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All the girls are looking forward to the wedding, it is a symbolic and exciting, the most important event in life. That is why it is so important to think through everything to the smallest detail: choose the best dress, plan the ceremony, send out invitations. The bride is the pearl of the whole holiday, and besides the dress, hairstyle and bouquet, high-quality wedding make-up is of great importance. It is he who emphasizes the tenderness, fragility and innocence of the image, represents the girl in the best light, hiding all external shortcomings, emphasizing virtues.

Make-up for the bride is different from everyday and from the evening. To make it qualitatively often can only be done by a professional. But do not despair, every girl will be able to independently master the technique of the wedding make-up, following the step-by-step recommendations and advice from the best make-up artists.

What is a wedding make-up

Make-up for a wedding is considered professional, so its application should be entrusted to a good stylist-make-up artist who will take into account all the features of the bride's appearance, will pick up a variant suitable for a hairstyle and a dress.

Wedding make-up is a kind of symbiosis of day and evening. He should be persistent, keep all day without correction. For such makeup it is recommended to use high-quality professional cosmetics. In contrast to daytime make-up, the wedding dress rests on the face with a heavier and dense layer, and unlike the evening one it looks lighter and fresher.

Cosmetics for wedding makeup has a number of features:

  • Resistance to moisture, temperature changes.
  • Nutritional and caring substances are absent.
  • The skin should be as flat as possible, but without the effect of a mask.

When applying a wedding make-up, it is important to remember that during the ceremony there will be photo and video shooting, so it should be bright enough, clear, contrast. This applies even to light make-up, for which you need to choose the right colors, work out the relief of the face, contours. Otherwise, the wedding photos of the girls at risk of beholding themselves in a faded, faceless form.

It is advisable to think over the makeup beforehand, having put several options during the rehearsal of the wedding or for filming. It is important to consider that immediately after application and after a couple of hours the brightness of the colors is somewhat different. Given this, you can choose the right shades, their intensity on the face.

Wedding makeup should emphasize the beauty of the bride, tenderness, fragility of the image in any lighting. At the same time he must look as natural and organic as possible, regardless of style - strict or daring, romantic or fatal, tender or mischievous.

What first of all to pay attention to

That the bride looked ideally in every respect, it is necessary: ​​

  • To pick up the make-up corresponding to the form of the face, style of a dress and a hairdress.
  • Use only high-quality, persistent cosmetics, selecting its shades according to its color.
  • Take care of qualitative camouflage of all flaws, correction of the face oval.
  • Apply a quality base for make-up, smoothing complexion, it will also allow the basic tone to lie perfectly.
  • Competently place accents. In wedding makeup, the accent can only be on one of the zones: eyes and eyebrows, eyes and cheekbones, eyebrows / cheekbones / lips, otherwise the image will turn out to be too heavy, vulgar.
  • Well, the main rule: even the most high-quality makeup will look bad if the face shows signs of fatigue. Before the ceremony the girl simply has to sleep and take care of proper skin care.

A week before the celebration it is recommended to make a peeling so that the skin becomes perfect. It would be superfluous to think about a smile, whitening the enamel.

The choice of cosmetics

Traditionally, for wedding make-up, colors of warm shades of natural scale are chosen. Too bright colors can disrupt the balance of the image of the bride, make him too flashy, vulgar. This should be avoided, unless, of course, this does not mean the style of the ceremony itself.

When creating make-up for a wedding with your own hands, it is important to use only proven cosmetics, otherwise there may be unpleasant surprises in the form of sweaty carcass, sweating lipstick and even an allergic reaction.


Without a perfect skin about high-quality make-up there can be no question. Make-up artists strongly recommend:

  1. Apply a make-up primer that smooths out unevenness and straightens out the tone, allows cosmetics to lie flat and stay longer.
  2. Disguise pimples, wrinkles, specks, redness, dark circles under the eyes with the help of correctors and concealers that best match the color of the face. They need to be applied in a thin layer, otherwise imperfections will only become even more apparent.
  3. The tone of the tonal matrix should ideally match the skin tone, the borders of the application are thoroughly shaded. The color of the skin on the face should not differ from the tone of the neck and shoulders, especially if the outfit is open. To feather the foundation is strictly on massage lines, paying attention to the boundaries.
  4. It is best to choose a foundation that adapts to the shade of the skin. It is acceptable to use several shades of tone for maximum natural effect and easy correction of the face oval. To adjust the shape of the face, it is worth using rouge gentle pink or beige tones. From konturinga using a bronzer is better to refuse to owners of light skin.
  5. Luminescent cosmetics and highlighter, applied in certain areas, will help to give the skin radiance. Excessive shine and the use of sequins are undesirable, because in the photo the skin will glow like a Christmas tree.
  6. Loose powder will make the skin smoother and complete make-up. Throughout the ceremony, you can and even need to slightly adjust the makeup with a light compact powder or puff, this will help make the cosmetics last longer and rid the face of greasy shine.

Eyebrows of the

It is very important for the bride to take care of eyebrows, even if the accent in make-up is not made on them. Should:

  1. Correct their shape according to the type of person. Do this best in a couple of days before the celebration, so that the whole impression is not spoiled redness or swelling in the areas of hair removal.
  2. Give them color and density. To make eyebrows in the wedding make-up look sharp, it is better to use shadows or mascara for them instead of a pencil. Black color will look vulgar, so for brunettes the ideal solution will be coffee shades, and for blondes - ashy.
  3. Eyebrows need to be beautifully laid, for this you should use a special wax( colorless or brown).

Eyebrows - this is a kind of frame for the whole face. Without their competent design makeup will look unfinished and expressionless.


Carrying out the wedding makeup of the eyes, you should take care of the proper selection of eye shadow and mascara. They make the look radiant, emphasize the expressive features.


Under the shade, it is recommended to apply a special substrate, preventing their rolling. With the primer, the color will lie flat, it will be as intense as possible.

Shadows can not be too dark, this will make the look too gloomy, heavy. Visually refresh the look of the shade of light tones applied in the interior corners. Makeup artists advise for a wedding make-up to use a contrasting shade of shadows to the color of the eyes, since this method will give the person expressiveness, and the look will become even more beautiful:

  • For make-up of green eyes - beige, steel, chocolate and peach shades.
  • For blue eyes, pink, lilac, gray, golden, sand tones are suitable.
  • The brown-eyed should pay attention to light blue and green shades.

Instead of using it, it is recommended to use dark, dry shades, which shade well. If they are applied only to the upper eyelid, then it will make the eyes bigger.

You should not combine several shades of eye shadow. The optimal option - the use of two shades of the same color: light - in the middle of the century, and a dark one - for an emphasis on the outer corner.

For wedding makeup it is not recommended to use mother-of-pearl shades, as they can create glare on the photo. The choice of makeup artists - matte dry shadows.


When performing wedding makeup it is better to use waterproof mascara, because the wedding is an emotional event, and the bride can easily give tears to her will. But this is not a reason for leaking makeup. Mascara is recommended to be applied in two layers, so as not to overload the eye, and leave the eyelashes as natural as possible. Step by step it should be done as follows:

  1. Apply to the eyelashes base( primer), which will lift them, divide, make a little thicker and longer, allow the carcass to lie down without lumps.
  2. Dye the upper and lower eyelashes in one layer with ink with a volume effect.
  3. Apply a second layer on the upper eyelashes, you can use an extension ink. Lower it is better not to touch so that the look does not turn out to be too puppet.

Before applying mascara, eyelashes can be padded with tweezers, gently pressing them with hairs near the base so that no creases remain.

Brunettes are ideal for black mascara, the rest is better to choose brown or graphite.

Makeup of lips

Ideal lips any bride will turn into a sample of femininity, tenderness, grace. If the emphasis in the wedding make-up is on the lips, then lipstick should choose saturated, but not scintillating shades, which coincide with the natural color of the lips, with a dense texture, stable. In other cases, you can use translucent shine pink or peach scale, tint or lipstick natural shade.

Apply lipstick by following the step-by-step recommendations:

  1. It is recommended to use a primer, it will make the surface of the lips even, moisturize the dry skin, hide all roughness.
  2. To make your lips have a clear outline, you should use a pencil in a semitone darker than lipstick. With the ideal form of the lips you can do without a pencil or use the same color as lipstick.
  3. Apply the first layer of lipstick, remove excess with a napkin. This step is necessary because it creates a basis for a bright color.
  4. Apply a second coat of lipstick.

Glossy gloss is worth using together with lipstick, applying them only to the center, creating the effect of plump and moist lips.

Lipstick on the lips of the bride is difficult to hold, so she constantly has to correct. To not think all the time about tinting your lips, you should use a super-resistant lipstick, so you do not have to worry about the look after each kiss. But before applying it, you must additionally moisten your lips with balm, otherwise the skin can pull off.

Gentle blush

Blush in the wedding make-up play an important role, they give the face a fresh, healthy appearance, add the image of shyness, romance. A general rule for all brides is the use of light shades of blush, in particular, of a pink scale. The color should be in harmony with the shade of the lipstick and be combined with the dress.

Apply the blush on top of the foundation with a thin layer, shading well. The coating should look soft, transparent, which gives a natural, natural look.

With soft strokes of blush, you can slightly correct the oval face, make the cheekbones expressive, relief.

Make-up for coloring

Wedding makeup directly depends on the color of the hair, eyes and skin of the bride.

For brunettes

Brides with dark hair can choose bright colors of cosmetics, sufficiently saturated and intense. But it is important to observe a certain balance so that you do not look older than your age. Makeup should be sufficiently restrained, otherwise the bride will see a vulgar doll instead of her.

When choosing cosmetics, consider the skin color:

  • Darkers will be treated with peach, coral podtonom. Powder can be with a bronzer, giving the skin a natural tanned appearance. Blush is ideal for a brown scale. Lipstick should be matte, drawing a contour of lips with a soft outline.
  • The holders of light china leather will approach ivory tone products and delicate pink blush. Shadows should be as light as possible, but they should be supplemented with dark eyeliner. Lipstick should be preferred translucent, with a small glossy luster, its color should be in harmony with the tint of the skin, dress and bouquet of the bride.

Mating and mascara can be black or dark brown, but should not be applied too thickly.

For blondes

The wedding makeup of blond brides should be as light, natural, translucent as possible. Its main task is to emphasize the fragile beauty of a gentle blonde.

  • The tone of the tonal remedy should completely match the natural skin color, any differences will immediately catch your eye. It is worth considering the translucent textures( mousse, fluid), which are well distributed over the skin, aligning its tone.
  • Blush should be barely noticeable on the face, if you can not do without them, then you should use light beige or pink shades that do not impart artificiality to the face.
  • Shadows, too, should be as light as possible, it is best to choose them from a peach, blue or gray scale.

Mascara is better to use brown, applying it in one layer on the bottom and two on the upper eyelashes. In the bride's makeup, mascara can be used in blue.

The color of the lipstick should be chosen in accordance with the tone of the dress, the color scheme of the bouquet. Shades can be quite saturated, berry with an emphasis on the lips. Or soft, light, pink-beige colors, if the emphasis in make-up is on the upper part of the face. In any case, lipstick should not be abused, so as not to make the face rough, it is better to use translucent means.

It does not matter if you make your own makeup with your own hands or with the help of a professional make-up artist, the main thing is that he emphasizes the beauty of the bride, and not paint over it, keeps himself all day and does not interfere. Only in this case can guarantee a great mood during the holiday and the joy of viewing the photos much later than it ends.

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