Remedy for varicose veins and hemorrhoids Phlebotenz Plus

phlebotensis plus According to statistics published annually by various leading clinics of general surgery, over 35% of the adult population of Russia faces the problem of varicose veins on the legs.

Without giving importance to the first signs of an approaching illness, 10% brings this problem to painful trophic ulcers.

The main cause of varicose veins is the lifestyle of modern man:

  • inactive work( and also hobbies);
  • lack of time for long walks;
  • alcohol abuse and tobacco smoking;
  • neglect of gymnastics and active recreation.

The leaders of countries for such diseases include the so-called "developed" and "developing countries": the United States, France, Britain, Russia, etc. While the least frequent varicose occurs in African countries( the tenth of 1%).Of great importance is, of course, heredity.


  • Innovation in the market of phlebopreparations
  • Pharmacological properties and mechanism of action
  • Indications and specific instructions for use
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Practice of prescribing and use
  • For purchase in Belarus? !

Innovation in the market of phlebopreparations

To significantly reduce the stagnation of blood in the extremities, to give the walls of the vessels tone and to restore the transcapillary exchange help special preparations.

diosmin formula

Diosmin formula

One of the most effective drugs in this field is the analogue of the Russian Diosmina, Phlebotens Plus, belonging to the pharmaceutical group of angioprotectors( substances normalizing the metabolism in the walls of blood vessels).

The drug is manufactured by Pharmtechnology LLC( Republic of Belarus) in the form of round convex tablets with a pinkish hue covered in a dark brown or milk-colored jar( 15, 20 or 60 pieces).

As active substances, each pill includes:

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  • diosmin( 450 mg);
  • naringidine( 50.0 mg).

The rest of the preparation is made up of auxiliary substances.

Pharmacological properties and mechanism of action

Phlebotensis Plus tones the vessels and effectively stimulates metabolic processes in their walls. The result of the drug is:

  • stabilization of vascular permeability;
  • decreased tissue swelling;
  • microcirculation recovery;
  • increasing the body's immunity to the effects of all kinds of infections, poisons of parasites;
  • increase in the elasticity of the veins and the elimination of the blood stasis.

The vegetable substance hesperidinum, which is part of the phlebotensis, increases blood flow in the coronary vessels, lowers blood pressure and prevents bleeding.

High efficacy of the drug in the elimination of venous outflow disturbances in the limb region has been confirmed by numerous laboratory experiments.

In the gastrointestinal tract the active substance is processed extremely quickly( within 3-4 hours).5 hours after taking the substance is observed in the plasma, where almost completely taken by the microflora of blood vessels and absorbed by blood. Diosmin is then distributed by blood into tissues, in which its highest concentration is noted 1-2 hours after taking the pill.

The drug is well absorbed by the body. It accumulates in the region of the hollow and subcutaneous veins of the lower extremities. In other tissues, the accumulation is rather insignificant. Not recycled a small part of the substance is excreted in urine and feces during the day.
phlebotens capsule

Indications and specific instructions for use

If a violation of outflow of blood in the area of ​​the lower limbs is diagnosed, usually 2 tablets a day is prescribed. The first is taken in the middle of the day, the second - in the evening, during a meal.

exacerbation of hemorrhoids When treating hemorrhoids, it is recommended to take 6 pills for 4 days, evenly distributing them( for example, two after each meal).Next - 4 tablets for 3 days until complete recovery. The drug in this case should be combined with other medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

The proper effect of the medication, both in the first and second cases, can be achieved only if the doctor's recommendation for a healthy and healthy lifestyle is followed. So, it is necessary to abandon:

  • of all kinds of overheating( including in the sun);
  • increased load in general, and especially - on the feet;
  • consumption of flour and other products that lead to excess weight.

It is recommended to make short walks, excluding rough terrain, steps and steep slopes. In addition, it is necessary to adhere precisely to additional therapies prescribed by the doctor. These may include:

  • wearing compression knitwear;
  • compresses;
  • contrast shower and stuff.
It should be borne in mind that with particularly acute attacks of hemorrhoids treatment should begin with a trial short course. In the absence of noticeable improvements, a special examination should be assigned, according to which the appointments should be reviewed.

Contraindications and side effects of

Contraindications for taking the drug include only the individual intolerance of one or more of its components, as well as children's age. The use of alcohol( especially in case of hemorrhoid treatment) is categorically contraindicated.

Studies revealing the undesirable results of the interaction of Phlebotens Plus with other medications, as such, were not The drug from varicose veins.

However, physicians note that its active substance is able to multiply some of the effects of epinephrine, in particular - narrowing of blood vessels.

In this case, neither in international medical practice, nor in the special literature, any information about the adverse effects of the use of active components of the Phlebotens product with others is not contained. Cases of overdose are also not described.

There was no evidence of a negative effect of the drug on the development of the fetus during mother's pregnancy, as well as the presence of active substances in the breast milk of the mother during treatment. Despite this, doctors advise to refuse breastfeeding for the duration of the course. vomiting reflex

Possible side effects from taking Phlebotens Plus may be:

  • dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • general malaise;
  • indigestion disorder;
  • vomiting;
  • colitis( very rarely);
  • rash and itching.
Despite the fact that Flebotenz Plus is dispensed without a prescription, it is not recommended to use the drug without a doctor's appointment.

Practice of prescribing and using

Reviews of doctors and patients who managed to buy Phlebotenz Plus and try it in practice.

Phlebotens became my salvation. Usually after a long trip or a shopping trip, the legs were like shackles. The same was observed when the weather changed. I even had to quit training in the gym, because it was impossible to perform half the exercises. I did not drink the pills, but used them when there was a need - with symptoms. The relief came within an hour. And soon all has absolutely passed.

Hope With

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

During pregnancy, I got swelling on my legs. My legs just tired. My doctor prescribed a diet and appointed Phlebotens.

At first I was surprised - what kind of diet can there be in the situation. However, soon the swelling began to gradually decrease, and after I drank the entire course, I did not recall more about this problem.

Evgenia Sycheva

Varicose diseases are a real scourge of modern people. As a practicing therapist with 25 years of experience, I can say that the lower age threshold of patients suffering from such diseases has fallen to 25-30 years in recent decades. Most leading experts attribute this fact to a sedentary lifestyle.

In my appointments, I often prescribe Phlebotens Plus as one of the most effective means of toning up blood vessels. I advise it to everyone who knows the problem of heaviness and severe pain in the legs, local bloating, etc.symptoms.

Self-medication is not worth it. First you need to contact your doctor.

Valentina Radugina

As a therapist, I prescribe this drug solely as an adjuvant, combining it with therapeutic gymnastics and other procedures that I focus on.

The drug maximally restores the permeability of the capillaries and normalizes the walls of the vessels. For all the long practice of its use I do not remember a single case when side effects were noted. It should be used strictly according to the instructions and only if prescribed by the doctor, if there are corresponding symptoms.

Marina Kapylova

For purchase in Belarus? !

normative Phlebotens Plus is released in pharmacies in Minsk freely and no prescription is required. Shelf life of the preparation: 2 years if stored conditions are observed - not more than 25 ° С.

You can buy the drug in Russia only through numerous sites, because it is not supplied to pharmacies. The reason for this is the high rate of the Belarusian currency against the ruble. So, the price for this product for today is:

  • from 40 to 52 thousand bel.rub.for 15-20 tablets;
  • from 204 to 263 thousand bel.rub.for 60 tablets.

Therefore, similar products are in demand in the Russian Federation: Detralex, Venarus, Metaxaz, Normoven and, in fact, Diosmin( manufactured by CJSC "Canonfarma Production").The price of the latter is 844 and 1863 rubles. For a package containing 30 and 60 tablets.respectively.

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