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  • Audio hypnosis is a natural tool for healthy sleep, without a prescription and side effects.

Hypnosis is a specially induced state, similar to a dream. The essence of brain work in a state of hypnosis has not been thoroughly studied to the present day. There are three stages:

  1. Easy emotional and muscular relaxation.
  2. A drowsy state when the hypnotized person perceives only what the hypnotist says.
  3. Deep trance. He is subject only to 5% of hypnotized.

Almost all people get hypnosis only to the second stage - drowsiness. Although with such a specific dream, a person's consciousness is turned off, the brain continues its activity. And if the suggested is not consistent with the moral principles of man, his moral attitudes - he awakens.

The therapist and psychiatrist Milton Erickson destroyed the theory of hypnosis, in which it was considered correct that in a trance a doctor instilled in a person accurately formulated attitudes.

Erickson's hypnosis is free from suggestions. M. Erickson was of the opinion that immersion in trance should be used for self-education, self-knowledge, self-development, and not for putting people's minds in the mind of a person.

What is Hypnosis Erickson

With this hypnosis, a person goes into a trance and can turn to his consciousness. Attention is not wasted on the mass of objects and momentary events from the outside, concentrating on personal emotions, fantasies and sensations.

During this hypnosis the patient is aware of everything that is being done around him, and is actively in contact with a specialist. Simultaneously, the blocks and prohibitions put forward by our minds are removed. This reveals a lot of previously unconscious possibilities, a huge field for fantasy.

Erickson's hypnosis is necessary for the hypnotized person to get acquainted with himself and in the vast corridors of his subconsciousness to obtain answers to exciting questions.

During the session, the doctor narrates the "hypnotic" language of allegorical stories, often funny, but always thoughtful.

Hypnosis: what it is, how it is applied and on whom it acts - video:

The difference between Erickson's hypnosis language is that much of what is said can be interpreted in many ways, creating food for thought and interpretation to the patient. These stories, processed by the brain of the hypnotized, give impetus to development and self-education.

The reason for the effectiveness of Erickson's hypnosis

  • In everyday life, our minds are animated: we use abstract concepts, constantly analyze, classify, think, reason. The left hemisphere is engaged in all this.
  • In contrast to the left, the right hemisphere in everyday fuss is almost not used, although it is in it centers that are responsible for creativity, thanks to him we can fantasize, create, create.
During the Erickson hypnosis, the left hemisphere seems to be blocked, and we are confronted with our unconscious, oppressed in the ordinary.
  • As creative abilities and fantasy are discovered just during the work of the right hemisphere, it is not surprising that in a trance hypnotized unexpectedly for themselves find a way out of circumstances that seemed hopeless. So this method is an effective and harmless hypnosis from stress. Insomnia: What to do?

    Everyone knows insomnia first-hand. You turn from side to side, get up. Maybe look through the magazine or check your email. Then again you turn in bed and, completely exhausted, plunge into a heavy sleep.

    Or you forget yourself to sleep, but only to wake up in a couple of hours and not fall asleep again. You are worried about what to do about it?

    How do we fall asleep?

    We will observe, how the person who has no problems with falling asleep goes to a dream. People usually do not think that when they go to bed and fall asleep, then in fact 4 different phases or stages pass, the final of which is a sound sleep.

    These four phases: meditation, fantasy, drowsiness and unconscious sleep.

    1. Meditation. Putting to bed, a person sorts out the events that occurred during the day or those that can happen tomorrow.
    2. Fantasy or relaxation. In the next phase, disparate thoughts turn into those that are identified with rest and relaxation: for example, thoughts about the shore of the ocean or a house in snow-covered Finland, away from problems and fuss.
    3. Easy stage of hypnotic trance( or drowsiness).Comes with the relaxation of mind and body, when the muscles leave tension. It is necessary to pass this phase to go to the stage of deep sleep. Amnesia and time distortion, characteristic for this stage, do not give a clear definition of the time of transition from drowsiness to the phase of unconscious sleep. A person gently sinks from one phase to the next.
    4. Unconscious dream. Human consciousness does not record what is happening.
    People who have trouble sleeping are very difficult to switch from thinking about relaxation, or they are in the thinking phase for a long time. Most often this is due to the fact that they are too worried for some reason or can not curb their reason.

    Now that you have learned about the 4 phases of sleep, you understand how a person with sleep problems can try to go to the country of Morpheus. He needs to indulge in dreams or draw in his thoughts some cozy place, connected with pleasant emotions and tranquility.

    • Frequent form of insomnia - sleep discontinuity .

    Judge: what can force a person who is already asleep to drastically wake up in the middle of the night? As a rule, this is what is called toxic anxiety.

    When we are worried about the actions that can happen, or what much means to us, sooner or later it will make us lose sleep and wake up at night.

    This is called toxic anxiety, because at night, when we are especially annoyed by experiences, we can not do anything to somehow affect the cause of the anxiety. At night, problems can not be solved. The people on whom their decision depends, sleep, and the person, exhausted without sleep, does not have the strength to solve the tasks that disturb him during the day.

    How to defeat insomnia: tactics and strategy

    Hypnosis from insomnia is a remedy for a healthy and deep sleep throughout the night. It is based on two distinctive features of consciousness:

    • When we switch to the slumber phase that occurs just before bed, the mind becomes more impressionable and suggestible. The brain slowly reduces the frequency of work, consciousness begins to fade away, but access to the subconscious opens. For this reason, a person becomes more sensitive to suggestion( so you need to spend time without horror stories in the evenings, it's better to read or listen to the sounds of nature before going to bed).
    • There is a person to whose words you are particularly sensitive - you yourself! You regularly persuade yourself to do something or not, to trust something or not. The correct tactic for fighting insomnia will be to set yourself up for a sound sleep after you have closed your eyes.
    Repeat slowly( aloud or to yourself): "I refuse to worry while I sleep. This anxiety is useless. I deserve a good, strong, restoring and quiet sleep. "

    Audio hypnosis - a natural remedy for healthy sleep, without a prescription and side effects

    To facilitate sleep, you can listen to audio hypnosis on our site to combat insomnia. A competent hypnologist leads you through phases of thinking, fantasizing, drowsiness. You will learn how to quickly fall asleep and sleep soundly every night.

    Audio hypnosis for restful sleep and music for stress relief:
    • Easy hypnosis for sleep is created on the basis of proven and effective techniques and includes sequential muscular and emotional relaxation and visualization techniques that will help you keep a course for a healthy sleep and push back until the morning all thoughts, interfering with sleep.
    • We can also offer you special audio for sleep. To find out if it helps you to go to sleep, you can listen to relaxation for sleeping with hypnosis to eliminate fatigue and relaxation and just relaxing melodies.
    Music for sleeping and calming the nervous system:
    • This relaxing session you can listen to on a laptop, tablet, burn to CD, install on a smartphone or player to be able to relax wherever you want.

    How does audio hypnosis work from insomnia?

    Hypnosis for sleep, begins with the relaxation of the entire muscular system. It, in turn, promotes the relaxation of the mind.

    Watch a video or listen to music with words, indulge in a special state of rest and relaxation. In the video hypnosis session, a visualization technique is used that gently distracts you from the experiences that prevent sleep, directing your consciousness to light and pleasant mental images that inconspicuously immerse you in a dream.

    Hypnosis for relaxation before bedtime - video:
    • Sleep or video music used for a month, rebuild your consciousness to fall asleep each day and fix it as a conditioned reflex.
    Your consciousness, getting regular rest, becomes clear and calms down, eventually forming a third-party vision of the problem situation, reasons contributing to insomnia, and possible methods for their solution.
    • For children, too, have their own techniques for effective falling asleep, these include the stereo sound of nature, melodic calming lullabies. Also, children are harmless to listen to special instrumental music for sleep.
    Music for children at night , suitable for the youngest:
    • Of course, hypnosis is not a cure for sleep, as a result of which tomorrow you will get up without any problems. It is necessary that you understand: only if you regularly listen to hypnosis and strive for peace, the victory over insomnia is inevitable. Based on the complexity of insomnia, you can immerse in a relaxation session for 1 hour, or even for 2 hours.

    Video on the subject:

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