Hairstyles and weaving for long hair

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  • Hair for every day for long hair: simple and tasteful
  • Inverted tail - video
  • Interesting hairstyles with a donut
  • Bagel with a bagel - video
  • Hairstyles with loose long hair
  • Straps with a bandage for a long head of hair
  • Variants of a hairstyle a ponytail
  • Fashion braids from long hair
  • We prepare festive laying on long hair
  • Iroquois braid - video

Beautiful long hair always attracts the eye. But even with a chic head of hair, sometimes you want a radical change: trim the bangs or make an extremely short haircut. But do not rush to part with such wealth, so you do not have to regret spontaneous decision. After all, you can easily diversify long hair with unusual hairstyles even every day. Consider the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair that are relevant this year.

Hairstyles for every day for long hair: simple and tasteful

The length of the hair is usually considered to be up to the shoulder blades. This amount of hair opens a huge space for the imagination of a hairdresser-stylist. There are many ways of laying overgrown curls so that they do not interfere and look attractive and modern. Take this time a responsible hairdresser role on yourself, to master the basic, but nevertheless very stylish options for everyday outings.

We make a simple hairstyle "Inverted tail"

  1. First we need to comb the hair gently: first we conduct a comb on the tips, then gradually grab more and more hair from above.
  2. We proceed to the next step: at the top of the head we collect hair in a tail with any thin rubber band.
  3. Now the elastic band is slightly weakened: push it down from its original position, 5 cm is enough.
  4. On top of the eraser with the thumb and forefinger divide the hair in half, forming a hole in this way.
  5. We pass through the hole formed by the tail.
  6. The elastic can now be tightened as tight as possible.

The described styling is done incredibly fast and is suitable for a five-minute visit to the nearest store, and for any more serious events: a workshop, examinations at the university or a date with an dear person.

Inverted tail - video

Next haircut - "Romantic bundle"

  1. Be sure to comb the hair with hair.
  2. At the top of the head, lift all the hair up and twist the tourniquet out of them, from which you will get a great bunch.
  3. We fix the hairpins with the studs.
  4. Gently pull the thin strands from different sides of the beam and at the back of the head.

This kind of loose styling will face young girls. It is appropriate, as the name implies, on a date, as well as during walks in a cheerful company of girlfriends.

Fast hair style No. 3 - tail plus braid

If you adore tying a ponytail and no less love traditional braids, this step-by-step instruction is for you:

  1. Prepare an elastic band that is close to the color of the head of hair. Fix her a high tail, after combing all the strands back.
  2. Bottom of the horse's tail, we take a small bundle of hair and weave a simple pigtail from it. If you know how, you can weave a fish tail.
  3. We now wrap the braid around the gum at the base of the tail and attach it with the help of an invisible.

Interesting hairstyles with a bagel

The maximum collected hairstyles from long hair can be obtained using a special volumetric rubber band-bagel.

Even with this basic device for the realization of hairdresser's ideas, a lot of styling options can be made.

Prepare such accessories for experiments with a hairdresser bagel:

  • a pair of combs: a brush and a comb with sparse denticles;
  • thin gum;
  • hairpins and invisible;
  • bought bagel( you can replace it with a twisted, cut toe);
  • elements of additional decor to choose from: bows, ribbons, overhead braids and bezels;
  • hairspray with medium degree of fixation.

When everything is ready, let's start learning the hairstyles with a bagel.


Will take no more than 5 minutes.

  1. Let's comb the hair properly.
  2. We will tie a thin elastic band collected hair on the back of the head.
  3. We are putting on a more dense elastic band - a bagel. We distribute all the locks evenly over the platen.
  4. Again, we repeat the familiar action - put on the second thin rubber band.
  5. The rest of the loose strands are wrapped around the base of the beam and secured with a hairpin.

Bundle with a bagel - video

Bunch with twisted strings

It will require a little more time and effort.

  1. Combed hair we will divide in two in a horizontal parting, that is we will leave in front a thick bang from long hair.
  2. We connect the back part with a thin rubber band to the low ponytail, from above we will put on a bagel. Distribute all the hair on the platen and fix it over a thin elastic band.
  3. The remaining elongated bangs are left on the side and divided into 3 equal strands.
  4. Then, in turn, twist the thin curls into bundles and attach them with invisible objects at the base of the bundle.
  5. Lacquer layer will fix the original evening styling.

Alternative way to use a donut

Let's study it together:

  1. We cook on the head a very high tail.
  2. Lift the hair up and fix the tips in the center of the bagel.
  3. Slowly and gently unscrew the roller until it is at the very base of the tail.
  4. Fingers spread out unevenly distributed over the platen strands.
  5. We fix the styling with studs and varnish.

Hairstyles with loose long hair

If you want to show a luxurious head of hair in all its glory, but do it in an original way, for you there are several ways of beautiful hair styling.

You can make waves or curls with the help of curlers or forceps. Remember that with fairly long hair this type of styling requires a mandatory reliable fixation with varnish. Heavy curls tend to straighten up quickly. Use a thermal protector before curling, so that the health of the hairs is not endangered by aggressive attack.

Simple curlers - the choice of patient ladies. It is necessary to wind them for the night, but beforehand wash the hair and lightly dry it. If not enough dry hair, curls will remain wet in the morning, and excess fungus with a hair dryer in the early hours of haste you to anything. Having made hair absolutely dry before winding, it is possible to not achieve elastic curls and long-term preservation of the form.

By giving the hair a waviness by braiding the braids before going to bed, moisten the hair first, sprinkling them with plain water from the sprayer.

Waves on long hair look at times more effective, do not miss the opportunity to experiment with such a vivid image. Curls will give a natural volume of thinned hairs, draw attention to the face, emphasize in the character of the lady charm, playfulness, romanticism. Because curly hairstyle for long hair is most appropriate for a date, a lavish celebration and a friendly dance party.

Perfectly straight curls with a mirror shine - dazzling beauty! To achieve this effect is very easy, follow only 2 steps:

  1. Straighten the combed strands with a hairdryer and comb or iron.
  2. Apply a special spray gloss.

The aligned hair will seem even longer and more seductive, so do not give up this styling.

Add a twist to your hair: gather the front strands and take them back. This device will open the face, make the image as a whole more charming and tender. Try it in several ways:

  • takes the front strands, divides into two segments and is pinned to the nape;
  • from the foreheads taken from the forehead we form the hair and fix it behind the barrette;
  • hair in front can easily be twisted into a pair of bundles and connect to the back of the head, similarly try to braid two thin pigtails.

Styling with a bandage for a long head of hair

Beautiful and stylish on loose long hair look designer bandages. They can be purchased in the departments with hairdresser's jewelry. Suitable for both wavy and straightened hair.

Evaluate the recommendations of stylists about wearing a headband:

  • for complementing the ethnic style will fit woven leather bandages of different widths, metal chains of coins, jewelry on the head of beads;
  • street style will successfully look with wide bandages of fabric, they tie it behind or in front, making a cute bow;
  • gentle romantic image will complete the bandage on the hair with artificial flowers;
  • there are even elegant snow-white versions of the bandage for the wedding - from thin lace;
  • dressing can look very expensive with gilding and imitation of precious stones, so it's not a shame to appear in it at an important reception.
The dressing is easy to build at home. It will take only love for painstaking manual work.
You will be able to decorate your hair with an individual character from beads, cloth and leather. Bandages of beads and beads look great in several rows.

Wear a bandage in several ways: putting horizontally on the forehead, slightly at an angle or as a bezel.

Variants of the hair of the ponytail

For those who diligently grows their hair after a short cutting, the real joy is the opportunity to tie a tail. This means that soon it will be possible to experiment a lot with the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

The ponytail is by no means a boring styling. It can be realized in such a way that any magnificent hairdress will be left aside, having lost to it in an extraordinary character and appeal.

Learn how to make an unusual tail of hair step by step.

Option 1 - tail with weaving

  1. It is necessary forehead to select a wide strand and weave a braid out of it towards the crown of the head. This pigtail is called French, when weaving is gradually added additional strands.
  2. We tie a ponytail, grasping the braided braid to the back of the head with a rubber band.
  3. You can wrap the end of the braids around the rubber bands and stab with invisibility.

The youth hairstyle completely opens the face, and at the same time and ears. Than not a chance to show off new chic earrings? !

Option 2 - a scythe from a ponytail

  1. Hair we comb and we fix a high tail dense elastic.
  2. Divide the tail into two identical parts and twist them in the clockwise direction.
  3. We connect two bundles, crossing bunches of hair. Get a kind of rope.
  4. The end of the braid is tied with the second rubber band of the same color.

The considered method of tying a horse tail is perfect for very long hair, because due to twisting, the length of the head of hear is noticeably reduced.

Hairstyle is appropriate on the treadmill: now and when playing sports you will look irresistible and fashionable. You can also braid the tourniquet for other outdoor activities, such as a picnic or a trip.
Hair does not interfere, do not get dirty and look stylish. What else is needed for a comfortable pastime in nature in the circle of close people? !

Very bold and fervently looks like a tail of hair with a fleece. We do on top of the hair of an arbitrary volume - it visually lengthens the round face. For rounding out an elongated face, the combs are made on the sides.

Fashion braids of long hair

The braids return to the podiums again. And even the traditional braid with a parting in the center of the head is considered fashionable. Two pigtails behind just right not only schoolgirls. From Slavic history it is known that just married adults began to wear two pigtails instead of one. So do not be afraid to seem ridiculous, especially if you can boast of a thick head of hair and its healthy shine.

Try on an image with two braids

  1. Make parting in the middle of the head.
  2. From the base of the parting at the forehead weave two very thin French braids on the right and left side. Let pigtails go behind the ears.
  3. At the back of the hair we divide in two, grab the remaining tips from the spiked spikelets.
  4. Shave two ordinary braids, fastening them at the base with imperceptible elastic bands under the color of the head of hear.

Careless pigtail - bold and trendy!

It is desirable to weave it from the side, doing both asymmetric parting. Slightly loosen the loops of the finished braid one at a time, leave it lying on the shoulder. For reliability, cut the front from the invisible.

Piglet plus flower - modestly, but very beautiful

You will need a hair clip or elastic with a large artificial flower, the head of the opened rose will be a win-win choice.

Make parting on one side and plaiting a braid 2 cm wide from the base of the parting and almost to the nape of the neck. Above the ear we fasten our flower, stamping the braid.

We prepare the festive laying on long hair

  • You can choose a hairstyle collected or with loosely lying curls to the evening dress. In the first case, the highlight of the image will be the use instead of invisible graceful pins of different sizes, but in the same style. For example, a large barrette in the form of soldered flowers with inlaid with transparent crystals and from the same material smaller pin-leaves.
  • As a hairstyle on the prom, different variations of styling with curled hair, a bagel, backed strands are ideal.
  • To create more complex laying, it is better to trust the hairdressing salon, but be sure to grab important accessories. After all, the emphasis is on jewelry: pins with pearls, studs with large beads.
  • Incredibly elegant and feminine look Greek styling. They are rather solemn, although they are not forbidden for everyday life. A special thin bezel plus gathered hair from behind is refined and presentable.

Do you want more courage in the image? Weave a real Iroquois!

  1. The hair is collected at the level of the central part.
  2. From the forehead and at the very end of the nape, a thick French braid is woven.
  3. At the end of the loop the braids are pulled upward and fixed with a varnish.

Iroquoise - video


Going to celebrate with the whole family, arrange a joint transformation of the style. Interesting and beautiful children's hairdresses are made in two counts.

  • Braid the girl at the sides of the French braids, connecting them at the back of the head with a magnificent bow.
  • Another wonderful option - with a bagel: fasten to the back of the head by a known scheme of a roller, twist an additional braid, and wrap it with a bulk beam.


There are many variations of men's hairstyles for long hair:

  • The central part, slightly twisted curls, plus a styling product with the effect of wet hair.
  • Straightened ironing prjadki, an oblique part, waxed feathers feathers.
  • The hair mass is laid back with a strong fixation gel.

Men's hair is considered long if it grows below the level of the chin. Then opens wide open space for hairdressing fantasies. With multi-colored hairpins, of course, you do not experiment, but with elastic bands you can collect stylish and manly horse tails.

You have already seen the advantages of a luxurious head of hair. She is beautiful, attractive and not at all old-fashioned.

Knowing the secrets of hairstyles for long curls, you will competently compete for the admiring looks of passers-by with ladies whose hair is more modest in size.

Appreciate your healthy hair, regularly and carefully take care of them and do not forget to be interested in fashionable novelties of the hairdresser's world. Long hair is a stylish classic and an invariable attribute of a woman who knows how to be beautiful.


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