Review of fashionable bracelets of 2016

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Gold, fur, with stones, beads, fringe, pearls - fashionable bracelets of 2017 are very different. They are bright, reserved, brutal, feminine, strict and frivolous. This is an amazing mixture of different stylistic solutions.

In accessories that are fashionable this year, minimalism and surrealism are combined, integrity and complexity, futurism and ethnics, children's motives and romance. They can be smooth, like a stone, on the details of future spacecraft. Or to be executed in the form of strict geometric figures.

They are made of wood, plastic, fur, wool, fabric, gold, silver, leather and other materials. The most important thing in them is originality and style.

Universal solutions

To be in a trend, stylists advise choosing bracelets on the hand, consisting of several layers. It is similar to the fact that the thread on which a lot of beads are strung is twisted, many times wrapped around the wrist.

This creates a special mood. According to designers, this move allows you to get a gentle girlish image, emphasizing the fragility of the female figure.

Bracelet, assembled from large beads of azure hue, fits well with almost any thing. It is possible to weave bracelets of this type on their own. In the summer they will refresh the image, perfectly matching with light cotton and linen fabrics of a dress, trousers, a suit. If you complement the ensemble with clutch, purse or sandals of the same tone, you will get a spectacular image, remembered for its brightness and uniqueness.

Another wagon in the field of hand accessories is a long leather strap. Wrapped several times around the arm, it blends harmoniously with most styles. Especially suitable for rock and casual. Such bracelets made of leather with inserts or rhinestones this year are very relevant. The skin is applied in a natural tone, so other image accessories can be made in bright colors.

Evening Style

Fashionable gold bracelets are a suitable addition to the evening style. A thin chain, decorated with a beautiful keychain, will be a successful decoration.

  • A trendy trend is to wear several traditional gold bracelets on one hand. A multi-layered accessory will be obtained, which will certainly attract the attention of others. Evening dress or costume such an ornament will be quite a worthy company.
  • Gold, silver, platinum bracelets are always relevant. There are more and more new products, featuring an interesting design that allows you to create original images.
  • A modern trend in this area is the gradual replacement of traditional products from precious metals in the form of chains with new models, wireframes. Metal is required for them as much, but the frame products look more solid. Decorate such accessories with the help of notches, decorative stones, enamel, other details.

Difference of invoices

One of the fashion trends of bracelets is the unification of different materials in one product with different invoices. For example, a product made of fine gold is decorated with a slice of azure from leather or mother-of-pearl. This insert should be wider than the bracelet itself.

Such an accessory is a good decoration for evening or cocktail attire. It will also suit the everyday image.

Large parts

Fashionable bracelets have a distinctive feature: they often see many large parts. It can be quite large stones or plates, framed by metal. Especially beautifully, such accessories look on the background of low-key dresses of black and white.

Large stones in fashion bracelets are attached to plates or threaded on a thin wire. If you pick up minerals to decorate products, you can use their natural properties to benefit your mood and health.

Pearl Light

Bracelets that use pearls are also in fashion today. This natural material, characterized by special warmth and tenderness, is purely feminine.

It adorns many models of various accessories, including bracelets that look elegant and stylish. Particularly attractive decorations, which use large pearls.

Fashionable metal

One of the most popular models is made of metal. Fashionable men's bracelets are especially harmonious. Metal of a natural shade adds brutality. However, he can be present on women's pens, giving the image a certain new mood, attracting attention.

Interesting novelty - bracelets from non-ferrous metal in the form of cuffs. Especially popular are red, golden colors. They can also be performed in a marine style, and the alternation of white and blue especially goes to young girls.

Products made in the style of neo-punk are also relevant. And Gothic motifs are in fashion. They resemble shackles that came from somewhere in the Middle Ages.

Beads in color

Trendy beaded bracelets are sometimes very interesting. The color scheme is supposed to be different, decorations can be in one tone or in several. However, single-color models are more relevant.

It is fashionable to embroider bracelets with beads. If you know how to weave from beads or embroider, then the question of how to make a fashionable bracelet is settled for you!

A combination of many colors is welcomed, but one-color products can be made.

Ball for the ball

Balls are very different, decorating the wrists - a new fashion trend. These balls can be made from fur, pearls, metal - from anything. Color is also allowed any. They can be stringed on a chain or create from them clusters.

The most important thing is the rather large size of the balls, so that they are clearly visible on the hand.

Popular styles

Oriental style

Oriental style is still relevant. Such exquisite accessories perfectly complement any outfit. Of course, you need to ensure that they do not break out of the general style.

As a rule, eastern bracelets are distinguished by a lot of stones adorning them, the presence of enamel and chasing.

You can wear them on several pieces on each hand, alternating shades of stones or pendants.

Boho Style

Style Boho, which is becoming more popular, requires the availability of suitable accessories. Bracelets made of wood, leather, made of stones, will be especially appropriate here.

They can be of different thickness and size. You can put on your hand only one bracelet or combine several different. This is very similar to the banners that were in use a few years ago. Only these new "baubles" have become more refined and thoughtful, turning into real works of art. They are decorated with elements made of metal. Decorate with embroidery, other details, corresponding to the ethnical.

Wearing bracelets, creating a style of Boho, it is recommended not one by one, but by several pieces.

Several bracelets of medium thickness, made of metal or with the inclusion of large stones, will help make the wrist visually more delicate and elegant.

Futurism in metal

Fantastic novels remind themselves of futuristic bracelets. Metal large parts are similar to the elements of spacecraft, which one day will plow the expanses of the universe. The texture of the metal can be smooth or uneven, like the shroud of a fantastic ship, battered by cosmic winds.

As experts say, without such a bracelet, consider yourself a fashionable person will not work. For mods and women of fashion this year, such futuristic bracelets are a necessary accessory.

Kind vintage

Next to bracelets with a "fantastic" character, the good old vintage feels great. Flower motifs, filigree, artificially aged metal in 2017 are also fashionable.

The color of these accessories is usually copper. They are often decorated with Murano glass elements, ribbons, brads.

Fur - in the trend

Fur is becoming more and more popular material when creating bracelets. Today it is increasingly used by designers who develop clothes, bags and other products.

Bracelets are decorated with fur pom-poms, appliqués, whole fur cloths. Fur elements are fastened with metal parts.

Designers offer to combine such accessories with dresses of laconic design. They are well suited to coats and classic style trousers. However, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor that the fur was not too much, otherwise the image will turn out to be overloaded.

Do it yourself!

Make bracelets trendy with their own hands is quite possible. One example is a wooden bracelet that will look harmonious in the summer dress:

  1. We take a few sticks for ice cream or medical spatulas.
  2. We put them into the water for a day, so they will have the flexibility that we need.
  3. Remove from the water, the sticks are placed in the cup so that they bend, this will give them the necessary shape.
  4. When the wand dries, you will get an unfinished circle.
  5. Now proceed to decorating our bracelet.
Beads, paper applications, decoupage, buttons, paint and any other details will do.

Another version of a fashionable bracelet, bijouterie:

  1. You need a plastic bottle, from which a ring is cut.
  2. It is wrapped in fabric or yarn, you can take lace.
  3. The material is fixed using an adhesive or thread with a needle.

Recipes how to make your own bracelet fashionable hands, set. For example, you can make an accessory using threads for embroidery - a floss:

  1. Take a leather cord, one button of a beautiful shape, threads of a mule of different color, scissors.
  2. Threads are wound on a string.
  3. The button is fixed on it with the help of glue.

How to make a fashionable bracelet with your own hands - video

Main trends of

If we summarize the main trends from the bracelet area in 2017, we can single out several main directions:

  • deserves attention with accessories where large stones are present;and their color is better to choose the same;well, if their form is also about one;The number of stones on one bracelet can be any( it is possible to use only one);
  • are good bracelets from balls made of different materials: fur, metal, plastic, glass and so on;
  • fashionable bracelets can be narrow, gracefully skirting a thin female wrist;or differ in massiveness and expressiveness;
  • as for the shape, the bracelets this year are striking in variety: strict geometry, knots, bows, chains, images of plants and animals;
  • ethnica in bracelets, as before, in fashion;ancient ornaments, gypsy motifs;
  • a separate theme - charms, these pendants in the form of insects, animals, birds, flowers are very relevant;
  • bracelet can be decorated with a large flower of cloth or metal;
  • very fashionable bracelet this season with fringe;it is widely used to create fashionable things - skirts, dresses, suits, bags;it is important to take this into account so as not to overdo it;
  • various weaving of gold chains, leather straps and threads, beaded, - a fashion trend in bracelets;
  • for jeans and ethnic dress suits bracelets made of leather.

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