Gifts for the prom: ideas for a kindergarten, school, university

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kindergarten workers Before exiting the child is going through a few final adulthood: from kindergarten, from elementary, middle and high school and, finally, from the university. Each time this event is very exciting and important, preparation for it always begins in advance.

In order to really remember the graduation and the child, and his parents, and teachers, it is important to celebrate this holiday with some gift. If your fantasy no longer wants to offer you interesting options, the following ideas for choosing a gift for graduation will certainly help you.

Gifts for graduates of the 9th, 11th grade or high school Graduation

after grade 9 is very important for teenagers, because some of them out of school to college, and those who remain, say goodbye to a part of their school friends. At this age, children already appreciate practical gifts, so you can buy as a presentation some accessory for your computer.

  • This can be a beautiful flash drive, a high-quality wireless mouse, computer speakers or stylish headphones.
  • flash drive if you choose, than to please a daughter who is far from the computer, select the more girly, but still practical gift: modern wrist watch, beautiful umbrella or a fashionable handbag.
  • If your child leaves school, you can present him something that will be useful to him in a college or a technical school. It can be a good bag, with which he will go to school, sneakers or a suit. That is, things that are important for teenagers when they fall into a new collective, where they meticulously evaluate their appearance.

After the 11th grade, the gift can already be more substantial, since this graduation is one of the most important holidays.

  • In this case, the daughter can be pleased with some jewelry jewelry made of precious metals. Such memory in the form of a golden ringlet or earrings will remain with the girl for life.
  • But your son probably will appreciate a good watch, because it is an important accessory for a real man.
  • son is also very good, and most importantly, useful gift for the release of the last class of the school may be anything from technology: a new laptop, tablet or phone. Surely your child has a thing that he has long been dreaming of.

And, finally, the final graduation before the beginning of adulthood - from the university. Of course, there may be lots of options for this event, but if you have a certain amount, give your child a trip to rest so that he can have a proper rest and gain strength before starting everyday work. It is not necessary to buy permits for expensive resorts. An excellent tourist trip to some interesting city, located nearby.

Gifts for graduates gardens and 4 classes of kindergarten

End - serious stress in the life of any child, because significant changes are coming for him. To support and please your child, be sure to make him a nice gift. It can be a present from you or the same gifts for all the children in the group for collective money.

  • It is best if the present is somehow connected with the future admission to school. Give the kid a pencil case, a book or an interactive poster. This will surely intrigue him and make him look forward to the first school bell.
  • In addition, you can give your child an interesting and developing board game. First, now such a gift is in fashion, and secondly, your baby can spend time with advantage, playing with you or with your little friends.
  • And, of course, do not forget about sweets, because in children they are associated with a festive atmosphere and give a lot of joy. Even just handing all the kids in the group of kinder, you will significantly raise their spirits.

After the fourth grade, the kids are getting more legible, so the idea of ​​a gift will have to be considered. Let's look at several different options so that you can find one that suits your child.

  1. Encyclopedia. At this age, children become incredibly curious, so a bright children's encyclopedia will delight both the boy and the girl.
  2. Beautiful ball. For a boy you can choose a soccer ball, for a girl - volleyball. This gift will be very popular, because in summer children love to play in collective games.
  3. Starry sky projector. This little thing appeared on the shelves of the shops not so long ago, but already managed to gain a frenzied popularity. It is both a practical night light and stylish decor for the room.
  4. 3D-puzzle. Another fashionable thing lately. This puzzle will interest not only the child, but also the adult, so that you can have a great time with your child, collecting with him some historical building.
  5. Nominal souvenirs. Such gifts can be ordered in printing houses or advertising agencies of the city. It can be cups, caps, T-shirts, notebooks and other pleasant little things.

Inexpensive gifts for friends at the prom's

Many teenagers are worried about the question of what to give at their graduation friend or friend. After all, I really want to please my classmates, but do not spend too much, because the finances of schoolchildren are very limited.

  • In this season-2016, as in several previous ones, joking presents for friends are in fashion. It's enough to look into the joke shop to find the right thing. It can be, for example, a funny figurine with the hero of your favorite movie or a funny piggy bank. In addition, a good gift will be the original pen. Each time, outlining lectures on the first year of the university with such a pen, the student will remember his gay classmates.
  • If you want to please your best friend or girlfriend, you can choose a gift more expensive, but not less original and funny. Now it's fashionable to give devices that work from USB: a miniature vacuum cleaner for the keyboard, a tiny fan, a rack for heating the cup and other cool stuff.

It remains to determine the gift for people who have become to you during school life is much closer than friends and girlfriends - for your beloved. So, what to give your girlfriend or boyfriend at the prom?

  • To congratulate your girlfriend on graduation, give preference to traditional and no-lose options: a large bouquet of flowers and sweets. In addition, here you can add a small soft toy, because they adore all the young girls.
  • Choosing a gift for your beloved, give preference to things done with the heart and with all your heart. You can make a beautiful postcard for your lover and cook a beautiful cake for him. If you are not strong in creative and culinary arts, choose things that adolescent boys like: darts, computer game or a figurine with the hero of his favorite film.

For Teachers

A gift to the teacher at the graduation play is no less important than the presentation to the graduate, because this man passed with a class a long school life, during which he supported everyone and helped everyone.

Let's first consider different versions of the presents for subject teachers, and then we'll think over the main presentation for our favorite class teacher.

  • An excellent option for teachers will be souvenirs related to their subjects. Undoubtedly, you'll have to break your head to come up with options that will turn out to be really funny, useful and unique, but the teachers' reaction is worth the time. So, fizruku can choose a leather ball, which will sign all the students, the history teacher - a beautiful historical album, and the mathematics teacher - a set of curly magnets for the school board.
  • Wall clock - a gift that is needed in any class. Buy a few identical watches for all teachers and make a commemorative engraving on them.
  • Female teachers are sure to be delighted with the luxurious orchids in the flowerpots, and men - elegant diaries.
  • Stylish flash drive will not be superfluous for any teacher. Do not forget to record something memorable, for example, photos of your class.

A gift to the class teacher of a senior or elementary school can be more serious. Choose something that will be really useful for a person who has spent so much time with you. In all the years, the purchase of household appliances remains urgent. Do not hesitate in advance to ask the teacher what exactly he needs to really please him.

In addition, you can buy a class teacher a ticket to a sanatorium. Firstly, after a hard academic year, such a gift will certainly be superfluous. And secondly, most likely, similar to your teacher yet did not give any class.

Presents for kindergarteners

Nursing girls and educators are people who have helped you educate your children for several years, so it is very important to give some gifts to the kindergarten staff at the prom. It can be gifts for the garden in general, which will be needed for the next generation of toddlers, and presents for the employees personally.

  1. For kindergarten, you can choose, for example, a new carpet, curtains or toys. In addition, useful technology will be useful: a TV, DVD player, printer or scanner. If you want something more non-standard, plant along with the children and parents near the garden tree alley.
  2. Kindergarten workers can give gift certificates to clothing stores or cosmetics, sets of dishes, warm blankets, books. In extreme cases, you can always present to educators and nannies envelopes with money, so that they can themselves please themselves. And of course, do not forget about the bouquets of flowers, because the staff of the kindergarten is mostly female, and any woman will be pleased with a sweet bouquet.
  3. A more serious gift can be made by the head of the garden or a teacher, which is especially fond of you and your kids. Here we are talking about some jewelry or a certificate in a jewelry store, small equipment or even a trip to the resort.

In addition, an excellent addition to the main presentation will be a gift made by yourself - an original wall newspaper. Probably among the parents there are several mothers who can draw and draw posters beautifully. On such a wall newspaper it is possible to paste commemorative photos with kids, write pleasant wishes for garden workers and express their gratitude to them. The main thing is that the gift itself is executed from the heart.

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