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Every day, both women and men are wondering the beauty of their hair. Some are unhappy with the length of the hair, others are their condition, while others simply suffer from falling out. With a fairly large selection of all kinds of hair products, it is very difficult to pick up what you need. Even despite the well-known brands and brands that manufacture such products, it is very easy to make mistakes in the selection and cause irreparable damage to your hair. Below I will talk about simple home hair care methods, which certainly will not hurt.

Hair loss. Causes, prevention and treatment of

The most common problem in our time is hair loss. There are many reasons for this problem. This is an improper diet and care, a bad ecology, even any disease in the body can cause loss.

Very good way to prevent and treat hair use sea salt finely ground. It must be mixed with water to make a homogeneous mush. After washing hair, rub this mixture into the scalp and leave for 10 minutes. After the procedure, the hair should be rinsed with plain water, you do not need to use shampoo. This procedure should be carried out at least once a week.

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A very good conditioner and another means of combating fallout is a decoction made from leaves and twigs of sea-buckthorn. You can use it after every hair wash. To rub into the scalp is very suitable broth cones of hops. For full-fledged action you need to use immature cones.

We grow hair

If you want to grow hair, then this recipe is ideal. Mix animal fat with broth of burdock root. We put this mixture in a glass jar, tightly closes, and put it in a dark place. Use it should be as rubbing into the scalp, but no more than once in 14 days.

Bring shine and strength

Shine and vitality will give the hair a yolk of a raw chicken egg. We use it as an air conditioner for the entire length of the hair. After two or three minutes, wash it off. The effect of this procedure will not be long in coming. Also for rinsing hair, decoctions of calendula, thyme, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile will suit. To soften the hard water, add apple cider vinegar per liter of water to one teaspoon of vinegar.

Using these simple tips, beauty and health to your hair is simply guaranteed.

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