With what you can and can not wear linen trousers

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  • Picking the right top
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Flax trousers not so long ago began to win back their positions in the women's wardrobe. They are absolutely associated with comfort, convenience and naturalness. And this view of them is fully justified. Even a man should pay attention to this garment, as linen trousers are an ideal option for a hot day.

The great advantage of these pants is that thanks to the material itself they retain their original qualities for a long time. They do not stretch and perfectly pass air, and also do not accumulate static electricity.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the pants made of flax are becoming more popular and in demand. But with them is connected and one difficulty: many girls and women have no idea how to wear linen trousers and what to combine them with.

Trousers and color solutions

Thanks to the numerous styles, these pants can afford a girl with any shapes and features of the figure. The most common are the following models:

  1. Wide and free silhouette. Such pants should take note of a person with full legs and massive hips. Trousers will correct the figure and hide all unnecessary. Sometimes this model has large pockets in the hips, and in this performance it is not very suitable for lush beauties, but it becomes a good option for graceful ladies.
  2. High women should pay attention to trousers, flared from the knee. They look stylish and youthful, giving the image some boyish fervor.
  3. Narrowed models are designed for shapely and slender girls, since they to some extent repeat the bends of the body.
  4. The shortened style is for active and athletic ladies who are used to being in constant motion. And yet this model is considered the most fashionable in this season.
  5. Halifeh. Quite an original style, which can be used by both young people and ladies in their ages. Stylists recommend a little podvorachivat themselves trousers, creating interesting variations.

As for the color scheme, it is diverse and multifaceted. But the leading positions are taken by natural and approximate shades:

  • gray;
  • Ivory and flesh colored;
  • brown and light brown tint;
  • Cappuccino;
  • white and beige.

By the summer of 2017 designers decided to experiment a little with flowers, so that on the catwalk you can find such a detail of the wardrobe, made in crimson tones, wine and red, in yellow, green, orange and emerald hues.

Picking the right top

Combining linen pants with the rest of things is actually quite simple, despite the fact that they are self-sufficient in themselves. They perfectly co-exist with different T-shirts and T-shirts, tops and bright blouses, shirts made of natural fabrics.

Given that most models of these pants have quiet colors, an excellent solution will be to focus on the colorful and juicy top. So, linen trousers of white color perfectly match with red and violet blouses, burgundy blouses, turquoise vests on straps and sleeveless, with a round neckline. An interesting solution to beige trousers will be tunics with ethnic and animal themes, as well as loose light blouses with floral and geometric patterns.

  • It is believed that the best addition to linen trousers is a shirt or top made of the same material. The truth is in this. Natural fabrics perfectly harmonize with each other, creating a holistic tandem. But there must be caution in choosing the very shades of such clothes.
  • So, the khaki color can be from below, and on top of the outfit. And in this case, the entire image looks acceptable and comfortable, without overloading the appearance with such an identical color solution. But here the other accessories should be in a dark blue, black or brown tonality.
  • If you combine white or beige trousers with the same linen top of the same shade, then the image turns out slightly unharmonious. The entire silhouette seems to merge and spread out simultaneously. In such a situation, it is preferable to combine the same color, but with a difference of two tones. For example, linen breeches and a shirt made of natural color coffee with milk. You can put on beige sandals on your feet, and decorate your head with a snow-white hat with huge fields.

Also to the pants of linen, it is allowed to select outerwear and a more dense structure. It can be a fitted cotton lined jacket, a long cardigan of thin knitting. Do not give up on the warm divers and the bats, which also get along well with these trousers. In this case, you can simply choose the bottom of dark shades, due to which it will also look denser.

Feminine and romantic interpretations of

Despite the practicality and convenience of this dress, it is also capable of creating subtle and gentle images in which you can safely go on a date or a friendly party. One of such successful variants can be:

1. Narrowed linen trousers of sand color, which will be complemented by a snow-white blouse with open shoulders and with red-black embroidery along the breast line. It is also necessary to put on sandals of light brown color on a high hairpin and with a scarlet sole, but the handbag can be taken in black and white with small red elements.

2. Pants breeches with tapered ends of gray color will contrast diluted chiffon bright orange blouse with a high collar and lush sleeves. Top in this case should be tucked into trousers, and on the belt hang a thin strap, decorated with natural stones of beige and brown tones. On the feet should be put on cloth shoes on a wedge with orange elements, and in hand to take a gray rectangular clutch.

3. For the evening out, when it gets cool on the street, you can prefer wide flaxen trousers of black or mustard color, fill a monofilament turtleneck with a deep lilac or dark blue hue, and add as accessories long jewelery from multi-colored big beads or a brooch inthe form of a huge yellow flower. As for shoes, it is appropriate to look shoes with a low heel with a square nose and black.

Unsuccessful combinations of

Discussing linen trousers and what to wear them, you should definitely say a few words about those options that are considered losing and irrelevant.

  1. The first is shoes. Completely discard in this case should be from lacquered shoes on a wooden sole.
    From coarse sneakers and sneakers, summer Cossacks, as well as from strict and classic shoes with a thin metal hairpin.
  2. It is better to give preference to ballet and moccasins, as well as sandals. But there is also a small exception. Sandals in Roman style with numerous intertwining and lacing should also become taboo, when it comes to linen trousers.
  3. I also want to mention such shoes as clogs without heels and slippers. Stylists are allowed to use them together with wide linen pants, but if it's just a country walk on the beach or an organized picnic. And surely such a duet is complemented by a falling free T-shirt with some funny or original print.
  4. As for clothes, it is not necessary to put together a denim top( shirt, jacket) and pants made of flax. Such a top will interrupt pants and take all the attention to themselves, creating the impression of some kind of understatement.
  5. Too transparent tops and blouses are also better left for another option. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be frivolous and tasteless. Refuse should also be from jackets of tweed and velvet, which are also framed by ruffs and flounces. These things are not combined with each other at all. Video on the topic:
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