My stomach does not work, I get up, I feel sick, there is no belching in an adult and a child: what to do, how to run the stomach with folk remedies and medicine, tablets at home? What are the functions and roles in digestion and stomach performed by hydrochloric acid?

Stomach problems, treatment methods.


  • Causes and symptoms of gastric stop in children and adults
  • Hydrochloric acid: functions and role in digestion and stomach
  • First aid for atony: medications that help trigger the stomach
  • What can be done to start the stomach for the adult and the baby?
  • What to do in pregnancy, what would the stomach have earned?
  • Folk remedies for triggering the stomach: recipes
  • What foods should I eat if I have a stomach?
  • How to adjust digestion: ways and tips
  • Video: The amazing digestion system of a person

The human body is a holistic mechanism that consists of a multitude of organs, and how well they function, curls the general state of human health. Often we have to hear that the most important thing in life is good health, because when a person is sick, all other joys of life go to the background.

But what if the stomach suddenly "broke down" and also did it all at once? Incorrect nutrition, bad habits, stress and many other things can easily lead your stomach out of the habitual work and it is in such cases that we most often start talking about a problem like "stopping the stomach".What to do in this situation? This is exactly what will be discussed today.

Causes and symptoms of gastric stop in children and adults

This is why people should be treated with due respect to their health, and if possible, do not allow their health to deteriorate. One of the most important organs of man is the stomach, because it is this organ that in one way or another supports the full vital activity of man.

Stomach stop ( in atony medicine) is a sufficient serious and unpleasant disease, which unfortunately, nowadays, began to manifest itself more and more often. It should also be noted that atonia occurs in both adults and children. There are a lot of reasons for the manifestation of this disease, consider the main ones:

  • Incorrect nutrition
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Stresses
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Frequent overstrain
  • Strong exhaustion of a person
  • Previously anesthetized
  • Abdominal diseases
  • Increased anxiety
  • Various infections

The main cause gastric arrest, the can perhaps be called the improper diet. The pace of life of a modern man is truly crazy.

The main reason is the wrong food

Living in such a rhythm people, I simply can not how to take care of their food:

  • quick snacks
  • consumption of fatty and spicy food
  • frequent overeating - all this is the first step to problems with the gastrointestinal tract

But what about bad habits? Here, of course, they did not do without them. Excessive use of alcohol, and its consumption in principle, as well as smoking is very detrimental to the work of the stomach and the whole body as a whole. It's no secret that when a person smokes a cigarette, a person receives a certain dose of nicotine, and nicotine in turn lowers the tone of the stomach muscles, and as a result, it can be stopped.

If we talk about the causes of atony in children , then there are frequent stresses and anxiety. As an example, you can give a period of a child's life, when he is excommunicated from his mother's breast, accustomed to a pot.

In children, the cause can be stress

Speaking about the causes of atony, few people remember another important point - the violation of the acidity of the stomach, and in general very few people know what hydrochloric acid is, and what it has to do with all this. And the attitude is basically the most that neither is direct.

The atony is bright and painful. All patients have the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain( aching, sharp, dull)
  • Absence of appetite
  • Fast satiety with food
  • Severity in abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Belching( or lack of it)
  • Bad breath from
  • Body temperature rise
  • Paleness of skin
  • Nausea

Hydrochloric acid: functions and role in digestion and stomach

Hydrochloric acid is a substance that is part of the gastric juice and provides it with an acidic environment. Reduced or increased acidity can also help to stop the stomach, because it is the presence of the right amount of hydrochloric acid provides normal digestion. When the acid balance is broken, the digestive process fails, and the food "stagnating" in the stomach does not come out, so we get a stomach stop.

Hydrochloric acid fulfills the following functions:

  • restores the normal environment in the stomach
  • activates the secretory activity of the stomach glands
  • obstructs the milk
  • promotes protein digestion
  • is responsible for the motor activity of the stomach

Next, we turn to the treatment of this ailment and consider the most effective medications.

First aid for atony: medications that promote gastric emptying

Based on the fact that when the stomach is stopped, the pain is strong enough to act immediately. On how quickly and correctly actions will be taken depends on whether the result will be achieved and whether more professional help will be required.

Relieve abdominal pain and improve general condition accordingly, can be specific drugs. So, when stopping the stomach in your medicine cabinet, you need to look for the following:

  • Activated charcoal
  • Mezim
  • Pancreatin
  • Drotaverin
  • Creon
  • Festal
  • Somilase

Preparations for the stomach

Now let's take a closer look at each medication:

  • Pancreatin is one of the best drugs that prescribeto improve digestion. When stopping the stomach, an adult needs to drink 2-3 tablets, the children will have enough 1 piece. Tablets should be taken with food, without chewing them and washing down with plenty of water.
  • Mezim, Creon, Festal are analogues of pancreatin: therefore, if you do not find it in the medicine cabinet, you can safely replace them with these medications. The method of administration and dose are similar to pancreatin.
  • Activated charcoal should be taken from the calculation of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.
  • Somilase should be taken by adults for 1-2 tablets at mealtime, with plenty of water.
  • Everyone knows the load or its analog - drotaverin , is perfect for relieving spasm. For this, an adult needs to drink 1-2 tablets, but the child will have enough of one.

To improve the effect when stopping the stomach, you can drink in these dosages activated charcoal, drotaverin and mesim together - this will be the first help with atony.

IMPORTANT: It must be remembered that the use of medications requires increased attention. Despite the availability of most drugs in free access, one must understand that any drug, even one containing only herbs, can harm your health. Prescribe the drug should only a specialist, based on the characteristics of your body, because any drug has contraindications.

Pancreatin, mezim, festal is strictly prohibited from taking to people who:

  • Jaundice
  • Pancreatitis
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hepatitis
  • Acute gastritis

You should also pay attention to the fact that if you made a choice in favor of solving the problem at home and drank the above drugs, and the desired result was not achieved - you need to urgently consult a doctor. Measures of increased caution are also worth applying when it comes to children.

Taking medication

With the medical part of the care we successfully figured out, but do not forget about the possibility to help yourself in other ways.

What can be done to launch a stomach for an adult and a child?

So, to start the stomach and adult, and the child in addition to medications, it is recommended to take the following actions:

  • patient should be put on his side, while the legs should be bent.
  • if desired, give a small amount of water to drink.
  • with gentle smooth movements to massage the stomach clockwise.
  • if there is nausea, it is recommended to induce vomiting. You can do this, for example, giving you a lot of water to drink.
  • if after a short period of time the patient becomes better, you can give a very weak tea to drink.
  • if after the performed procedures a person has an appetite, you can give a little easy food.

Just do not forget that sometimes stomach stop occurs during pregnancy. The period of gestation is a very important and crucial moment in the life of every woman, but, unfortunately, problems with the gastrointestinal tract during pregnancy are not uncommon.

Measures to eliminate the symptoms of the disease

In this issue, perhaps, you need to pay attention not only to the actions of women, when this problem has already appeared, but also to prevent atony. Pregnant women should never go hungry, as in principle, and use excessive food, it is appropriate during the pregnancy to adhere to the diet menu, do not forget about the regime of the day and, of course, in every way to protect themselves from stress and anxiety.

What to do in pregnancy, what would the stomach have earned?

As everyone knows, during the reception of medicines is strictly limited, so taking a choice to drink this or that drug without consulting and prescribing a doctor is a very unjustified risk. That's why if a pregnant woman has a stomach, it is recommended to take the following measures:

  • to drink mineral water, it quite well relieves stomach pain( it is much better to buy it in a pharmacy).
  • you can also drink kefir.
  • take activated charcoal, since it is absolutely harmless for expectant mothers.
  • drink infusions from soothing herbs, for example, from chamomile or mint.
Pain in the stomach in a pregnant woman

Do not forget about the fact that pregnant women, both during treatment of the stomach, and at all other times, need peace and a sufficient amount of rest.

In the continuation of the topic of other ways to help stopping the stomach, it is worth mentioning about folk remedies against this ailment.

Folk remedies for starting the stomach: recipes

Many of us believe that the treatment of folk remedies is not inferior to drug treatment. That is why there is a sufficiently large number of people's methods of helping with atony.

As a rule, all folk remedies for resuming the work of the stomach converge to one - the treatment of herbs. But it is also not denied, and even vice versa, the treatment is welcomed with positive emotions.

What do we mean by positive emotions? First of all, this is a rich and active holiday in nature. Ideal is the option of relaxing at sea or in the mountains, as well as visiting the baths with mineral waters and massage sessions.

Do not forget about your psychoemotional state - it's not for nothing that they say that all problems and diseases are from nerves. It is necessary to learn at least for a while to let go of all the worries, as well as experiences and just to enjoy what is happening.

Folk remedies for stomach treatment

So, let's move to medicinal decoctions. For the preparation of medicinal infusions and decoctions we need the following ingredients:

  • fruit fennel and oregano
  • root marshmallow
  • buckthorn bark olhovidnoy
  • powder milk thistle
  • yarrow and chamomile flowers
  • large plantain
  • dandelion root
  • mother and stepmother
  • ginseng root
  • mint and melissa

for first decoction need:

  • Take 1.5 tablespoons of fruit fennel, althea root and bark buckthorn alder
  • then mix all the ingredients and take 1 tbsp of the finished mixture
  • pour it 350-400 ml of boiling water and put on 20 min forodyanuyu bath
  • received broth let stand 30-40 minutes Recommended

such means take postprandial in an amount of 200 ml.

Treating the stomach at home

The following recipes are fairly simple, but not less effective.

  • Before eating, you must eat 1 tsp dry milk thistle, plenty of water.
  • Chamomile flowers, mint and melissu should be brewed like regular tea, this remedy will help relieve tension and relax the body.
  • Ginseng root, coltsfoot, oregano, plantain and other ingredients from the list.

It is necessary to prepare as follows:

  • take 1 tbsp dry and crushed grass or root
  • then pour the ingredient 200 ml boiling water and cook for a few minutes
  • further the broth should be allowed to cool and strain it
  • product ready for use in the amount of 200 ml

Howalready mentioned earlier, before taking any medication it is necessary to consult with a doctor without fail. Despite the fact that grass-roots folk remedies are considered safe, one must remember that they also have contraindications, and there is such a thing as "individual intolerance".

Each person can be allergic to one or another component, which is why if you want to treat yourself with folk methods, it is also recommended to consult a doctor, and together with him choose the optimal and, most importantly, a safe herbal treatment option that will bring your body exclusivelybenefit. Having dealt with the causes, symptoms of atony, as well as all possible ways of treating this disease, you need, of course, to talk about nutrition of the person during the stoppage of the stomach and after the ailment began to recede.

What foods should I eat if I have a stomach?

Of course, immediately worth noting is the fact that you need to give up fatty, fried and spicy food. You need to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, not in a hurry, thoroughly chewing food. Also during the exacerbation of the disease it is worth to give up such products as:

  • boiled eggs and meat
  • pears
  • rice and pulses
  • sparkling water and sweets

Food portions should be increased gradually so that there is not a heavy load on the stomach, and the diet should prevailliquid and well-ground food. Meals in the ideal version should be 5-6 every 1.5-2 hours. And, of course, it will be obvious that the should give up alcohol and smoking.

Products for the stomach

Having removed a sharp pain from atony, and finally recovering from this ailment, it is worthwhile to seriously think about your health, in particular about nutrition and digestion.

How to adjust digestion: methods and tips

Unfortunately, very few of us take proper care of our nutrition. Someone does not do this because of lack of time, someone because of a lack of desire, and someone because of a lack of understanding of the importance of this issue.

Nevertheless, this continues, as a rule, until it touches us. And here most people remember about proper nutrition, diets and even physical exertion. All this is very good, but even better, when it's done correctly and wisely.

Products useful for the body

Do not forget that everything is good, that in moderation. Therefore, if you have an irresistible desire to change your diet after an illness and add physical activity to your life, we recommend that you do this gradually and correctly, as well as follow the following tips:

  • Eat large fresh fruits and vegetables - people who regularly eat fresh vegetables, The least affected by digestion problems.
  • Avoid foods that can increase acidity in the stomach. The first sign of increased acidity is heartburn, so if you are tormented by this ailment - it is worth seriously considering this point.
  • Take care of the intestinal microflora. In the human intestine, a huge number of beneficial bacteria live, which help digest food. Unfortunately, our harmful habits and the lack of proper nutrition, we are doing ourselves a huge harm.
  • You can restore the right amount of "good" bacteria by eating sour-milk products, as well as special preparations.
  • Do not starve, eat in small portions.
  • Observe the daily routine and begin exercising moderate physical activity.
  • Make sure that there are proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your menu.
  • Just to help restore the normal process of digestion will help a gentle therapeutic diet, but it should be appointed exclusively by a specialist - here it is necessary to do without self-activity, otherwise it can only aggravate the situation.
Useful gymnastics

One of the means of preventing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole organism as a whole, is therapeutic gymnastics. Consider the basic exercises:

  • "Bike".Lie on your back, bend your knees and try to simulate a bike ride. For starters, 3 approaches will be enough for 10 times.
  • Initial position and number of approaches too. It is necessary to reduce and dilute the knees.
  • Another effective exercise will be walking on the spot. During this exercise, try to lift your legs as high as possible. The duration of walking for the beginning is 1-3 minutes.

In our vain time, one should never forget about the most important thing - about our health. Despite a huge number of ways to treat atony: from folk remedies and gymnastics to taking medications, do not forget about the simple rule: "It's easier to cure than cure".Following this rule, you will give yourself a long, healthy and happy life.

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