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The end of winter portends a lot of sun, warmth, outdoor recreation and other wonderful things that are impossible in the cold period. But, at the same time, the approach of summer promises and preparation for graduation parties in many institutions, which is not always a simple process.

It is necessary to think things over so that it would be fun, beautiful, remember for a long time and, preferably, was inexpensive. And one of the fundamental moments is the place of the graduation. And often it is the question of where to hold the graduation, and it bothers most organizers. Although, a little imagination, the desire to make the evening interesting and the knowledge of the characteristics of children of different age categories will help to solve this problem.

Holiday for the youngest

Graduation in kindergarten is a kind of transition from childhood to a more adult, responsible period of life. And it would be desirable to leave in memory of kids this day as one of the most joyful, to arrange a real holiday for them. In addition, children, perhaps the last time they see their friends and favorite caregivers. Why not let them spend this day together, having a good time?

On the one hand, it's easy to celebrate graduation in kindergarten. They are not adults, they do not need a chic feast, an orchestra and a presenter with a big fee. Children are able to have fun and independently. The main thing is to provide them with several basic components:

  • a place for games and dances;
  • bright room decoration;
  • snacks and beverages for reinforcements;
  • hilarious music.

If all these points are taken into account, the children will accurately remember their graduation party as one of the best holidays they've ever been to.

As for food, then there is nothing complicated like salads and hot. Children have enough fruit, small pies, canapes and the like. But the most important thing is that there are more juices and water, because children will dance, run, jump, and they will need to quench their thirst. Therefore, choosing a premise for kindergarten graduation, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of either setting a table with food and drink, or enough space for tables and places for games and dances.

Regarding the place for the celebration:

  • You can, of course, have fun in the music room of the kindergarten. But in a few years it's a little bored. Yes, and teachers also want a little rest, and not once again entertain the kids. As an option - the official part with congratulations, gifts and touching parting words can be held here, and the holiday itself to move to another place. For example, you can go to have fun in a children's cafe, where there is enough space, there is a play area and a suitable menu. True, prices usually in such places are not affordable for all parents.
  • You can go with children to a large shopping center, where there is everything you need for entertainment. There are usually good playgrounds, a zone with snack bars, cinemas, places for interesting photo shoots. Given the fact that graduation is held on weekends, most likely, there will be animators, musical performances and other free entertainment.
  • Another good option, as to celebrate graduation in kindergarten, is to go to nature if the holiday is held on a warm dry day. But in this case, the parents will have to take care of the organization of food and entertainment. You can include music in one of the cars, take balls, skipping ropes, soap bubbles, a twister and any other devices for active entertainment. If the celebration takes place on the shore of the reservoir, the children will be happy, swimming and frolicking in the water. It remains to make sandwiches, canapés, cut fruit - this will be enough to refresh the kids.
  • You can hold a kindergarten graduation and in an amusement park. There is almost everything that is required for children to have fun: swings, carousels, sweet wool. However, given the prices for such entertainment, it is necessary to stock up on a sufficient amount. But on a day like graduation, you can afford this. Alternatively, after the park, you can take the children to a cafe, where there is pizza, french fries, ice cream and the like, so beloved by the kids.
In fact, to celebrate graduation in kindergarten is not difficult. Children do not know how to be shy, they are not clamped and are quite capable of having fun from the heart. If you take them to where they can throw out their energy and spend time just the way they like it, consider that the holiday was a success.

Graduation from elementary school

If earlier such a holiday in the school was arranged only after its termination, today the tradition is the celebration of the transition from primary to senior classes. Of course, many parents are against big expenses, since this is not the graduation that is worth celebrating on a grand scale. But a small holiday for their children can still be arranged after the 4th grade.

Since at the age of 10-11 the children are not the same as those who were in the kindergarten, they will not be able to celebrate the graduation party at the playground. But they can not be called adults, which means they will not appreciate a full-fledged ball. Therefore, it will be necessary for the organizers of this event to think up something in between these two options, so that the graduates from the primary classes would be fun and interesting.

  • As for the food, the kindergarten version is quite viable here: sandwiches, fruits, canapés, ice cream, juices and the like. Children aged 10-11 years are interested not so much refined appetizers, as much fun and entertainment.
  • Be sure to provide the opportunity for dancing - to schoolchildren of this age they are a great pleasure. As for games and contests, this is more difficult. Despite the fact that they are still children, they already have complexes, clamping, and not everyone is ready to participate in such entertainments.
  • You can invite an animator, but do not force all children to participate. Someone is more interested in observing others. Who knows, maybe, succumbing to the universal fun, and such titans will begin to play along with the others.

As a place to carry out the graduation of primary classes, you can choose:

  1. Cafe, if all parents agree to spend money on it. But, again, it is worth choosing a room where you can dance and frolic.
  2. A fairly good option for celebrating graduation in the 4 th grade - traveling to nature. Children are happy to frolic in the woods or sunbathe. You can take with you balls, badminton, pull the volleyball net. Even with such simple conditions, children will have fun. Alternatively, you can go to the recreation center. There is already a necessary minimum for entertainment. Plus lodges for rest, the opportunity to fry shish kebabs and shelter in case of possible rain.
  3. You can spend the graduation and in the water park - also fun and interesting. However, sending all the children for several hours in a similar place is quite an expensive pleasure. But such a holiday will surely be remembered for a long time.

It's a little more difficult to mark graduation in fourth grade than in kindergarten, as children are becoming more demanding for entertainment. But certainly it is much easier to cheer these children than school graduates. Organize the fourth grade students a suitable place where you can dance, modern music and a competent host - you will get a great graduation party, which will be remembered for all participants for many years.

School is over!

This day is one of the most important in the life of everyone who went to school. It's trite, but it's true. Joy mixed with sadness and a little seasoned with anxious expectation of what will happen next. To spend the prom night should be fun, in a big way, so that this day will remain in the memory of both yesterday's schoolchildren and teachers forever.

Most often, the celebration of graduation from the school takes place in the building of the school. This has its advantages: you do not need to spend money on renting a room, local chefs can cook locally, have their own equipment and local talents. And this is a considerable saving of money.

But over the long years of schooling the school walls, although they have become native, are still somewhat fed up, and I want to celebrate such a remarkable day in another place. Of course, you can rent a cafe or a restaurant, or even a boat - for this purpose - there is everything you need, the staff will take care of comfort, entertainment and entertainment. Although this option is quite expensive, if you really be honest, he is not everyone can afford. But there are many interesting options that can make a worthy competition to the usual establishments.

  1. Holiday village or country house. Excellent and quite affordable option to mark the end of the school. Here you can fry shish kebabs( and a variety of snacks, salads and desserts to order in a cafe), swim, dance, play volleyball. In order for the graduation party to be a real holiday, it is worthwhile to invite a good host and photographer. In nature, photos and entertainment will be much more interesting and fun than in urban environments.
  2. As an alternative to the previous version - someone's dacha, if the conditions on it are suitable. Here you can go to the bath, swim in the pool or in the nearest pond, arrange a dance. The option, of course, is not as sumptuous as a restaurant or even a recreation center, but it will be much cheaper, which is important if this is the decisive criterion. However, to take care of food and entertainment will have to own. Snacks can be ordered at the cafe or by private craftsmen. And invite a good host. Even with the cost of its services, holding a graduation this way will still be much cheaper than the more standard options. And, for sure, it will be even more fun, as pathos restaurants make you feel somewhat stiff.
  3. Again, you can celebrate the graduation and near the pond - fun and unusual. However, it is necessary to think over the shelter in case of rain and stock up sprays from mosquitoes. Otherwise, there is no limit to fantasy: songs with a guitar by the fire, dancing, bathing, jumping over a fire or in the water, active outdoor games. Even refreshments can be thought up appropriate: shish kebabs, baked potatoes, fresh vegetables, snack rolls and the like. Such a school graduation is certainly different from all that the majority has become accustomed to. And even after decades, former schoolchildren will remember this day as the most vivid, unusual and cheerful event.

Similar options are quite applicable in the event that you are planning a graduation at the university. Usually the graduation is not celebrated. Maximum - gatherings with a group in a cafe in the evening. But, if you think, then the graduation in such an institution is no less important than the school one.

Have you spent 5-6 years with your classmates, and not 11, yet you managed to get along, and it will be sad to part. So you can gather all the group and go for a walk all night, not in a stuffy cafe, but in nature, at a recreation center or on the same dacha. Thinking in advance the menu, the place and entertainment component, you can do everything so that you will tell your grandchildren about the graduation year 2017 with warmth and tenderness.

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