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In 2017 the Easter week begins on May 1st. This time, the centuries-old traditions of the celebration of Easter coincide with the beloved from the Soviet times, and the following day after the Red Hill Victory Day. There are plenty of reasons for joy and free time. The question arises as to how to spend the holidays is not only fun, but also beautiful, meaningful. We will look for answers in the traditions of our distant ancestors.

Easter customs of home decoration

As it is customary to visit the Easter week on a visit, a mother-in-law's visit or just a picky girlfriend is provided for you. So decorate the house just will not hurt.

To create the "Glade" useful:

  • Live flowers.
  • A handful of oats or wheat.
  • Painted eggs.
  • Square of natural loose flax or cambric.
  • Multicolored ribbons.
  • A large round dish.

In this case, please note that the decoration of the table will have to take care of 3-4 days before the holiday. What you will need to do:

  1. Spread a grain in the center of the dish. Fold the fabric with a cone and cover the grasses with it so that the material lies against the grains.
  2. Dampen it with water, but do not fill it. Put in a warm place and keep the moisture for a couple of days.
  3. After the seeds have germinated, remove the cloth and decorate the dish with a green slide with colorful eggs and red bows.

When decorating a house, remember that the Easter light week is called so not in vain, these days it is not customary to boast of wealth. Therefore, choosing flowers for a wreath, give preference to what grow on native spaces. Orchids and other exotic will be inappropriate. Decorate them with windows, doors or even the floor.

If you have a household plot or just a tree under a window, decorate it with bows from ribbons of tender shades and nests with paint-colored ones. By the way, since Radonitska falls on May 10, it will be appropriate to add the St. George ribbon, thus not only honoring our deceased relatives, but also paying tribute to all the fallen soldiers for us.

So, you have decorated the dwelling in view of ancient and modern traditions. Now let's see how it is customary to spend the days of the Easter week according to the old rules.

Our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers had customs at the time of the above-mentioned holiday, to violate which was considered at least a bad form.
The traditional rules correspond to the names of the days of the Easter week, with which you now and get acquainted.

Holy Resurrection of Christ and a week after it

Preparations for the holiday begin already on Saturday evening. Careful housewives put in a beautifully decorated basket products that the priest will consecrate during the procession. You can not only consecrate colored eggs and cakes, it is not forbidden to put lard, sausage, vegetables, fruits and even vodka in a basket. By the way, the last one, by the way, should not be tasted: remember that the appearance of drunkenness on the Easter service is unacceptable.

During the day, the whole family gathers at the festively laid table to break up, congratulate each other with the words "Christ is risen" and hear in response: "Truly was risen".In the evening, all honest people go to mass festivities with songs and dances.

Watering Monday

Girls and women on this day are washed in the morning or even completely bathed in water "from a red egg".According to the belief, this procedure provides health and beauty for the whole year. In addition, on the first day of the Easter week, it is customary to visit their grandmothers and godparents. Grandchildren and godchildren give presents to their relatives and pies, receive the same gifts and take them with them.

Tuesday Bathing

Those who too much fun on the eve and as a result overslept the morning prayer, the family mercilessly poured well water. Today, wishing to observe the custom, it is enough to wash with cold water.

Also Tuesday is considered the day of women's holiday. Representatives of the fair sex go to each other on a visit, have fun, and husbands take care of the house.

Wednesday The conductor

In the middle of the Easter week, as the name implies, it is customary to dance and go to the tavern "to music".In the modern interpretation of the Horvodnitsa can be noted, having fun with friends in a nightclub or having supper in a restaurant.

In addition, there is also the name of the environment: "Gradova".So if, for one reason or another, rough fun does not suit you, you can celebrate this day by placing a candle in the church or before the home icon from hail. Today, such a rite symbolizes the elimination of troubles associated with natural disasters.

Navsky Thursday

On the fourth day of the Easter week, according to custom, they refuse to do homework and take care of their deceased relatives. So, on the "Passover of the dead" it is customary to restore order on the graves, to decorate the tombstones with colored eggs, cakes, wine and other consecrated snacks. In this case, men tie towels, and women complement the outfit with a beautiful apron.

In addition, please note that in the days of the bright Easter week you can not be dejected even at the cemetery. According to ancient beliefs, the souls of the dead at this time return to our world to share with us the joy of Christ's resurrection. Therefore, the Naviansky Thursday is not a commemoration of the departed, but rather a holiday greeting. Evening, according to custom, is held in a quiet family atmosphere.

Farewell Friday

Excellent a reason to make up with an unfriendly mother-in-law and too demanding a father-in-law. On this day, by tradition, the aforementioned relatives invite his son-in-law and his family members to cook and drink young beer together.

These days, this method of reconciliation has been transformed into any help in the home and the following cheerful feast.

Saturday of the Women's Guide

A youth holiday is celebrated with declarations of love to the chosen one. If the girl responds reciprocally, she gives the guy a peach. Then the relatives of the newly-born bride went to the groom's family and arranged for the wedding. In the modern version of the Horo-girl, lovers introduce each other to their parents.

If you have romantic experiences in the past, mark the holy Saturday in another ancient way. Our ancestors got rid of the evil forces, washing the outside of the house with water.

Owners of private households can pour a roof and facade from a hose, while the inhabitants of the same flats in high-rise buildings need only to wash the front door.

Fomino Sunday

Continuing the youth theme, we will mention that Holy Sunday is also called the "Red Hill".Sitting at home that day unmarried girls and single men was considered a bad omen. The very name "red" implies a beautiful, all-time favorite place - here future spouses in witnesses exchange vows in eternal love.

By the way, it is not accepted to get married on the days of the Easter week. You can marry, and the church rite on another day.

Now let's see why the last day of the Easter week is called "Fomin" and how to carry it out to those who already have a corresponding stamp in their passport or are in "free flight" to people.

According to the Bible, the apostle Thomas believed in the resurrection of his teacher only after seeing him personally in the flesh. Since then, there is the Easter rite of communion with the body of Christ. To do this you will need:

  1. Buy in church or independently prepare consecrated unleavened bread without yeast - artos.
  2. To leave in the morning to the temple and on an empty stomach to taste a piece of the above mentioned loaf symbolizing the flesh of Christ.
  3. Finish the celebration of the earlier "third cocks", that is, a little later than midnight.

So, how to celebrate the Easter week by day, you have read. Now it's time to learn funny fortune-telling and unusual rites, which our ancestors spent during this period.

Easter signs, rituals and divination - video

Easter male traditions by professions

Hunters and fishermen on Easter days are advised to suspend their fishing. It is believed that during the Bright Week, the resurrection of Christ rejoices every creature of God and shed blood, even for the sake of daily food is impermissible.

It will be appropriate for fishermen at Christology to say: "Christ is risen, and I have a fish."For those observing all the rules of the Easter week of fishermen, in general, as they say, green light, because the anagram of the name of Christ is deciphered from Latin as "fish".

More brutal traditions are traditionally observed by inveterate hunters. On the first day of Easter, the men who fished for the beast shot men from the rifle, went behind the backside. At the same time, a covenant was given not to kill for the sake of fun and a plot was committed to arms: "Beat the whole year without a miss."

In modern conditions, a rifle salvo will primarily attract the attention of law enforcement agencies. Yes, and male booty is now expressed not in the number of carcasses of dead animals. So fireworks in the yard or crackers at the door for attracting luck will be plenty.

Female custom for Easter, divination

Maiden entertainment during the Easter week certainly include fortune-telling for the groom. However, because the church traditions forbid girls to curious even about their near future, our great-grandmothers adjusted themselves to guessing in a game form.

What you need:

  • A little salt and sugar.
  • Engagement ring.
  • Painted eggs and bread. Shawl and girlfriend.

Place sugar, salt, a ring and bread in the corners of the room. Then stand in the center, ask your friend to tie your eyes with a beautiful kerchief and give a painted egg. Twirl seven times clockwise, drop to the floor and roll the krashenku. After that, you can remove the bandage and see where it has rolled:

  1. Closer to sugar - a good omen, signifying good luck and a comfortable life.
  2. The ring marks a fast marriage, but as far as it will be successful, it will again show the egg that has come closer to the salt or sugar.
  3. Salt, of course, means failure.
  4. Bread foreshadows an acquaintance with the rich groom.

There is still many ways of guessing in the Easter week, to list everything for a long time. If desired, you can use church candles, flowers, consecrated Easter eggs and even festively decorated trees or swings in the courtyard.

The only condition - do not use mirrors.

Magic rites

In the Easter light week our ancestors not only rejoiced at the resurrection of Christ, but also cared about the safety of their family and home. For example, special beliefs on the night from Saturday to Sunday are associated with the spirit of the house, known to all as a house.

To calculate this secret household was considered possible, walking around the house with a candle consecrated during the matins. According to the beliefs, the evil spirit lived in the basement, and the friendly housekeeper lived in the attic.

Regardless of whether you believe in ancient magic or stick to church canons, in the days of the Easter week, chase away sad thoughts.
Also remember that the celebration of Easter is not just an excuse to have fun with friends. At this time, you need to think about whether you are a good person.

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