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stylists Women's short pants always took their special place in the wardrobe. They were at the height of popularity, then they became the rare exception that only a few young ladies could afford. In this fashionable season of 2017, this model of pants again begins to assert itself confidently, allowing all the girls and women to create new interesting images.

However, the shortened trouser style is very ambiguous. Such clothes can give a female figure in favorable light, emphasizing all its merits, or, on the contrary, it can, overnight, spoil it, placing emphasis on the shortcomings and disproportionality of the silhouette. Therefore, it is so important to know what to wear shortened trousers.

Selection of short trousers for the figure

Before choosing a suitable addition to a wardrobe element such as short pants, you should determine their ideal model.

  1. Girls of low stature should abandon the direct cut of such pants, as it will shorten the silhouette even more, making it squat.
  2. Full ladies with extreme caution should approach the short models. Not the best option will be pants with high waist and loose cut, as well as those whose length ends in the area of ​​a wide part of the caviar. This style will rivet the eye to the volume in the legs, making the accent on it.
    Special features with a massive lower part should be paid attention to straight capri pants elegant silhouette, with arrows and length 7/8, with a small lapel. It is such a detail below that will balance the whole silhouette.
  3. High and slender girls can safely stop at any style. However, if the young lady has a very thin ankle, then ignore the expanded cut of short trousers that make this part of the body even narrower.

The most popular models of these pants are:

  • pants-gauchos, which are characterized by a wide belt and a clove from the thigh line;
  • Chinos - such an article is narrowed downwards, and differs from the top by voluminous folds;
  • pipes - trousers of a straight and narrow cut, but they do not fit a leg, as, for example, skinnels;
  • carrot, these pants are shaped like carrots and have an ankle length;
  • classic trousers with arrows.

A large number of models and styles allows you to choose your ideal shortened pants, which will only decorate and transform the figure. And given that such a product can be sewn from a different texture, ranging from silk, flax and viscose to denim or dense woolen cloth, they can rightfully be called practical and universal clothing for all occasions.

A shorter model of a narrow silhouette

If we talk about a model of short trousers that fit tightly around the leg, then this is an option for those who have a well-formed good figure. In these pants you can meet with friends, go shopping and walk around the city. Most often they are presented in a multi-colored version and are not suitable for creating a strict office style.

As for the other things that could be combined with them, then it is necessary to apply one main rule: the top can be anything but sporty. Otherwise, loose T-shirts, bikes and tunics, along with these pants, will create the image of a gymnastics coach or a girl who has gathered for sports.

The best option, according to stylists, for this style of pants are loose and spacious silhouettes with a falling bottom that covers the belly line. Illustrative examples of a combination of short-fitting trousers can be the following kits:

  • Pink short pants, pale pink strapless short-sleeved T-shirt, leather single-breasted waistcoat-black leather with metal rivets. On your feet you can wear ballet flats with a sharp nose on a low stroke and dark color, and on your shoulder hang a black backpack of a square shape.
  • Short pants of bright blue slightly above the ankle, snow-white tunic with long sleeves, decorated with ethnic ornament. As shoes fit sandals on a wooden wedge or sandals with a "metallic" top. But the bag can take a three-dimensional size with colorful colorful elements.
Another interesting, but more reserved option, suitable for an adult woman. Shortened loosely fitting trousers of black color in a small, rare peas. Red chiffon blouse with secret buttons.
A white fitted jacket with a collar and black buttons is put on top. The outfit is complemented by dark classic shoes with a thin strap around the ankle and a leather neat bag. This stylish kit can be used in warm spring.
  • But in the autumn, this style of trousers made of dense burgundy shade material can be used in combination with a strict shirt in a crimson blue strip and a cashmere coat of orange color of medium length. This is perfect for light-milk shoes with laces with a low square heel, a small bag of black color and a burgundy long scarf of large mating with a pattern of "checkers".

Short pants of wide style

Spacious straight and at the same time shortened trousers can become a godsend for girls trying to veil an ugly and uneven shape of legs.

But, choosing such pants, you need to think about what shoes they should be combined with.

  • If it is a question of light flying fabric, then the most suitable option will be shoes with boats with a round nose and a low heel.
  • The denser material of these pants is better combined with low masculine shoes made of ordinary or patent leather.
  • Summer version of wide short trousers can be combined with ballet, moccasins and even clogs.

As for the rest of the clothes, stylists recommend using truncated tops, on top of which knitted sweaters with buttons and high waist are worn, elongated jackets and fitted jackets, as well as sleeveless sleeveless coats.

Short pants of baggy style

Short pants Chinos are a pretty dangerous model, so they need careful combination with other things from the base wardrobe. In this case, it's good if they are muted or dark shades: black, dark blue, the colors of wet asphalt, pale beige, ivory. To these pants should choose an elegant and concise top.

But the free and flying silhouette will have to be abandoned, otherwise the girl will lose her femininity and become like a teenage mischievous person.
So the most appropriate tops to these pants will be the following products:
  • classic jacket;
  • simple short sleeve with short or long sleeves;
  • discreet linglish;
  • asymmetrical wide tops of monochrome coloring.

To support such a top will help shoes or sandals with heels, without any additional decorations and with a minimum of details.

Short waist with high waist

This model of short pants can be an excellent choice for going out or visiting a secular event. This style accepts only the top that will leave the waist line clearly visible. And, therefore, all the outer clothing should be tucked into the pants themselves. And in this case, the ideal options are:

  • light silk or satin blouses;
  • thin turtlenecks, decorated with an interesting applique;
  • cotton shirts of a fitted silhouette;
  • single -ton knitted crochet-tops.

But shoes for these pants should be chosen in accordance with the top. If it is a blouse from satin, then the appropriate option will be lacquered shoes with a stud with a sharp nose. A cotton product with a starched collar can complement the shoe-laces with a round nose and with an element such as holes on the sides.

When shortened trousers with an overstated waistline are combined with tight fitting turtlenecks, then as shoes you can put on low boots on thickened soles and high heels.

Some tips from

  1. stylists In winter, it's better to choose shortened denim and wool pants that will be tucked underneath. Shoes in this case, represented by shoes, should fully approach the extreme line of the pants, without intervening for it.
  2. Linen shortened pants are better combined with cloth or canvas shoes. Then the image is complete.
  3. The shortened trousers are worn only on top of the shoe. To fill them in boots is considered bad form and lack of taste. Therefore, in autumn, shorter footwear models should be chosen.

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