Fashionable haircuts and pads for men, 2016

  • The right haircut is the key to success
  • The best haircuts for men with short hair
  • Stylish hair cuts for medium length hair
  • Fashionable haircuts for men with long hair
  • Beard is an integral accessory

The style of a man is his business card,when representatives of the strong half of humanity looked at their own appearance through their fingers. Fashionable men's haircuts are an integral part of the image of a confident person, keeping pace with the times. Designers do not get tired of releasing new collections of men's clothing with accessories, asking new trends, experimenting with styles, and hairdressers do not lag behind them.

Well-groomed healthy hair is a symbol of success, an indicator of the style of its owner, that's why every modern man simply has to give proper attention to hair and select the best haircut for himself.

The right haircut is the key to the success of the

. The male haircut should not only be fashionable, it must conform to the individual characteristics of its owner, therefore, before choosing a hairstyle, you should study yourself:

  1. Lifestyle often dictates style, so when choosing a fashionable haircut, this is the firstthat you need to navigate. Men who prefer a business style in life or work should choose their short hairstyles or elegantly laid hair of medium length. Representatives of bohemia or simply creative personalities can not limit their imagination, experimenting with length, style, color solutions, trying on creative or avant-garde hairstyles.
  2. Appearance when choosing a haircut for men is equally important. The type of the face, the features of the hair, their density, structure directly affect the length and shape of the future haircut. Curly, naughty hair requires a thinning, it will adjust the shape of the hairstyle, remove the unnecessary volume at the ends. Cascading men's haircuts will make the face less elongated, and multilayered fit chubby men. It's quite difficult to choose the right hairstyle on your own, so it's best to ask for a tip to the stylist or choose the most suitable option from the photo.
  3. Age. Although in our time it is not a determining factor in choosing a stylish haircut, you should still focus on it, deciding on this or that length, the extravagance of the image entirely.
  4. Time spent on styling. The most unpretentious haircuts are short, often they do not require any care. Medium-length cuts need constant styling, the same concerns asymmetrical hairstyles. Long hair is the most demanding, it is difficult to take care of them, they need to be stacked.

Thin or damaged hair needs a thinning, it will help to give a hairdo volume, hide shortcomings.

All haircuts, except for very short, require regular care:

  • Hair should be clean and shiny, so you should choose quality cosmetics.
  • The form of the hairstyle needs to be adjusted once a month, otherwise all efforts will go wrong, and the image will turn out to be untidy.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment. A haircut, laid in a new way, can completely change the appearance.

The best haircuts for men with short hair

Many prefer short haircuts, associating them with masculinity. Although they are not distinguished by a variety of stitches, they are easy to wear, and care does not require effort. Especially popular are such hairstyles in the summer, when you do not want to spend time laying in the heat.

Some types of men's haircuts are suitable for everyone without exception, they are a kind of classic that does not go out of fashion for decades. The names of these men's haircuts are familiar to many, because not only modern men, but even their dads or grandfathers preferred these hairstyles:

  • Hedgehog and boxing - unpretentious haircuts, differing sports style. In 2017, the optimal length of such a hairstyle is not less than 1 cm. Suitable for men with thin hair, regular skull shape, oval face. Implies short, almost shaved whiskey in combination with the minimum length in the forehead and crown area. Ideal for an active lifestyle, because it does not require additional styling, regular hair washing.
  • Poluboks differs from the previous version with a longer length in the forehead and crown area. More demanding on the quality of hair, styling. Suitable for men with a broad face. There is no clear age framework for such a hairstyle, it is equally suitable for a young athlete, and a solid businessman.
  • Canadian haircut, popular since the Soviet Union, remains today one of the most fashionable. This haircut is short enough, but still implies different ways of styling due to the large volume of hair in the forehead and crown area. It is suitable for both working in a stuffy office, and for creative people. A long bang can be laid back, up, sideways, each time creating a fresh image, adjusting the hairstyle for a particular style. Trend 2017goda - long bangs, falling on the forehead, this option is suitable for stylish young men who pay great attention to their appearance, since constant laying is required, but the haircut is universal.
  • Haircut with an oblique parting is an invariable classic, it will fit in both modern style and retro style. It is distinguished by short temples, long hair at the forehead and on the vertex, often reaching the base of the neck, sometimes the neck is also shortened. It is actual such a hairstyle for men who prefer a business and elegant style of clothes. The side parting adds to the look of solidity, but it is important to ensure that the hair is perfectly well-groomed. It is not necessary to smoothly comb the hair, the elongated part can be given an additional volume, effectively combing it up or sideways. The latter option is suitable for young people who prefer a free, sporty or avant-garde style, such a hairstyle will add the appearance of lightness, audacity, youth.
The above men's haircuts are easy to carry out by the machine at home, however, help will be required. Carrying out half-box or Canadian, make sure that the transition from hair on the temples and the back of the head to the longest was as smooth as possible, without sharp boundaries.

Any short haircut with shaved temples can easily be turned into a creative one, made part of a bold, daring, freedom-loving image. For this, "tattoos" are shaved on both sides with suitable ornaments: stripes, geometric patterns, etc. In 2017, such a decor is again popular, but it is better to do it only with a stylist.

Stylish hair cuts for medium length hair

Hair of medium length - trend of the season - 2017. More specifically, one hairstyle should combine elongated strands with short ones. The main haircuts are two - undercute and "Pompadour".Variants of haircuts inside each of the species differ little from each other, except for some elements, the manner of laying. These haircuts can be called universal, suitable for almost any type of face.


Combines long hair in the forehead and crown area with short-cropped or shaven temples. Due to the long bangs, the hairdo can be stacked in different ways:

  1. Combing back, tightly smoothing or creating volume.
  2. To comb on one side.
  3. Put something like a mohawk, combing your hair up( it's best to look at the shortened hair).
  4. Create a new structure, moving the hair with a round comb and hair dryer, stacking chaotically.

Undercute for several seasons remains one of the most popular youth haircuts. It fits easily into most styles, it's not so difficult to stack, and the choice of length of the main volume of hair allows you to experiment with styling, not so often attending a hairdresser.


The main features of this stylish haircut are elongated hair around the crown and a long bang. The back of the head with the temples is cut short, but not as much as in the undercute. The bulk of the hair is most often laid back or slid to the side, forming a magnificent volume in the bang area. The hair on the temples, if they are long enough, is best simply combed back using the fixation means, so that they lay smoothly and do not get out of the hairstyle.

Popular haircut "Pompadour" was thanks to the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley, who preferred to lay his hair like that.

This haircut will suit young people with a round face( visually draws it) and a lean physique. It easily fits into almost any style.

On average hair, "Pompadour" looks perfect. But this haircut is very demanding for styling and care, it is optimal to wear it for those men who are naturally gifted with thick or slightly curly hair. Even in this case, without the means of fixation, it is rather difficult to get the hairstyle to lie properly.


Another version of male haircuts of medium length - grunge. Such hairstyles are again relevant in 2016.Their feature is asymmetrical packing, torn edges. Short whiskeys are combined with a long bangs casually combed on one side.

For curls of

To owners of curly and unruly hair haircut "Brit" is perfect, in which shortly shearing or shaving whiskey with the back of the head, and the bulk of the hair is cut into a straight line.

It's on naughty locks that it will look perfect, creating a popular mess this year, some carelessness that does not require styling. The slackness of such a male haircut turns into an effect, but only on clean hair.

Fashionable haircuts for men with long hair

A man with hair released today is easy to meet not only among rock musicians or bikers. On the catwalk more and more long-haired handsome men with spectacular styling or simple hairstyles. But to have long hair is rather troublesome, because besides keeping them clean, you need to spend a lot of time to make your hair look really stylish and effective.

In the year of 2017, the following haircut requirements for hair cuts for long hair:

  • The optimal length is up to the shoulders.
  • The most natural laying without obvious traces of varnish, mousse, wax, etc.
  • Slight carelessness and knocked out strands are the place to be, but only on perfectly clean hair.
  • Hair should be thick, slightly curly. Owners of thin, liquid hair long haircuts can do much harm.
  • Hair can simply be left loose, slightly combing it back or to the side, on an oblique parting or without it. A straight part is suitable only for men with an oval face.

The ideal option for long hair is to assemble them in a high bunch, this hairstyle is one of the most fashionable and stylish for more than one season. The haircut looks spectacular when the bulk of the hair is long and laid in a bun, whiskey is shaved or cut short. One of the advantages of the beam is that it does not take a lot of time and money for the styling to make such a hairstyle, the hair will be less dirty and will not interfere during the day.

Beard - an integral accessory

Recently, the popularity of the beard is growing, more and more men prefer to grow this fashionable "accessory".

Undoubtedly, the beard adds any image of masculinity, makes its owner brutal, but at the same time requires systematic care and constant attention. A stylish haircut and a beard together can decorate any man.

There are no special recommendations when choosing a combo with a beard, because much depends on the external data, taste and style of the man. Among the most popular variants of fashionable haircuts of 2017, the Canadian, Pompadour, and undercute are preferred. Effectively looks beard with long hair, laid bundle or carelessly combed back.

Men's fashion haircut is the right step on the way to a balanced and stylish appearance, because neither expensive shoes nor a gold watch will make a man self-confident without a well-groomed head of hair.

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