cm appear in the summer. The petals can be white, pink or red. Flowers are collected in small corymbose inflorescences.

Adenium multiflorous - this species also has a pronounced lignifying trunk, which is branched at the top and reaches a height of 2.5 m. Its diameter is more than 1 m. Compared to adenium, obese is more abundant in flowers.

Adenium bohmianum is a lesser known plant compared to its counterparts. Has a bluish-white or lilac-pink color, purple zev.

Adenium care at home:

  • Lighting .Adenium needs bright and diffused light. In this case, direct rays are allowed, but in moderate doses.
  • Temperature .In summer, the plant will be comfortable at 25-27 degrees, and in winter, keep the temperature in the range of 12 to 15 degrees. The maximum allowed is 21 C.
  • Watering .This representative of the flora in the summer should be watered abundantly, but between irrigation let the substrate dry up. In winter, watering should be limited.
  • Air humidity .This criterion plays no significant role.
  • Fertilizing with fertilizers .Adenium must be fertilized once a month. For this, 1-2% solution of mineral fertilizers is used.
  • Quiescent period of the .The plant is in this state from October to March. At such times it is necessary for him to create certain conditions: temperature 12-15 degrees, good lighting, limited watering, no fertilizing.
  • Transplant .Transplant adenium better in the spring. A young plant - every year, and an adult - if necessary, every 2-3 years.
  • Reproduction of .Propagate adenium from seeds or cuttings. Also inoculate on oleander. There is a reproduction in the spring.

Adenium growing problems

  • Adenium juice is poisonous. After working with this plant, always wash your hands with soap and water. Care should be taken when growing this representative of the flora, if the apartment is inhabited by animals or small children.
  • If the leaves of the adenium have turned yellow and have fallen down, then perhaps this was due to a change in the conditions familiar to him. Or, these consequences provoked a draft or hypothermia. If the same happened in the autumn, when the light day fell and the air temperature dropped, then this indicates that the plant thus prepares for the rest period.

If you want to acquire really high quality plants, then buy adenium only from trusted vendors who have proven themselves in the market. For example, many experienced amateur flower growers buy Adenium Siberia and remain completely satisfied with their choice. Adenium fat or Desert Rose.

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