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  • Several interesting historical facts
  • What are the advantages of shugaring?
  • Disadvantages of shugaring
  • How to prepare sugar for shugaring
  • How to prepare the skin for sugar epilation?
  • How to perform a shugaring
  • Actions after sugar depilation
  • What should not be done after the shugaring procedure
  • Contraindications for shugaring
  • Shugaring and pregnancy: are they compatible?
  • Do they perform shugaring on the face?
  • Approximate cost of sugar hair removal in the professional salon

Sugar epilation at home is a very inexpensive and effective procedure for removing unattractive hairs from different parts of the body: from the extremities, from the bikini zone and axillary hollows, and also from the face.

Contrary to the fact that the history of the use of sugar epilation has more than one millennium, the procedure continues to remain relevant today. What is the reason for this enviable consistency? Let's consider all its pluses and minuses.

Several interesting historical facts of

  • There are authoritative historical sources claiming that shugaring( the term being a synonym for sugar epilation) was invented in ancient Persia and is therefore often referred to as by Persian epilation .There was a time when home-made recipes for the manufacture of sugar paste were kept by Persian women in great secrecy and passed from grandmother to granddaughter.
  • The first evidence of the use of sugar depilation in ancient Egypt dates back to the reign of Nefertiti( almost 3.5 thousand years ago).The famous Cleopatra also used it to give even more seduction to her appearance.
  • The invention of the shugaring helped Muslim beauties meet the eastern canons of beauty, which required them to rid their bodies of unnecessary hair.

What are the advantages of slugging?

There are two popular home procedures for removing superfluous hairs from the surface of the body: sugar and wax epilation. Which one should be preferred?

For many centuries, oriental beauties have resorted to epilation with sugar paste, because its advantages are as follows:

  1. Thanks to the special stickiness and elasticity of the sugar paste, the shugaring procedure can be performed already on hairs that grow to 3 mm ( hair waxing is simply impossible with this length of hair).
    If you do shugaring regularly, the growing hairs will be so soft that you will be able to remove vegetation that does not exceed 1-2 mm.
  2. As compared to waxing, the sugar epilation is less painful to , because the sugar paste can be applied already cooled( unlike wax, which is applied only in hot form and often causes burns).
  3. Unlike wax epilation, which requires very sharp movements, the procedure of shugaring can be performed by light movements, since a hair caught in an extremely sticky sugar paste will inevitably be pulled out.
  4. Sugar paste is hypoallergenic: it is rarely the cause of an allergic reaction.
  5. The remains of the sugar paste are well rinsed with water ( wax is much more difficult to wash off), and the skin becomes as smooth as after the peeling procedure, so shugaring is often considered a good substitute for this procedure.
  6. Sugar epilation( in comparison with waxing) gives more the long-lasting effect of : in some cases, repeated epilation is required no earlier than four weeks.
  7. The shugaring procedure prevents the appearance of ingrowing hairs.
  8. After the sugar epilation, even the structure of newly grown hair changes: instead of coarse and thick hair thin and silky( "gun") hairs begin to appear. The reason for the change in structure is that the hairs have to start their growth from scratch, because the previous hair was removed along with the hair bulb.
  9. Shugaring does not irritate the skin of : after it appears only mild redness.
  10. Sugar epilation is acceptable in almost any area of ​​the body : it is performed on the face and on areas with particularly sensitive skin( including underarms and intimate areas).
  11. Shugaring is low-cost , because sugar paste can be prepared independently from the most affordable and inexpensive products: sugar and lemon juice, so it's not only effective, but also very cheap.
  12. The remaining sugar paste can be re-heated and used for repeated epilation, and if desired even eaten( this is the real caramel).You do not need to store the shugaring paste in a cold room, but in a warm room.

Disadvantages of shugaring

  1. Sugar epilation requires the presence of hairs that are at least 3 mm in length( the ideal length of hair should be 5 mm), but it can not remove shorter hairs, so in emergency situations one should not count on it.
  2. It is not recommended to perform shugaring on too long hair: if their length is more than one centimeter, with the help of manicure scissors it must be reduced at least by half.
  3. To bring the ball of sugar paste to the required consistency, it is necessary to knead it very long and carefully with fingers( for girls with insufficiently strong fingers this is tedious).
  4. Shugaring is contraindicated in people who have an individual intolerance to sugar loam components.

How to prepare a sugarous paste for a shugaring

How to prepare the right composition for sugar hair removal? Here is a description of the most popular recipes:

  • To prepare the classic , you need sugar( 10 tablespoons), lemon juice( squeezed out of one half) and water( one tablespoon).

How to make sugar paste for shugaring - video:

  1. Components are mixed in a small metal container and boiled over medium heat, without leaving the plate and stirring all the time( otherwise caramel will inevitably burn and the process will have to start anew).
  2. The color of caramel in the process of cooking should change: when it gets a nice honey tint, you can remove it from the plate and pour it in a saucer.
  3. After half an hour you can check the organoleptic properties of fresh caramel: a ball of undercooked mass will not work, because it will stick to your fingers. This can be corrected by adding a small amount of baby powder.
    Ideal caramel for shugaring should be well warmed up in the fingers( during the kneading process it should lighten) and it is good to stick to the body.
    The digested mass( not amenable to kneading) can be tried to save by pouring a little water and subjecting another cook.

A recipe without lemon is recommended for those who suffer from allergies to citrus fruits.

  • And the recipe with citric acid :

  1. It is necessary to take granulated sugar( 6 teaspoons), warm water( 2 teaspoons) and citric acid( 2 teaspoons).
  2. Mixing in a metal bowl a gruel made of sugar and water, it is put on fire and boiled, stirring, until golden brown.
  3. Readiness of the paste is verified by dripping a small amount of the mixture in a bowl with cold water. If a solid ball is formed, caramel is almost ready. At this stage, add citric acid and immediately remove the bowl from the fire without stopping the stirring.
  4. When you get a homogeneous, without grains, caramel mass, it is cooled to a comfortable temperature for the body.
  • If the girl who decided to make shugaring does not have allergies to any beekeeping products, you can try the recipe with honey .Preparation of honey jam looks like this:
  1. Take sugar( 250 g), honey( two tablespoons), lemon juice( a quarter cup) and water( no more than a tablespoon).
  2. The subsequent stages of preparation of honey caramel are similar to the actions performed in the recipes described above.
  3. Plastic caramel of light honey hue is removed from the fire and cooled.

How to prepare the skin for sugar hair removal?

  • To increase the effectiveness of sugar hair removal, a couple of days before the scheduled procedure, you need to get rid of the skin from dry scales, using a scrub.
  • In order to ensure that shugaring did not bring any particular pain, it is possible to precede it by taking a hot bath: after it the skin will break up and the hairs will be removed without problems.
  • It is advisable to avoid the use of emollient cream or lotion, since the skin should be completely dry.
  • Clean and degreased skin thoroughly dried with a towel and sprinkled with a small amount of baby powder or ordinary flour. Thanks to this manipulation, the sugar composition does not break the integrity of the skin, but removes only unwanted hairs and particles of cornified skin.

How to perform a shugaring

Sugar epilation - what is it? Those who are still asked this question will help this section of our article, which will reflect the implementation of the steps of each of its stages.

Sugar at home can be done in two ways.

Shugaring using plastic sugar "Velcro"

How to make sugar hair removal at home - video:

Shugaring step by step:

  1. First a small piece of caramel for shugaring is brought into working condition, carefully stretching it in the hands. As a result, a dense dark mass should become soft, elastic and similar to Velcro. Its color is from the golden brown to the color of the candied honey mass, it loses transparency, becoming matte. On average, the process of kneading sugar paste takes no more than ten minutes.
  2. Having imparted the properties of plasticine to the sugar bead, they begin the process of removing hairs from a previously washed body( washing is necessary to remove the secret of sweat and sebaceous glands from its surface).
  3. Having taken a lump of mashed caramel, it is strongly pressed to the skin and stretched with fingers in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair.
    One lump of sugar can be used several times. How to determine that it is already unsuitable for performing a slouching? This will suggest its appearance( the lump will darken and become very muddy), and insufficient stickiness. When the lump of caramel ceases to adhere to the surface of the skin, it should be replaced with a new portion of sugar paste.
  4. Having grasped a strip of sugar velcro attached to the body, it is torn off with one quick movement, but already by the growth of the hair, trying to make this movement parallel to the treated area of ​​the skin. It is absolutely unacceptable to pull the sugar Velcro up: so you can damage the skin and earn a lot of hematomas.
  5. For complete removal of all hairs on each site, the shugaring procedure must be repeated at least three times.
  6. Having achieved the desired effect, they proceed to processing other areas of the body.

Due to the fact that the area of ​​the treated surfaces may differ significantly, different amounts of sugar jam are required to perform the shugaring.

For the treatment of each leg, 2-3 lumps may be needed, the axillary area requires the use of only one ball, and for epilation in the bikini zone, 2-3 pieces of plastic caramel are most often needed.

However, it should be noted that the consumption of sugar paste is largely dependent on the structure of the hairs removed and the density of the hair: if a person has very thick and stiff hairs, a much larger amount of formulation may be required.

Shugaring using fabric or paper strips

For this method of sugar epilation, a semi-liquid caramel, strips of cotton fabric or special paper is needed. How to do shugaring on the type of wax epilation?

  1. With a spatula or the edge of a wooden spatula, liquid caramel is applied to the epilation area, and fabric or paper strips are applied over it.
  2. After five minutes, making sure that the strip is firmly adhered to the composition, it is removed by a determined movement in the direction of hair growth.
  3. Does it hurt? The resulting painful sensations are comparable to the peeling off of a strip of scotch from the skin.

Actions after sugar depilation

So, you made a shugaring in the conditions of your own home. What should be done after it?

  • After shugaring, be sure to take a warm shower, washing off the remains of sugar paste and talc from the body.
  • Zones subjected to epilation, should be lubricated with a small amount of moisturizing or nourishing cream: this will give the skin extra smoothness and silkiness.

What should not be done after the shuddering procedure

Having done the sugar epilation, it is necessary to carry out these simple rules for some time:

  • To prevent possible irritation of the treated areas of the skin, do not expose them to the effects of solar radiation, high temperature and too humid air, so in the next 24 hours there should be no visits to the sauna, sauna, solarium or beach.
  • After the epilation of the underarms for a couple of days, it is better to use a non-conventional deodorant, but a neutral baby powder or talc.
  • Having done epilation in the zone of deep bikini, it is necessary at least at first to wear comfortable soft linen from natural cotton, to give up tight jeans, and at night to remove underwear.
  • To prevent the appearance of ingrowing hairs, it is advisable to use the body scrub weekly.
  • People who dream of slowing the growth of unwanted hair, it is recommended to use special products that can give an extremely positive effect in conjunction with the procedure of sugar hair removal.

Contraindications for shugaring

The procedure of slugging has certain contraindications.

It is not recommended for patients suffering from:

  • Diabetes mellitus ( even with short contact of caramel with the skin of the patient, some sugar can penetrate through the pores into his body, triggering the occurrence of undesirable complications).
  • Varicose veins ( in the presence of significant dilations and blisters of veins and blood vessels, shugaring is not performed).
  • Exacerbated dermatitis ( any pronounced inflammatory processes are the reason for refusing to manipulate the skin).
  • Epilepsy ( pain experienced by a patient during a sugar epilation can cause an epileptic fit).
  • Individual intolerance to products that are part of the sugar mixture.
In these cases, an acceptable type of hair removal is selected individually.

There is also a number of limitations of , in which it is better to refuse from the procedure of shugaring. When is it undesirable?

  • In the presence of sores, sores and scratches ( the mechanical effect of sugar paste can not only increase the area of ​​the injured surface, but also contribute to the infection of healthy skin areas).
  • If on the site intended for epilation, there is some amount of warts or papillomas .Violation of their integrity can provoke severe bleeding or accelerated growth of these tumors. Consultation of a dermatologist will help to choose a suitable type of hair removal or a way to eliminate this cosmetic defect.

Shugaring and Pregnancy: Are They Compatible?

  • Yes, they are completely compatible. Moreover: during pregnancy, shugaring( due to its relatively small soreness) is even more preferable than waxing. This circumstance is of paramount importance, since the high level of hormones in the body of a pregnant woman makes her skin more susceptible to pain.
  • Another plus in favor of slogging is the complete safety of sugar paste for the skin and the body of a pregnant woman.
  • How long does the effect of sugar hair removal on pregnancy suffice? As in all other cases - for three to four weeks.

Do they perform shugaring on the face?

For many women, for various reasons, unwanted hairs appear on the face, grouped in the eyebrows, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, and more often above the upper lip( in the form of unattractive "antennae").

Most often for shugaring on the face apply a sparing bandage technique( consisting in gluing a piece of natural cloth over a layer of sugar paste).

Shugaring for the face is the most suitable technique capable of quickly and effectively regaining beauty to the person, saving him from these hairs. During the procedure of sugar epilation soft caramel should be applied in accordance with the massage lines in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair, and removed - along the growth line.

How much does the facial hair grow after the shugaring procedure? This is a very individual indicator. Usually it takes two to three weeks for the hair to regrow. In some cases, the hairs become so imperceptible that the need for hair removal completely disappears.

Approximate cost of sugar hair removal in the professional salon

The cost of the shugaring procedure in different regions of Russia can fluctuate significantly: as a rule, on the periphery of the services of cosmetologists are an order of magnitude lower than in the capital.
The average price in a beauty salon was reduced to the following price list:

  • Sugar belly epilation will cost the customer 1,000 rubles.
  • Deep epilation bikini - in 2500 rubles.
  • The epilation of the area above the upper lip( removal of mustaches and tendrils) costs about 500 rubles.

In some salons, sugar hair removal for men will cost them 30% more expensive than for women. The difference in the cost of similar services is explained by the fact that the hairline on the body of men is different and more stiffness, and more hair.

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