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Any girl must master the skill of applying the correct makeup. With the help of cosmetics, women improve their appearance. It is necessary to know what pluses need to be emphasized and what disadvantages to hide. Most women can not perfectly and for the intended purpose use decorative cosmetics. It is necessary as a rule to remember that cosmetics should only slightly improve the natural lines and forms of the face, and not lose originality in cosmetics.


During the use of cosmetics should be guided by separate rules: evening make-up more provocative;than the woman in the age, the tone of cosmetics should be beaten soft. It is also necessary to fulfill a few simple requirements. First, you always need to have all the necessary cosmetics and various adaptations at hand. An important requirement is considered suitable lighting: the best setting is daylight. Most are painted under electric light: the light should illuminate the face evenly.

Facial cleansing

The first step in applying cosmetics is facial cleansing. After cleansing, a smooth soil is created for future make-up. The face becomes a smooth pad on which it is easy to apply a smooth and perfect layer of makeup. For the basis, you can use a normal nourishing cream or a cream designed specifically for the base. Cosmetics for the basis are recommended to be purchased under the color of your skin.

Applying the base

Over the base, apply a foundation or powder. Powder strengthens the base and creates a strong layer that protects the face from dirt and drank. The color of the foundation or powder should always be darker than the color of the base. If the cream is used as the basis of the color of the sun, then powder can not be used. The powder should be applied to the neck and décolleté area so that the make-up does not differ from the skin and looks more natural.


Next we pass to the eyes. We put carcasses. Eyelashes become longer and thicker, and the eyes look more expressive. For complete reincarnation of the eyes, you need to use shadows. Shadows are taken under the tone of lipstick. With the eyeliner we finish the correction. You can give any desired shape to the eyes by means of a nozzle. After the eyes make out the lips.


First, the contour pencil draws the border of the lips. You can also change the shape and size of your lips: reduce or make fuller. After applying lipstick. With daytime make-up, the color of the lipstick should be distinguished by soft shades.


You can not score about rouge. The application of rouge is individual for each woman and depends on the shape of the face. Applying blush in a certain way, you can change the shape of the face.

During makeup you do not need to use a lot of make-up: it's not about quantity, it's about quality. The person should look tinted, not painted.

Video - day makeup

Video - evening make-up


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