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Poncho is loose sleeveless clothing that is often used as aa warm cloak. Usually such a thing has only a cutout for the head, and the free form of warm cloth easily frames the human body, creating the effect of an elegant coat. The question about what to wear a poncho, set very many ladies, because this thing is now at the peak of popularity, but to combine it with other elements of the wardrobe is not easy. What advice can fashion designers give to this, and can this thing be the basis of your wardrobe?

With what it is worth combining the poncho

In 2017 the cult of the poncho continues to evolve, which proves the appearance of this clothing in almost all collections of fashion designers. In addition to experiments with color, fashion designers try to come up with new and new combinations of these clothes within the framework of everyday onions. How to wear a poncho, so that the image looks weighed, and with what clothes it is worth combining?

  1. The most is a simple version of the combination - with jeans and leather trousers.
  2. Fashionable ponchos can complement the formal and business style, if you wear it with trousers-puffs or models of direct style.
  3. Elegant dresses with a length just below the knee also look great with this original thing.
  4. With the help of a poncho, an image with skirts with a length of midi or mini can be added.

Each of these options is good in its own way, but nevertheless the combination with jeans and trousers is considered classic. Here, the girl will play in contrast, because the fashionable poncho never encircles the figure, and hangs freely, like a scarf, carelessly thrown on clothes. Choosing elegant trousers-pants or jeans with an inflated waist, the lady can make her bow balanced: slightly relaxed and free from above, elegant and sexy from below. If the shoes will be chosen yet and ankle boots with low heels, the image in general will turn out to be extremely sexy.

Also do not ignore the combination with dresses, as well as with a variety of skirts. Look good will not all the styles of clothes, because the poncho slightly limits the fashionista in the experiments.

  • Classic dresses, which are distinguished by some restraint, will look great together with such extravagant outer clothing.
  • Mini skirts made of leather or dense fabric also perfectly complement the image. Do not be afraid of experimenting with color. It's great if the poncho will be dark, discreet shade or in a cage, and the skirt turns red or green, because then the lady once again will favorably create a contrast in her bow, attracting everyone's attention.
  • With a skirt that has a midi length, the poncho will also look interesting. The lady can choose both models with the shape of a "pencil", and the skirts that expand to the bottom. Supplement such clothes should be shoes with a thick heel of medium size. In this case, the image of the lady and fashion trends will match, and her natural beauty will emphasize, making the legs visually a little longer.

Poncho's place in a full woman's wardrobe

One of the reasons for the popularity of this dress is its ability to conceal the shortcomings of a female figure, emphasizing only dignity. That's why many full ladies can not imagine their daily wardrobe without a poncho, because it hides excess weight, making the forms a little more attractive.

The first thing you should think about is how to choose the ideal model. There are several rules:

  • should not give preference to shorter models, as they can visually fill up;
  • full of women should choose a poncho of dark shades, because they are advantageously slender, making the figure of the lady extremely attractive;
  • should abandon formless and too long models, as stratification of tissue can create an unpleasant effect of visual increase in body weight.
You should not choose clothes with patch pockets or large decorative elements, as all this can make the volumes even more impressive.

Adhering to the listed rules for choosing such a cape, a lady can make her everyday image not only stylish, but also extremely beneficial in terms of emphasizing the attractiveness of her figure.

Full ladies can combine ponchos with the same clothes as the thin ones. An exception should be made only in terms of using mini skirts. The fact is that this style rarely paints a full woman, especially if she suffers from lush hips. In combination with a poncho and high-heeled boots, the image will at all turn out to be vulgar and too frank.

Much looks more interesting combination with jeans and a variety of trousers. A complete girl can easily choose fashionable jeans now with an overstated waist, complementing the image of a loose sweatshirt with a large viscous. In addition to the poncho, the girl can give preference to the original accessories, for example, wide-brimmed hats or berets. As a result, her everyday bow will be original and instantly attracts everyone's attention.

Elegant dresses with a length below the knee will also perfectly complement the image, adding to it restrained sexuality. For such an onion, boots with a low and steady heel fit.

Fashionable knitted poncho and its combination with clothes

More often on fashionable catwalks it is possible to meet a poncho from cashmere of the most different colors and styles. However, now the popularity is gaining and knitted models that not only meet all the ladies' queries about the stylishness of the thing, but also are able to warm in the harsh winter weather.

Choosing a similar poncho, the lady should stay on the version with a large viscous. Typically, these models have a sleeve-shaped "bat" or deprived of them at all. To combine such extravagant clothes should be with a variety of trousers of different styles and colors.

  • Many women of fashion try to play on the contrast of warm outerwear with frivolous shorts. Choosing as a supplement to the knitted poncho shorts, the girl should stay on models of jeans or classic fabric shorts of medium length.

    Such clothes will look spectacular in the autumn image, especially if the lady adds onions with tight dark colored pantyhose and boots with a free boot.

  • If a girl likes to shock the public, then she should choose a bright poncho green or yellow. Such a model, used in the cold autumn season, will instantly attract attention, especially if the girl adds a bow with a skirt of medium length to the knee. In this case, you should choose a straight cut skirt that will not only harmonize with the poncho, but also emphasize the beauty of the female legs.

Many ladies naively believe that knitted outerwear perfectly fits with dresses that have a large mating. However, this amount of clothes of the same design looks too peculiar.

Do not use trendy knitted dresses combined with equally topical ponchos.

Summer cloaks and their place in the wardrobe

The ponchos themselves came into modern fashion from South America, where they were widely used by local indigenous peoples. Initially, this clothing was warm, made of dense fabric, which covered almost the entire body. Modern designers do not shy away from experimenting with fabric for new ideas and images, and so a few seasons ago, light cloaks, very similar to ponchos, appeared on the fashion podiums.

This garment has much in common with stole, but it much more favorably emphasizes the lines and attractiveness of the female figure. From classical clothing from South America, it is distinguished by lightweight material that literally flows through the body and is often completely translucent.

Now these clothes are increasingly used to create a bizarre summer bow. Combine a similar thing in the summer can be in the following variations:

  • with swimsuits, to create a bright beach bow;
  • with light oversize dresses or with sarafans;
  • with a variety of trousers and jeans;
  • with denim shorts and denim overalls.

In addition to models made of light, translucent fabric, similar to tulle, you can find and knitted summer ponchos. The mating is usually very large, therefore clothes remind an elegant network. Courageous persons can combine this element of the wardrobe with swimsuits, creating an extremely sexy beach image.

  • With the help of such clothes, you can also add a hippie-style image. For this, the girl needs to combine the poncho with the jeans of a free cut and with a white or cream T-shirt. To the image of the hippy seemed even more recognizable, it can be supplemented with decorations from flowers, which should be placed in your hair. The perfect shoes for this bow are woven sandals without heels.
  • Such a summer thing can complement the image with a sarafan. You should choose a light, knitted poncho with numerous tassels on the sleeves, which will give the image with the sarafan an element of mystery.
To use such a wardrobe item on a daily basis is unlikely to succeed, but with his help the girl will be able to create many bright and original bows.

Poncho combination with accessories

Coats and various jackets are rarely supplemented with accessories, considering that this outerwear does not require it. With a poncho is another story, because such a thing is incredibly often combined with a belt, with belts of different styles and sizes.

Immediately it is necessary to stipulate that the belt should not be too much to pull the waist, especially if it is a bow for a full lady. With this accessory, you can competently designate the waist line, while not losing the overall relaxation of the image. Poncho under the belt should be selected carefully, since the accessory should fully match the mood of outerwear.

For example, if a girl chooses a model of extravagant color and medium length, then a thin belt of black or white should be preferred. In this case, the image will look interesting and original.

If the lady is dealing with a model that looks like a hoodie having a length below the knees, the belt should not be too massive, without plaques and additional decorative elements. It should be located either on the hips or at the waist, gently framing the body. A similar variant of combining a poncho with a belt is especially flattering to ladies who have a full figure.

Fashionable ponchos now in the form of a blanket and do not need to be complemented from accessories. The maximum that a girl can afford in this case is a small brooch on her chest that will make the bow even more noticeable.

It's easy to create a profitable image with a poncho, especially if the lady has a personal style and unsurpassed taste. Experimenting with clothes and mixing different styles, a lady should not forget about the harmony of color combinations. Picking up all the elements of the wardrobe to match the color and style, the girl will find a truly unforgettable bow.

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