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Gift for mom on 8 MarchMarch is an occasion to gather the whole family at the table to devote this day to the closest person. No matter how long the Russian winter lasts, but it is about to end, which means that soon we will have an occasion to congratulate our beloved mothers on the very first spring holiday.

Than to warm and please those who gave us the most precious - the opportunity to come to this world? Let's think about it and consider the options of various gifts for this day.

Original gifts for mom on March 8

Creative gift to my mother on March 8 is not related to the price category. Such a gift can be items designed for interior decoration and capable of landscaping.

  • You can give your mother an incredibly elegant
    photo holder "Family Tree" , which is not only very beautiful, but also capable of holding 5 to 12 medallions with photos of the people most dear to her.
  • Original set "Travka" , which is a set of cutlery with handles resembling wavy grass stems, will make my mother's kitchen even more cozy and attractive. The meal at the table, served with such unusual devices, will always be fun and relaxed.
  • Mom, who is still young and continues to go to work, will help wake up in a good mood funny alarm clock "Tram" .When he makes a sound signal, he will move around the table, without risking to fall from him( special sensors will take care of this).
  • Box for jewelry and jewelry, the top cover of which is an exquisite photo frame, - a magnificent gift to my mother on March 8.

Inexpensive gifts for mom on March 8

What is the gift for mom to make on March 8, if there is no money? This often happens in life: someone lost their jobs, lives on a small allowance or gave the last money, paying a mortgage - but this is not the reason to leave your mother without a holiday.

After wandering around the souvenir department, you can pick up items that are inexpensive, but being presented with a pure heart, will certainly please her.

After all, it's not the value of a gift that is important, but the desire to give your mom her attention, warmth and care. March 8 is especially true.

Can I find anything for 100 rubles?

Perhaps in this price category - apart from the rich assortment of of various certificates and colorful cards - we most likely will not find anything, but sometimes a beautiful postcard, presented to my mother along with a modest box of sweets, can become a very pleasant signattention from children.

For 300 rubles on March 8, you can buy:

  • Beautifully blooming houseplant , which will please my mom-florist.
  • If your mother is used to watching your appearance, you can buy for her a good cream, deodorant or shampoo .A beautiful package will make the present even more pleasant.
  • For the crafts lover, you can purchase the embroidery thread set, a set of hooks or knitting needles .
  • Stylish leather case will protect your mother's iPhone from troubles related to the fall and solve the problem of storing bank cards.

Assortment of goods for 500 rubles is somewhat wider and provides an opportunity to show imagination.

  • Mom, who is a fan of Japanese cuisine and loves to prepare rolls, will certainly be pleased with the machine , which facilitates their cooking.
  • A mug made according to your special order and decorated with a collage of memorable photographs, will give your mother happy memories of the days spent together with the people closest to her.
  • It is possible to purchase for the mother a luminaire with the function of the projector of the star sky .Overflowing with several colors, it will create a romantic and cozy atmosphere during the hours of evening rest.

Unusual gifts for mom on March 8

  • Make an interesting gift to my mother on March 8 will allow modern technology for the manufacture of designer light-boxes .

Ordering an interior lightbox with a set of replaceable posters made on the basis of your favorite family photos, you will give Mother the opportunity not only to decorate the interior of her apartment in an original way, but also to feel your invisible presence all the time. From time to time changing posters, my mother will be able to diversify the design of the room in which the lightbox hangs.

  • As an unusual gift to mom, kitchen clock, made in the form of a frying pan with fried eggs and arrows in the form of a fork and knife can be presented.
  • The modular picture with a picture of a beautiful still-life or a landscape can become a good gift option for the mother on March 8th. Unlike traditional paintings, paintings, broken into separate fragments-modules, introduce a touch of modernity into the interior design and can become the compositional center of the room decorated with them.

Funny gifts for mom on March 8

  • To get mom to smile help the original mug with a pair of sleepy eyes , applied with the help of a special thermal paint. Under the influence of a hot drink, the eyes open and greet their mistress.

The same interesting effect differs mug chameleon , changing its color at the same time as the level of beverages poured into it. A mug filled to the brim with hot tea or coffee, acquires a black color and a contrasting inscription "ON"( on). The empty circle also lights up synchronously, and "OFF" appears on one of its sides. There is such a mug quite cheap, and please your owner will be with each pouring drinks.

  • A fun toy "Talking Hamster" will be no less fun by the 8th of March, which will be able to repeat exactly every word of yours and moving during the playback of the recording. Speaking in a high "cartoonish" voice, this fluffy beast will become both a friend, an interlocutor and a reason for entertainment of all family members.
  • A good gift for mom on March 8 does not have to be used immediately. It is quite enough if it is a thing from the category of useful accessories: for example, a pretty umbrella embedded in a cover that looks very much like a ripe banana. Of course, he certainly will cause a good smile on my mother's face.

Gifts to mom with their own hands on March 8

A gift to my beloved mother on March 8, made by children's hands, is always a welcome and joyful event. But what can a two-year-old kid who has barely learned to walk give to mom? It turns out that in the kindergarten to make and donate to the mother of crafts by March 8 can even nursery group.

What can kids give?

  • Children make their first gifts on March 8 in the younger group with paints. On the paper they leave imprints of their small hands. This gift is made very quickly, literally in 5 minutes.

It can be collective and represent a large poster with a bouquet displayed on it, or it can be an individual bouquet, designed only for one mummy.

To draw a beautiful flower, the baby just dip a palm in liquid gouache and attach it to a piece of thick paper. After that, taking a brush, the baby paints a thin stalk, and a gift to the mother from her daughter or from her son is ready.

  • No less expressive poster, designed as a gift to moms and grandmothers, can draw children in the 2 younger group. Working all in the same technique of "printing ladoshkami," they first depict the rays around the warm sun, and then - bright tulips, pulling their gentle petals to the sun.
  • The first junior group can make postcards with their own hands, pasting flowers on them, previously cut out by the tutor. For kids of this age, this is not an easy task, so for loving mothers, there is no gift more expensive.

Gifts from paper made by children of middle and senior preschool age

Application from colored paper is the most accessible way for preschoolers to make gifts by March 8.

  • The middle group is able to make paper flowers, consisting of bright strips, pre-cut themselves.
  1. The edges of the bent strip are lubricated with glue and attached to a sheet of thick cardboard like a loop.
  2. Of several such loops laid out beautiful voluminous flower.
  3. The gluing site is masked by a circle cut from velvet paper.

Having made three such flowers, you can congratulate an expensive mom.

  • In the older group, children can please moms with postcards depicting snowdrops , made with their own hands in origami technique.
How to make origami Snowdrop - video with master class:
  • The preparatory group can truly impress their moms by presenting them with an amazing beautiful daffodils made by themselves.

For the production of a three-dimensional flower, children will need templates, dense white paper, green paper strips, thick wire and cores made from egg packages.

How to make a daffodil from an egg package:

1. 2.

  • A tulip made of paper made by children is a no less effective piece of art that every mom will like this spring day.
How to make origami Tulip from paper - video with master class:
  • As a gift by March 8, senior preschoolers can make their own hands with a beautiful fan for mother .

To produce it you will need a long( not less than a meter) strip of paper 15 cm wide, two wooden ice cream sticks, a set of colored pencils or markers and roll of Scotch tape.

  1. First, a bright drawing with a felt-tip pen or pencil is applied to the paper strip: an ornament made of flowers, butterflies or hearts. The brighter the pattern, the more elegant the fan will be.
  2. When the picture is finished, the child neatly folds the paper strip with an accordion.
  3. Will only stick to it wooden sticks so that their edges a couple of centimeters out of the edge of the paper strip, and the bottom edge of the accordion, collecting, gently wrap tape.

Gifts from paper in the performance of schoolchildren

Make a gift to my mother on March 8 with their own hands from the paper can well and schoolchildren. Of course, the complexity of such crafts will be higher.

  • Here's a good idea for a gift for class 4 pupils. They can make a very nice cake of paper with their own hands.

The cake will consist of triangular shaped boxes adorned with bows, beads, sequins and rhinestones. Inside each box, children can put in small surprises: sweets, notes with wishes, a homemade keychain or a soft toy.

How to make a bulk cake from paper - video with a master class:

The process of making a cake will consist of two stages: modeling a sweep for the future box and decorating the resulting craft.

Due to the time-consuming task, children can cope with it in about 1 hour. Since the cake should consist of 12 pieces, the whole class in one session can produce two such items at once.

  • Luxurious bouquet of daffodils, made by the pupils of primary school on one of the lessons of work, is another variant of a possible gift for moms.

In the lesson, each child will work on making one such flower from corrugated paper of appropriate colors. At the end of the lesson, all the flowers are combined in a general composition and until the moment of the school matinee they decorate the classroom, and after the concert and the festive tea party they are given to the mothers.

What can the daughter-needlewoman give?

From the daughter of 10 years already able to sew and crochet a little, the mother can get flowers from yarn, united in a beautiful bouquet.

For the manufacture of such colors, you will need small globules of bright yarn, thick wire, PVA glue, great perseverance and desire to please your mother, because you can make such a gift in 1 day.

The technology of making flowers from yarn is akin to making pompoms that adorn children's hats:

  1. Wrapping a strip of thick cardboard with colored threads, the girl with a thick needle thread the inside of the formed turns,
  2. Knots a strong knot and gets a tight knot, tied in the middle.
  3. Straightening the loops of this skein, the girl will represent the middle of the flower.
  • To create a flower halo, she will have to take a wider strip, and after bandaging the skein - cut the edges of the loops: a flower resembling a flat pompon will turn out.
  • A small needlewoman will make a stalk of a flower by wrapping a piece of thick wire with dense coils of green yarn and applying glue to its tip to prevent unwinding of the thread.
  • Leaflets can be made from scraps of green drape, felt or fleece. To do this, cut out two parts, one of which is smeared with glue, put a piece of wire inside and wait until the workpiece dries completely.
  • Having collected the prepared details, the young master will receive a beautiful flower.

Crafts from other materials

Children's crafts made by themselves and presented as a gift for the holiday on March 8, you can perform:

  • of beads( all kinds of bracelets, baubles and pendants, cherry sakura);
How to make a bouquet of beads - video with a master class:
  • from cotton discs( this material allows you to create incredibly beautiful bouquets of flowers: roses, chamomiles, snow-white callas);
  • from a variety of plastic materials: salted dough, polymer clay and air plasticine, hardening in air.

The most accessible and popular technique for making a gift for a mother is molding from plasticine. From this material the child can do almost everything.

How to make a craft of plasticine by March 8, a video with a master class:

Recently, new plasticine stamps have been released, which makes it possible to create durable crafts. It is a soft and plastic mass at the very beginning of work, after a few hours it can harden so that it acquires the qualities of a stone.

A basket with flowers made of salted dough or from polymer clay can look very impressive. The child can make it as a plane( in this case it can be enclosed in a pretty frame and decorate it with the interior of the mother's room), and voluminous: the mother will put this article in the most conspicuous place and proudly show off to relatives and guests who came to the house.

Gift Ideas for Mom on March 8

  • We described in some detail the ways of creating gifts for women's day. There is, perhaps, another opportunity to surprise my mother pleasantly, having presented her with a child not a live bouquet, but flowers from sweets.

To make such a bouquet, it will take a few lollipops, chupa-chups, colored foil and a large sheet of corrugated paper. Of course, adult members of the family will have to help the baby to bind the candies to the wooden skewers, decorate them with pieces of bright foil and wrap the bouquet with a sheet of rustling paper, but the delivery of such a gift should definitely be entrusted to him.

  • invitation from an adult and a child living separately from her for a festive family dinner, the menu of which is made up of her favorite dishes, can become an excellent gift to her mother.
    Mom took care of her child all her life, even if on this day she can feel herself the object of reciprocal care and love.
  • As a rule, most mothers tend to give all their best to their children, for many years refusing themselves in many ways. Do her a pleasant one: arrange for her a day of unexpected surprises. After going shopping with her mom, buy her a favorite handbag, a smart dress or a beautiful scarf: let her mother feel that she is next to an adult, an independent person, firmly standing on her feet and able to pay for the purchases made.
  • Adult children with a solid income can well give their mother expensive household appliances that can significantly ease her life: a microwave oven, a washing vacuum cleaner, a washing machine or a good refrigerator.
  • No less pleasant gift can be high-quality electronic equipment: a phone or a laptop, as many modern moms try to keep up with .


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