Girl's hair: from kindergarten to school

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Regardless of the age of the girl, her image should be carefully thought out, and here it is importantabout everything: a wardrobe, accessories, shoes and, of course, the kind of hair. Hairstyles for little girls should be simple and stylish, and older ladies can surprise everyone with complex weaving or romantic curls. Mom when choosing should take into account the length of hair of young beauty. About how to make children's hairdresses their hands, and will go further.

For short hair

Strands in the smallest fashionistas are often rare, thin, which is why they are short-cut, although in some they just grow slowly. In addition, girls under the age of 3 years are very energetic, can not stay long in one place. And so the hairstyles for this age category should be simple, fast, neat, so that the hair does not get into your eyes.


  • The most simple options for laying on short hair are ponytails. There are many of their options.
  • For example, divide the hair into 6 equal cuts from the forehead to the crown, make the tails. As an ornament, use multi-colored rubber or beautiful hairpins.
  • If the hair is shorter than 15 cm, make zigzag or geometric partitions, form the tails, decorate them at your discretion.
  • Create a beautiful hairstyle with a rim or bandage with large flowers, bows or stones. At the back, make a tail or fasten the hair with a small barrette, and in front put on the bezel. If there is a bang, then you can hide it under the rim or release it.


  • If you try and distract your child by some occupation, then from short hair you can make beautiful pigtails. Process the strands of gel with a high level of fixation, divide them into 5 equal parts, beginning from the crown. Bite thin spikelet, fix the tips with elastic bands.
  • For very short hair, French weaving in a row is suitable. Moisten the hair, so they will be more docile, and divide into 5-6 equal partings. Twist the pigtails along the entire head, fix it underneath the elastic band.


Very stylish and light in performance bundles. To do this, simply divide the curls into equal parts( choose the number yourself), make a loop from the tail, and fix the tip with an invisible or wrap around the base.

Baby hairstyles for short hair - video


An original and convenient option - plaits. The length of the hair should not be less than 15 cm.

  • Divide the hair into identical strands, make the tails, fix them with an elastic band, twist the strands from them, and fasten the ends with a small barrette.
  • The second option - on the whole circumference of the head make geometric prostrings( triangles, for example), make tails, fasten them with elastic bands. Each tail is divided into two identical parts, each connect with a string from the next and twist the tight tourniquet to the crown, there fasten it with an elastic band. When you finish twisting the strands, collect them in the tail on the crown.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Medium hair is a popular and versatile option. They look neat, you can recreate many fashionable hairstyles from them.
  • For young girls, a comfortable and beautiful haircut called "heart" is suitable.
  1. Divide the hair into 4 equal parts, fix the wet strands.
  2. Screw the pigtail from the crown to the right, when you reach the end, fasten the braid with a hairpin.
  3. Continue to weave, dropping downwards so that the heart half turns out. At the bottom, fix the braid with a rubber band.
  4. Repeat for the left side.
  5. As a result, you will have a heart made of braids, and below you can leave a tail, pigtail or make a bun.
  • Harness.
  1. To create an elegant bundle, comb the hair on one side from the top, and to avoid "roosters", use a gel or a foam.
  2. Make a tight tail, divide it into 3 parts, braid the braids, they should be free, and therefore the strands need to be pulled out a little.
  3. Fix them underneath the elastic band, twist into a cocoon, secure it with studs or invisible ones. The hair can be decorated with a bow or a flower.
  • A step-by-step instruction on creating a beautiful weave on thin hair is presented below.
  1. Comb your hair, treat it with gel, make part in the middle of the head.
  2. Then divide each half into 4-5 squares. Strands fix with elastic bands and join each other crosswise.
  3. Below, make 2 tails or a bun.

Beautiful hairstyle from tails to medium and long hair - video tutorial

  • Asymmetry.
  1. To create an original hairstyle, divide the hair into 2 parts, but not in the middle, but obliquely.
  2. One part leave dissolved, and another divide another 3 parts. Form tight bands that need to be fastened with elastic bands, collect them in a common tail near the ear.
  3. The tail base can be decorated with a bow.

Hairstyles for long-haired

A very popular hairstyle for girls are two ponytails, and they can be placed on top and bottom.

  1. To do this, simply make a straight or zigzag parting.
  2. Tie two tails from above, secure them with elastic bands.
  3. To make the image vivid and fervent, take the string from the tail and twist it at the base as high as possible, fix the tip with a silicone rubber band.

And this hairstyle is suitable for both very young, and for girls 5 years old who like to walk with loose hair.

  1. To prevent curls from interfering with the child, take 2 strands near the temples, braid the braids( loose or tight - at your discretion).
  2. Put them together in the middle of the head, decorate with a flower.
  3. Hair tips can be tightened with a curling rod.

How to make an interesting hairstyle for a girl in school with her own hands?

  1. Create a straight part, on the sides form 2 tails.
  2. Divide the tail into two strands, stretch them up through the hole in the elastic band. Start tightly twisting the strands and lower them down, so that the heart turns out.
  3. Bottom connect them with a rubber band, the ends of the tail screw. Use a ribbon as an ornament.

Beautiful ponytail for girls to school - video

Express hairdos

Such styling is easy to do at home, and this you will spend very little time.

  1. Collect the hair in the tail, fasten with an elastic band.
  2. Divide into 2 equal strands, form two more tails at the bottom along the sides.
  3. You can decorate with bows or hairpins.

Negligent option:

  1. Take the bangs, make an easy start, fix it with invisible.
  2. From the rest of the hair, form a shredded bun, fix it with an elastic band.
  3. To complete the installation, put a bright bezel or bandage on the girl's head.

To create such hairstyles in school in 5 minutes with your own hands, you will not need special skills, even a beginner can cope with this.

  1. Collect the hair on the crown, fasten with an elastic band, make a bunch, so that the tips are on top.
  2. Divide the beam into two equal parts, and between them stretch the tips to make a bow.
  3. Tip the rear with invisibility.

This hairstyle is for those who like to walk with their hair loose:

  1. Make a side part.
  2. The part where less hair, do not touch. On the other hand, make 4 tails one after another.
  3. Each tail at the base( above the elastic band) divide, stretch it into the resulting slot. Done!

Hairdresses for curls

There are many beautiful hairstyles for girls with curls.

  • To create a stylish African-style haircut, you will need 5-10 minutes:
    1. Treat hair with gel or foam, divide them into 5 even strands.
    2. Twist each part into tight bundles, fix them with elastic bands.
    3. Below you can make a tail or a bunch, decorate it at your discretion.
  • Make a direct parting, whip the French pigtails, at the bottom, fasten them with elastic bands. At the nape, connect them and form a bundle, fixing the tips with invisible ones.
Make a narrow parting along the forehead, and fix the rest of the hair with a hair clip, so as not to interfere. Screw the pigtail into the bezel, fix it with an elastic band, and release the hair. Done!
  • In general, curly hair looks great weaving, a variety of strands. And if you decorate your hair with a diadem, you will get a beautiful hairstyle for graduation in kindergarten.

Hairstyles for the celebration

It's much easier to create beautiful hairdresses from long hair than from short hair. But if you try a little, stock up on hairpins with springs and multicolored elastic bands, everything will turn out.

  • Scythe-wreath.
    1. Leave a strip of hair around the head to make a bezel out of it.
    2. Hair on the vertex scrape up, fasten with an elastic band, and the tips lightly scratch.
    3. Finger tight pigtail on the entire circumference of the head, starting from the back of the head and ending there, and fix the tip with a hair clip. The hair is better to be sprinkled with varnish.

Weaving the braid( crown) - video

  • Divide the hair into strands, from each twist tight tourniquet to the crown, lock it with invisibility. Rest the rest of hair with a curling iron, treat with varnish. The hair can be decorated with beads.
  • Create a beautiful Greek hairstyle for medium length hair.
  1. To do this, make a side part, form the tails so that the rubber bands are in the middle. They should be placed along the entire anterior circumference of the head( from the right ear to the left one).The closer the tail to the ear, the lower the elastic band.
  2. Screw each lock on the finger and secure with a hair clip. So do with each lock. You should get something like a braid or a hoop.
  3. Hair from behind can be screwed, sprinkled with varnish.
Long curls can be disbanded, wound, decorated with a diadem, flowers or beads.
  • On long curls the French weave looks great, such a hairdo does not spoil for a long time.
  • An elegant bunch will make the image more feminine and romantic.
  • An interesting option for long hair:
  1. Smooth your hair, collect it in the tail below, scratch it.
  2. Wear thin gum every 5-7 cm.
  3. Decorate the tail with a large flower or beads, sprinkle with varnish.

Recommendations of hairdressers

Before laying, apply to wet hair shampoo, lightly massage, comb the hair with a comb, rinse the product. It is not recommended to rub your hair, it is better to get wet slightly. So they will not get tangled, damaged.
  • If the hair is dry, use the conditioner.
  • Do not use the hairdryer.
  • For fixing the hair of children under 8 years old, use special tools.
  • To create a hairstyle for children under 3 years old, do not use small hairpins or hairpins.
  • For decoration of French braids use pearls, ribbons, small flowers.
  • Remove hair from the eyes, otherwise it develops conjunctivitis, strabismus.
  • To create curls, use soft curlers, braid at night. It is not recommended to use a thermal roller or a curling iron.
  • The most stable hairstyle is the braids. They keep the form for a long time, they are suitable for every day and for a holiday.

So you figured out how to make interesting, original hairstyles for girls of different ages. If you decide to try something new, then always rehearse the styling the day before. If your fashionista is still very small, then distract her with something in the process of laying, and you always will succeed.

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