Angina is a pathological process characterized by an acute course and is infectious in nature. The essence of the ailment in the presence of an inflammatory process, which struck the tissue of the palatine tonsils. In the treatment of angina, a procedure for washing the throat with the use of a solution of baking soda and salt is most often used. This tool has been in high demand for a long time. And this is not surprising, since soda is able not only to kill harmful microorganisms, but also to alleviate the condition.


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Sore throat soda and salt with angina

Among the main manifestations of angina, in addition to reddening of the tonsils, there is still a rise in body temperature, painful sensations when swallowing. In the treatment of the infectious process, which was the cause of the development of pathology, the solution obtained on the basis of soda and salt perfectly helps.

This demand for this remedy is explained by the following effect:

  • purulent deposits from the tonsils are removed, as well as pathogens that lead to inflammation;
  • elimination of purulent plugs, which serve as a nutrient medium for microorganisms;
  • Creation of alkaline medium, which adversely affects the pathogens of infection;
  • reduces pain symptoms in the throat.


It is possible to wash the throat with a soda-salt solution to children from 3 years old, to elderly people and even to pregnant women. With the help of the solution, a number of diseases can be cured, among them:

  • angina,
  • pharyngitis,
  • laryngitis,
  • chronic tonsillitis.

Another rinse is effective in the treatment of stomatitis, periodontitis, gingivitis and thrush. A solution of soda facilitates pain syndrome with flux, thin enamel.

On video rinsing of the throat with soda and salt with angina:



It is recommended to perform lavage at the first symptomatology of sore throat. Only this way it will be possible to eliminate about 70% of all harmful microorganisms. The most effective and popular solutions are the following solutions of soda:

  1. Take 200 ml of warm water, add 20 g of soda. Stir and use to rinse the throat after 3 hours. For children, you can prepare a solution by combining 200 ml of warm water with 10 g of soda. Rinse every 4 hours for 3 days.
  2. You can wash your throat with sore throat with a soda solution, supplemented with iodine and salt. It is necessary in 200 ml of warm water to add 10 g of soda, 10 g of salt and 5 drops of iodine. With the resulting solution, rinse the throat after 2 hours for 7 days.
  3. Soda, salt and egg white. You need to take half a dessert spoon of soda, salt and one chicken raw protein. The last ingredient is thoroughly whipped in a glass of water, add the remaining ingredients. Using a rinse solution, it is possible to reduce pain in the throat, perspiration and hoarseness.

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Rules for the procedure

soda with salt for throat

For cleaning tonsils from plaque, you need to know the concentration of soda, which would be able to cope with their duties. For these purposes it is boring to use at least a glass of solution. Throughout the acute period, therapy should last 10 days, according to the severity of the ailment.

Manipulation to perform after a lapse of half an hour after eating. This will get the maximum effect from rinsing. To allow the components of the solution to penetrate deeper into the pharynx, it is important to tilt the head while rinsing, while maximizing the tongue. After medical treatment is prohibited to eat and go out. This will make all your efforts in vain.

Soda solution treatment should be performed under the supervision of a physician. Perform manipulations on a regular basis to prevent the development of complications that pose a health hazard.

If the therapy does not give the desired results, and from the tonsils pathogenic microorganisms moved in the blood, it will lead to the development of diseases of the kidneys, joints and heart. Soda is not able to penetrate deep into the lymphoid tissue, then therapy should be of a complex nature and presuppose the use of medicinal medicines.

On video soda with salt for the throat:

Application of a soda solution for the treatment of the throat has no age restrictions. But it is important to follow one rule - the solution can not be swallowed. If the procedure is performed by a child, then it must occur under the strict supervision of adults. To obtain a solution, take 200 ml of warm water and a half-dessert spoonful of soda.

Rinsing frequency

To get the desired effect from the therapy, you need to gargle with the soda solution as often as possible - every 1-2 hours throughout the day. In this case, the procedure should last at least 5 minutes, and not be limited to 2-3 servings.

Is it possible for children and pregnant women

Washing with soda-salt solution of the throat does not have a harmful effect on the body of a pregnant woman. The exception is the early timing, when soda can cause vomiting and toxicosis. But the kids can use the solution from 3 years.

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  • Marina, 23 years old: "Soda-salt solution is the number one remedy for the treatment of sore throat. When I got sick, even the doctor told me to wash my throat as often as possible. In addition to soda, he advised me to add a couple drops of iodine and salt. I performed the procedure every 2 hours. I had relief after 3 days. The pain decreased significantly, I could normally eat and talk. "
  • Angelina, 36 years old: "When my youngest daughter was diagnosed with angina, I prescribed her a solution of soda, salt and iodine for rinsing in addition to the medications prescribed by the doctor. Of course, at first she resisted, but when she felt relief after the first rinse, she asked me to prepare her medicine herself. The procedure was performed every 3 hours for 4 days. Thanks to combined therapy, we managed to defeat the ailment and all its unpleasant, painful symptoms. "
  • Anna, 46 years old: "Soda solution helped me a lot in the treatment of angina. The fact is that I literally could not talk from pain, let alone eat. Then I prepared a solution with soda, salt and iodine. She began to rinse every 2 hours. Relief came in 2 days, but I did not stop there, so I continued rinsing for 3 more days. During this time, I managed to defeat the disease, as well as all its symptoms. "

A solution of soda is an effective tool in the treatment of angina. If you regularly and correctly perform the rinses, you can get rid of not only the painful sensations, but also of the harmful microorganisms that caused the development of pathology. The peculiarity of the solution of soda is that it is absolutely safe, so that it can be used by both adults and children without harm to health.